GW: Shadespire Organized Play Coming Soon

Games Workshop opens sign-ups for Organized Play for Shadespire – Local Store Support inbound!

Shadespire is being billed as “The Ultimate Competative Miniatures Game” and to back that up, Games Workshop is creating new Organized Play support kits for retailers to use. We’ve gotten a look at them already and they are perfect to get players into leagues – but it’s up to FLGS to order the kits and up to the players to participate!

via Shadespire (Facebook)

Is your local independent store signed up to the Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire organised play pack yet? With options for monthly and quarterly packs and plenty of awesome prizes, this is the perfect way to help Warhammer Underworlds flourish in your area (and win some pretty awesome exclusive loot!).

This is a pretty big step in making Shadespire a “legitimate” competative game in terms of overall experience. Why? Because if you look at the “competative” miniatures/LCG/CCG/RPG scene they are directly supported by the manufacturer via these types of kits for retailers. Wizards of the Coast does this for M:TG and the D&D Adventures League, Paizo does it with the Pathfinder Society. Fantasy Flight Games has kits for all of their Organized Play support for ALL of their games, too.

I’m personally a big fan of League/Organized Play support for FLGS to order. It’s good for the stores because it gives players a reason to come back and participate. It’s good for players because they get something cool just for playing in the leagues (even simple things like alt-art and deck boxes are cool swag just for playing). And it’s good for the companies because it builds a community of players who want to support and play their games. We’ve championed this for other systems already and I’m also curious to see if this program becomes something bigger in the long run (ie, for OTHER GW games like Blood Bowl, Necromunda, AoS or even 40K).

The only way your FLGS is going to be motivated to host these events is if the Players let them know they are interested. So be vocal about it, tell your FLGS, and most importantly, SHOW UP and PLAY!


Are you going to give these events a shot? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    Would be great if my FLGS didn’t just close down. The owner was going to push this game. 🙁

    • marxlives

      That sucks man, I hope there are some other ones in your area .

    • Chardun

      Same here man. 🙁

      You’re not in Georgia by chance?

  • Angry Panda

    We need more warbands and cards before they can get us competitive. I want a daemon warband.

  • marxlives

    Woot woot!

  • zeno666

    I give this game a year or two.

  • ZeeLobby

    Dunno if it’s the same elsewhere, but this game has kind of came and gone, lol. Especially with Chapter Approved and official 40K FAQing cycle.

    • Matthew Pomeroy

      it just gets too old too fast, it has some decent balance, imo better than 40k 8th and AoS,. but with it being just a handful of warbands its the same game over and over. This could be a great game, but it needs a lot more to make it so, now its just kinda…meh. cool models if you are into the factions, but otherwise its easy to overlook,. the price wasnt bad.

      • ZeeLobby

        Yeah. It’ll be interesting to see if CB can keep Aristeia going as well. I mean at least there is plenty of combinations for teams. I mean in the end people like list building over deck building imo. It’ll be interesting to see if they can keep it going. Sadly I see it going the Warhammer Quest route. First box amazing. Second box half-azzed. Forever pending 3rd box. I’d like to be proven wrong, as I believe your balance statement, but AoS was already so thin locally, I’ll doubt I’ll ever see this here again.

        • Matthew Pomeroy

          yeah GW as a whole is pretty toxic in my neck of the woods and GW stores are way too cramped to play in…was hoping GW got its head out its …… and started putting some better product out. I enjoy the warhammer quest series (both of em :P) but its AoS quest and that turns off a lot of potential players.

          • Drew

            I like the gameplay of both of the new Quest games, but the lack of meaningful advancement for the characters (as we had in the old version of Quest) really spoils them for me.

            They’re great for pulling out a game to knock out an evening, but I can do that with games like Imperial Assault and a hundred others where my character will actually grow and advance beyond a few cards.

            If they create a version with real character progression, though, I’d be back in a hurry.

  • They need to get an official world league going with world standings and rankings or this game will be like their other non core games. A fart in the wind.

    Its already dead and gone in my area unless the players are hiding out in someone’s basement playing.

    • Matthew Pomeroy

      that guy would be me, sadly, there will be no tourneys events whatever here, its already dead and gone and it never really had a chance.

  • Txabi Etxebarrieta

    I’d love for this game to survive. It looks like fun, and I’m almost bought into it…but I’ve never seen it played irl.

  • Marco

    Long live Warhammer Fantasy and the Old World! Long live Mordheim!

    • Drew

      I miss them, too, buddy, but come on. It’s been two and a half years. Those of us who want to keep playing them will. Those who like AoS and its spinoffs can have their fun, too. I’ve had fun knocking about Beastclaw Raiders lately myself- nothing like what I love about Fantasy, but AoS it’s its own animal and that’s OK by me as long as they keep working on fleshing out the setting to something more concrete. Until then (who am I kidding, even if they do, I’ll still be playing Fantasy as well), I’ve got the Old World.