GW: December 30th Pre-Order “First Looks”

The January White Dwarf is up for Pre-Order and the Hobbit is invading!

via Games Workshop

White Dwarf January 2018

Arnor Battle Company

Erebor & Dale Battle Company

Planetstrike & Stronghold Assault Terrain Collection

Fulgrim: The Palatine Phoenix (Hardback)

Farsight: Crisis Of Faith (Paperback)


Books for the new year!

  • euansmith

    My heart skipped a beat at the sight of some nicely restrained looking “free people”, but it is those other Free People from LoTR. Nice minis, mind.

    • Munn

      Really?…I mean I guess they’re not terrible…for Happy Meal Toys.

      • wibbling

        You’ve never once posted a positive comment. Why are you even in the hobby?

        • AEZ

          People only posting negative things is a forum should make a decision in my opinion: get a life or get a suicide 😀

      • Lion El’ Jonson

        I used to collect Happy meal toys religiously…..those were simpler times.

    • I saw some pictures of new nazgul, hobbit appearance with armor and not robes. Of course as a mordor player I must have.

    • Sonic tooth

      Presume they’re a smaller scale? Never seen lotr/hobbit minis in reality. I like the look of these

      • Scott Staten

        They are a smaller scale, yes, but a lot of the LOTR figures are very nice.

        • Sonic tooth

          Thanks, never really seen them in person

      • euansmith

        They are 25mm/True 28mm sort of size. I guess they might fit in with the Perry Twins excellent War of the Roses dudes for Knights vs Orcs 😀

        • Sonic tooth


        • af

          I have some old metal minis of LotR Orcs/Goblins, and they’re indeed fine. I prefer their aesthetic to the more cartoonish Warhammer Orcs. Orruks. Whatever they are named now.

          The Perry Twins plastic range is simply fantastic. I own some boxes of their War of the Roses and Agincourt ranges and they’re awesome.

          • euansmith

            Indeed, the Perry Twins’ historical stuff is sublime. The posing of the minis looks so natural.