GW BREAKING: New Nurgle Daemon Spotted

Nurgle is getting a new Daemonic Beastie for the Tabletop – check this thing out!

Late in November we got a rumor that a new Nurgle Daemon was on the prowl:

One gamer reports that he got a glimpse of the back cover of a copy on the codex that was at the event.

Here is his descripton of the image on the back of the book:

“Can confirm a new Great Unclean One model, Horticulous Slimux is in there and some kind of new Nurgle demon I have never seen before. The GUO is very similar in size to the Forgeworld version. The New demon was similar to plaguebearers in height but a lot bulkier.”

Now, this video from MiniWarGaming (it’s funny, you should watch) pops up and new model that is very clearly Nurgle is shown off.


Folks are already speculating that it’s a new Beast of Nurgle Mini:

It’s a possibility for sure. Those crazy stalks on this “head” remind me of another off beast from a different game altogether:

Whatever it is, I can’t wait to get a better look at that model!

Poppa Nurgle Wants To Gift You More Miniatures…and the Plague.


What the heck is that thing?! Let us know your best guesses in the comments below!

  • Angry Panda

    Looks like my mother-in-law. Will it cost just as much as her?

  • Pilipinas Tara Na

    Definitely a flesh eating slug. Its from the garden you know 😎

  • Arthfael

    Looks like a custom/3rd party mini to me. Could we maybe have a bit more caution in the article?

    • Arthfael

      Also in case you’re wondering, yes I do feel stupid 😛

      • euansmith

        Stop feeling Stupid, unless he consents. 😉

  • Dr.Clock
    • Yup! All the current plastic line are throwbacks to the original metals (thus lizard bloodletters etc)

      • ZeeLobby

        Yeah, definitely the case. Pretty cool that they’re doing that.

  • piglette

    Corrupted Oddish.

  • Dan Brown

    I’m sure I had a dump that looked like that!

    • Drew_Da_Destroya

      You should get that checked out

  • Jacob Hewitt

    Ive noticed the Demon prince of Nurgle is out of stock online and cant find it in the shops so expecting a new one of those to come soon for a start.

    • I_am_Alpharius

      Its in stock on the UK site. Items being out stock does not tend to mean much. 99.9% of the time the warehouse will be await for more stock to be cast and packaged. In particular, with 40K at the moment, lots of kits are going “out of stock” as kits are getting re-packaged to include unit datasheets.

  • I_am_Alpharius

    Wooooooooow AMAAAAAZING a blurry screenshot….

    Whilst, in the video itself a sharper image can be seen, I can’t say I am really bothered until we start getting proper pictures of the January Demon releases. Its a model, its new and fits with the known fact that 40K Demons are getting their Codex in Jan; and I shan’t be surprised if AoS gets a Demon i.e. Nurgle ala the Khorne and Tzeentch) themed Battle-Tomb too One imagines that in the next couple of week WH-Com will be do a review of the year and looking to next year by previewing the January releases.

  • Rafał Pytlak

    It’s 2017. I’m starting to think that the potato quality of those photos is on purpose. No cell phone on the market has so low and pixelated resolution set in. Not even when doing quick “take this pick before GW security gonna throw me out” session

    • William Jameson

      Because it wasn’t taken on a phone, it’s a magnified image from a YouTube video where it was a thiny thing on a desk when the camera was pulled out. 🙂

  • Nicholas Turner

    or a nurgle themed chaos spawn…

  • GrenAcid