Geekery: ‘Wargames’ Coming Back as an Interactive Series

The movie is getting a new adaptation that’s part TV show, part game.

The show is being developed for Eko – the service allows viewers to control where the story goes, like a choose your own adventure book. It’s headed by Sam Barlow whose history is mainly with video games, which might be a good thing with this project.

Viewers play the game/series by entering search terms into an interface that mimics an OS from the 1990s. The show’s story is told in clips based on those search terms that give clues as to what to search for next. It’s an interactive detective story that users will have to solve to get to the conclusion. There are a bunch of story telling games out there, what sets this apart is its live action elements.

Barlow is trying to translate the movie’s Cold War era plot-line into modern times with the story. It could be interesting, in part to see where this type of series goes. Will this be the next way Hollywood tries to bring grab more eyeballs?

Would you participate in an interactive series like this? 

  • dave long island

    The WOPR!!… lol

  • dave long island

    Loved this flick growing up! Loved Ally Sheedy. She was great in this. I always considered her the poor man’s Lea Thompson, who was in many ways the young man’s Emma Thompson, who could truthfully be said to be the middle aged woman’s Senator Fred Thompson, who in turn could be said to be mainstream America’s Hunter S. Thompson… lol

    • orionburn III

      I’m loving this era that guys my age (and slightly older) our in positions where we’re bringing things back from our childhood. This was, well still is, one of my favorite movies of all time. I always wanted to play the Global Thermonuclear War game like the movie.

      • dave long island

        Ya, this was a great movie. Very frightening. Nuclear war was something we worried about in those days. Another frightening movie about nuke war was of course ‘The Day After’ from the same year, 1983.

  • eMtoN

    Somehow I don’t think this will end well.

    • euansmith

      I think you play alone, or in a room with your mates, I think.

      • eMtoN

        Or maybe I’ve just played too much eve online and 40k. Manipulation to extremes are the order of the day in those.