40K: ITC Championship Mission Pack & LVO 2018

Today we take look at the new ITC Championship Missions for LVO 2018. Bet ready for the new face of competitive play.

If you are planning to play in the 40k championship tournament in Las Vegas this coming January you need to know about the new ITC mission pack and start practicing by playing it as much as possible. The new mission pack was designed as a joint venture drawing from the ITC community, NOVA and GW to help inspire and shape them. If you are familiar with the NOVA missions there are similarities that help a lot to familiarize yourself with the new ITC missions.

The more you play these new missions the more accustomed you’ll become with the scoring system and learn how to properly track your score. There are six missions in total, they all follow the same format and are designed specifically for eighth edition. ITC has a scorecard you can use to track your score turn by turn. I am playing in a local league that uses this mission pack and have designed my own scorecard – mine is very simple to use and I’m more than glad to share it publicly. I’m an engineer by trade and crunching numbers is something I do every day. My scorecard also lets you record which unit you select as your Warlord, which relic(s) you use and which characters they are assigned to plus you can also list all the psychic powers you choose.

You can score a lot of points each turn so it’s really important to make sure you keep track of every single point you score!

Use the following link to access the new mission pack

40K ITC Championship Mission Pack – V1.7


++ Mission Format ++

There are a total of six missions. Each mission has a unique primary objective you can score each turn. There are also two more primary objectives, one is to hold an objective each turn and the other is to destroy an enemy unit. If you hold more objectives than your opponent at the end of a turn you score another point. If you destroy more enemy units than your opponent during a turn then you score another point.

You select three secondary objectives from a set that you can also score each turn. The secondary objectives help you to optimize how your army performs by selecting those best suited for your specific build. Some of the secondary objectives are scored by board control while others are scored based upon destroying certain types of enemy units. Each game you roll for the deployment zone and every mission has a fixed number of six turns.

++ Conclusion ++

That’s pretty much it in a nut shell… like I said the best thing to do is practice as much as possible. Mastering the scoring system is very important and the more you play the more you’ll become astute at it.

I find these missions are very dynamic which equates to having fun. Obviously some armies it’s easier to score more points than others but like I said you can still win by selecting the secondary objectives best suited for your particular army to score. Mobility, raw killing power and survivability are all very important aspects to performing well.

So start practicing and have some fun.

~What do you think of the missions? Too hot, too cold, or just right?

  • Stefan Pazderka

    How about using rules from the rulebook/chapter approved?
    Tho me the entire itc mission pack is rather boring. I mean there are always 2 secondary goals you choose and the 3rd you only switch maybe 1 in 6 games. And it massively promotes going second due to the way of scoring at the end of a battleround, while still not dealing with alpha strikes / reserves.

    • 40KstillRulesTheTT

      If you go second you can’t have the alpha strike. To me this issue is addressed. I do second you on the boring aspect though.

    • Randy Randalman

      Because kill points and the Relic as written in the rulebook are not suitable for matched play. There are entire strategies and even armies simply unplayable under those missions. The ITC promotes a far wider variety of play styles and all-comers/balanced lists. It completely neuters the Alpha Strike people complain about online, while also making it nearly impossible for players to 30-0 every round. Points are more valuable and there’s an incentive to play every round even when suffering a loss.

    • That’s the older mission. It’s completely changed now.

  • Drpx

    Or just win by tabling.

    • Price Vanderburg

      Tabling doesn’t count as a max points win automatically in the Championship packet.

  • Simon Chatterley

    I’ve played a fair few games using this pack now.

    It’s an improvement on the 8th missions but rather than fixing a specific meta it is just making another, different meta.

    Super resilience and going 2nd is strong so bland Deamon builds (for now at least) are strong in this.

    Doesn’t for me fix the issues but it’s a band-aid over some of them at least.

    • What changes would make it better ?

      • Simon Chatterley

        I don’t think there’s a single “fix”. 8th is just that way I feel. Alpha is just so strong so you end up with lists written to blunt that.

        The first 3 games I played of the version 1.5 were all decided on the dice to go first. Then we started to change our lists to cope with the alpha. It was only in games 4 or 5 that the new missions actually started to make a difference. So they had changed how we played for sure but you could then see the strengths that would work in this set. I had a mixed Nurgle and Tzeentch Deamon list with an Alpha Legion detachment. Alpha provided the Alpha (no pun intended)…deamons the glue in the back field and the anyti-Alpha from Nurglings etc. Recon became a very easy secondary to score.

        Chapter approved has made a difference to that list though so we start again.

        • I am playing in the FLG league here in SD… the majority of the games have been won by the player going second.

          • Simon Chatterley

            We found that we started to adapt to do that. The lists changed to blunt an alpha and then counter it. So my first list which was pretty 1st turn alpha Heavy was soon made obsolete if it didn’t get 1st turn. My opponents would be easily able to limit my placement and hammer what I had on the floor myself.

            So you changed to adapt to it and as I said, it’s just creating a different meta and games are, if I’m being very honest, heading towards very boring slog sessions. Lists that can absorb damage and come back to strength (DG cultists…) become very very tough.

            I actually think Nurgle is crazy tough in this pack but we shall see what the Deamon book in January does.

          • Top lists are always boring like the new Soup armies. I’m having fun with it .

          • Simon Chatterley

            Well I’m coming over from the UK to play in the LVO and I’m at the LCO in the UK first. I was bringing different lists to both, UK a bit more a painting project (started in August), LVO was in my opinion a lot tougher but would be tabletop standard as I blast it out in 2 weeks.

            I confess to be falling to my nice painted list for LVO and come over for a good time. First trip to the event so go, soak up some atmosphere, roll dice and get nicely toasted for 5 days lols

          • Have a great time… it’s an awesome event for sure. 👍

  • fenrisful2

    Too much killpoints.
    Not only do you get a point for killing something each turn, most of the secondarys are kill this or kill that.

    KIlling units that are holding objectives is the only units that should count IMO.

    • I disagree because you can score a lot of points holding objectives and board control. It’s balsnced.