GW: New Blood Angels Pre-Order “First Looks”

The Red Thirst is strong with this week’s pre-orders from Games Workshop – The Blood Angels are back!

via Games Workshop

Blood Angels Gamers’ Collection


Blood Angels Primaris Hellblasters

Blood Angels Primaris Intercessors

Blood Angels Primaris Aggressors

Blood Angels Primaris Lieutenant Tolmeron

Blood Angels Primaris Upgrades

Elven Union Team Collection

The Inaugural Blood Bowl Almanac

Blood Angels Players – Time to activate the Primaris Protocol!

  • EnTyme

    Still prefer to old marines. #notmyspacemarines #adeptusrestartes

    • Sybarite

      hipster! 😀

      • EnTyme

        Psh! I was wearing flannel and hating things before it was cool. I only wear this fedora ironically.

        • Cergorach

          Pfft! I’m so old I was wearing those things when they were new! #oldpeople #adeptusmechanicusbypass #adeptusmechanicushipreplacement


    • Jeff Daniels

      I really like the Primaris armour—I like the design, but more importantly, I like the scale.

      But it really is a shame though that they make the older armours seem so puny.

      30 years of equally great designs, all the new Horus Heresy stuff, all the Chaos Space Marine stuff, all that now dwarfed.


  • David Smith

    I wonder if, in the future, GW will come out with a generic upgrade pack. So you could actually take a power sword in your Intercessor Sgt and not have him be an Ultramarine.
    I’d really like the option to give my Intercessor Sgt. a chainsword and not be a Blood Angel or a Space Wolf too.
    Probably a pipe dream.

    • Stephen Henry IV

      That power sword is on a Primaris Lieutenant, not an Intercessor Sgt. You could just use the generic Lieutenant in the Dark Imperium box for a similar effect.

  • I_am_Alpharius

    Bloodbowl toys order 🙂

    • Fraser1191

      I’m so going to get into bloodbowl once the lizardmen get released

      • Stephen Henry IV

        I’ll hop that ban wagon too. 🙂

      • EnTyme

        Waiting on Chaos myself.

  • Jose Luis Camarasa

    I would bet that they are not going to include in the codex any new image featuring a non primaris space marine…

  • Dalinair

    Some nice stuff by the looks of it however huge disapointment they couldnt buff/reduce the points of some of the special characters. I get not giving them their primarch back or even a clone, in a way i respect not giving into peope wanting it but come on, not even a buff for dante? no inv save for mephiston? (since you just nerfed shield of sanguinius)

    I Guess I should be thankful they semeed to get some ok CP stuff, their army rule is really nice and sanguinary guard shaved a couple of points off too, looking forward to seeing how they perform on the field. Flying dread be ok I guess.

    Guess they were too busy making BA specific primaris marines (cash grab) with their new lower points cost (cash grab) to put too much effort in.

    • Cergorach

      GW is always making a cash grab with that is the basis of being a commercial entity…

      That Space Marines are the best selling GW product is pretty clear by now, they have been for the last 30 years. It isn’t a crop then can keep harvesting the whole year, year in, year out. That’s why there are other factions and alien races. GW tries to balance the releases, not by distributing products evenly, but by sales. And sales figures from the last 18+ months support that they’ve been doing a very good job.

      Previously they went from metal to plastic, back to larger, more versions of armor, metal/plastic hybrids, larger full plastic, larger more detailed plastic, resin versions of MK versions, plastic MK versions, chapter specific kits, addons, variants, etc. So over the last 30 years there’s been a huge amount of SM injected into the customer base. The worst thing that could have happened is a few of the oldest miniatures suffering from lead rot, some going up in a fire or lost and forgotten in some attic. That means a huge secondary market of people buying stuff not from GW but from ebay etc.

      After the last SM Tactical sprues what exactly could they change to a new version of the sprue to get more people to buy it? Not much, more detail would mean more parts and more difficult to build or possibly expensive sliding molds and still people would probably keep using their old marines. Slightly bigger wouldn’t get many sales either, people would have incompatible armies (different sizes within the same army). A new type of Space Marines would solve that issue, especially if you tossed some of them in the new starter box for your new edition…

      It might not be what you wanted to see, but it is what is selling well and thus most customers are willing to buy.

      As for me, I like the god specific CSM and I like cheap miniatures, so I bought a ton of starters. For me the Primaris are just a bonus! Not to mention that they are perfect conversion fodder for some ‘true scale’ Marines…

      • Jose Luis Camarasa

        The problem is that they are not a bonus. They will take that role as long as the people get acostumed to them. Progressively all marines will be primaris (even chaos)

        • Cergorach

          Eventually, yes, that will happen. Regular Space Marines will be relegated to the Horus Heresy and in some codex in the future of 40k regular Marines will no longer be an option… But I suspect that will take atleast a couple of years.

          First we’ll need a complete range of Primaris in Plastic to replace the regular Marines. Second we’ll need at least a 40k customer generation (3 years) to get to a point where GW can ditch the regular Marines in 40k. So I suspect 5-10 years before that happens.

          On the other hand we see more units from 30k in 40k, so maybe regular Marines are here to stay forever as just another unit option to fill the Codex…

    • zeno666

      The codex seems to be just another push to make space marine players buy the new fat marines.

    • stinkoman

      Fortunately for me i have no interest in primaris. i would have had interest in fleshing out my DC or SG, but alas, they did a mediocre job of making the key elements of what make BA, BAs, any good. oh well, there is always next time.