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ADB took to Reddit to answer your questions and now it’s time to question his answers.

Or I guess, just read through them? That also seems reasonable. The man seems like a very nice, reasonable fellow who just wanted to answer some questions on the internet without you coming along four or five (or however many days later it is when you read this) later and question everything he stayed up so late answering. And it was a marathon session, going into the wee hours of the morning, 4:09am to be specific.

You can read the collected AMA here and find everything, but there are a few fun facts to read through which we’ve collected below.

There were a few questions on events, but by and large, the ones that I kept finding myself swept away by were the ones where he talked about the stories that he’d want to see. Moments that might happen in the future, if you will. So let’s take a look through some of these folks:

I too want to see more about the Demiurg and the Cell-Kin. But, since he mentioned it, I suppose we have to either reset the Squat Clock or confirm both them and Half Life Three.

I think you know which one we’ll pick. Every time.

Next up we have this beautiful bit on what some moments with the Chaos and T’au might look like, as well as how Tyranids might get seen in the future:

And then of course what he prefers to write about.

It was gratifying to read this–I’ve not read all of the 40K Novels out there, I mean, who has time for that–but the ones that really grab me have always been the ones that are more about what it’s like to be in the world rather than everything that happens within it. I wish it were easier to capture that feel in games/campaigns, but I suppose that’s the advantage of a novel.

At any rate, that’s just a small taste of what ADB has to say (well, a medium taste, he’s verbose in the best way).

As we mentioned you can read the entire thread here.

Until next time, remember that dying for the Emperor is everyone’s duty, it’s just a question of how and when.

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  • Mud_Duck

    BoLS writers,

    Is not a title nor a sentence, it is jibberish. Please remember that most of your audience speaks/writes English and not Text.

    • Andy Wise

      I think it was kind of a tongue in cheek acknowledgement of the preponderance of acronyms in certain parts of the web.

      Indeed I note you use one yourself (BoLS).

      Also as an fellow fan of actual, you know, words I’ll say in advance that you’re welcome for having the opportunity to read a lovely word in ‘preponderance’ today.

      • Mud_Duck

        Although it is one that is at the top of the page, so I figgered that the writer of this article would know what it means. I had to look up what the heck ‘AMA’ and AFAIK means, as I thought that ADB was going into Mixed Martial Arts or something. I guess the joke just when way over my head =P.

        Thanks for the use of “preponderance”, It maked me smile.

    • petrow84


      • Mud_Duck

        Hey, some of us aren’t cool, hip, kids anymore…..
        “You kids with your Hippy Hop! Get offa my lawn!” =)

    • Ninety

      Come on, I know the BOLS comments are negative, but this is getting absurd. Everyone knows what GW is and most people here know of ADB, and he did an AMA. And the AFAIK was a cheeky round-up to the title. Is there really a necessity to be as cynical and derogatory about every little thing written here?

      • Dennis J. Pechavar

        I know GW, the rest…

        • Ninety

          Aaron Demski-Bowden (Black Library author), Ask Me Anything (open-forum Q&A (that’s Questions and Answers) on Reddit), As Far As I Know.

      • Mud_Duck

        Not trying to be negative. Some of the writers at BoLS have in the past a bad habit of using acronyms for everything in an article; Yes, they know what they are saying, but the reader doesn’t, therefor not getting the information across to the reader and defeating the whole propose of the article.

    • Muninwing

      i’m old at 40 and i still know what this meant. not sure why you want to be pedantic about it… you looked it up and found out what it meant, so clearly you know how to access the relevant info. congratulations.

  • Rasheed Jones

    This is a weird title.

  • Rafał Pytlak

    Ah yes that Abbadon/Khayon ship everyone is talking about…

  • Paul Raymond

    This looked really cool, loved his thoughts on Abaddon being savvy enough to see the similarity between the T’au Greater Good and Great Crusade Humanity. That bit of empathy for the xeno is deliciously heretical. Does this mean Farsight Enclaves are like Traitor Marines?
    But that title, and even the blurb under it on the main page, that is not how you format. I don’t think it was meant as a joke or satire, it just gave zero information about what was posted and why we should read. Context man, this needed it.

    • Drew_Da_Destroya

      “I don’t think it was meant as a joke or satire”

      Then you are incorrect. It’s clearly meant as a joke.

  • effinger2

    A writer that is professional, semi-professional or wants to be taken seriously should NOT use all those text acronyms in any part of his/her article. Shows a lack of caring, understanding or an attempt to be taken seriously.

    _IF_ the Bell of Lost Souls had an editor he/she would have corrected it. Again… lack of professional caring.

    • Muninwing

      no. it shows that you like to complain. acronyms that are common in internet-based platforms are allowed in internet-based publications.

  • euansmith

    ADB is very sweary! And, he loves the Squats, cool.