Geekery: The Newest Stargate Series Visits the Past

Stargate Origins focuses on Catherine Langford’s adventures after her father makes his huge discovery.

The series goes back to when the gate was first discovered, and follows the first attempts at uncovering its secrets. Catherine (played by Ellie Gall) and her compatriots strive to keep the gate out of the wrong hands. It feels a bit more like an Indiana Jones type adventure than the Stargate we’re used to. Take a look…

Stargate: Origins first episode drops February 15th, and will only be available on MGM’s Stargate Command streaming service.

What do you think – is this worth paying for another service or no?

  • spla5hmummy

    I can’t see anyone but the most committed stargate fans signing up for yet another streaming service just to watch one show. It would have to be way cheaper than other services and involve no complications in usage otherwise people will prefer to leave it and keep their lives that little bit simpler.

  • Drpx

    A Stargate series where they don’t go through the Stargate.


    1) Take beloved scifi IP
    2) Make prequel series of it
    3)Use it to hock your streaming service.

    How long till this formula is abandoned?

    • markdawg

      Hey Star Trek Discovery is a good show.

  • m3g4tr0n

    Nope. Love the franchise, but this is trash.