Outside the Box – December 8th

Hello, this week we have big news from Warcradle Studio, plus more from Mantic Games, Artel W Miniatures, Anvil Industry, Warlord Games and more!
Big news from Warcadle Studios – Wild West Exodus and Dystopian Wars will be folded into the same, new universe!
They also published new previews of the Deadly Seven for Wild West Exodus:

And also new ships for Dystopian Wars:

Last, but not least, Armoured Clash is going to return in 10mm scale:
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Artel W Miniatures presents their Boneshees:
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New Kings of War units are available from Mantic Games:
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Gangs of Rome can now be pre-ordered from Footsore Miniatures:
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MOM Miniatures presents new preview pictures:
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More previews of  Anvil Industry ‘s dress uniform range:
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Secret Weapon Miniatures released new objective markers:
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Two new Legionary characters on bikes are available from Kromlech:
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Warlord Games released new sets for Bolt Action, including updated Pegasus Bridge sets:
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The Goblin Corsair Fantasy Football team from Hungry Troll is getting specialist:
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Mad Robot Miniatures is working on a new Space Police range:
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And Rubicon Models published a new preview:
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Here are this week’s new Kickstarter campaigns:

Last Sword Miniatures – Elven Lords
Warmonger Miniatures – 10mm German Knights
ESLO Terrain – 3D printable Miniature Bases for Wargames / Tabletop
Jesus Hary Designs – Sons of Odin Fantasy Football miniatures
Hayland Terrain – 3D Printable 28mm Fantasy Scenery
Mindjammer Press – Capharnaum The Roleplaying Game
Blind Beggar Miniatures – ANDROIDBALL EVOLUTION: The FOURTH Android Collective
Andrew Askedall – WarLayer 3D Printable Terrain: Orbital Drop
AW Miniatures – Wellington in India 28mm Artillery
Hobgoblin 3D – Tavern-Born: Raghaven Hamlet 3D Printable 28mm Terrain
Drem Pod 9 – Heavy Gear Blitz! Plastic Peace River, NuCoal & Utopia Minis

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 ~ Dystopian Age sounds like a great way to reinvent Those games!
  • piglette

    Some great picks this week. I wonder if those boneshees infringnenon copywrite, they are extremely similar to GW’s.

    • Sisyphus

      It’s on the fence. But GW used to be afraid of 3D printers but really it’s really the slowly gathering Ukrainian/Russian designers like Ghost Miniatures and these guys.

      I don’t feel their pain much. They have had ample time to replace early 90s sculpts of Aspect Warriors.

    • It seems like a clear copy of the Dawn of War banshee in the DoW 3 trailer

    • I’ve always been curious about the size of the market for the ‘alt 40k’ stuff like Kromlech. Do people only get those for their casual games? Do tournament organizers tend to disallow the alt 3rd-party models?

      • Tabletop Fix

        If I ever build a 40K army again, it would be most likely 3rd party Orcs 🙂

      • piglette

        I believe only GW cares, but I’m not a big tourney guy.

      • JJ

        People stopped caring when GW stopped supporting 3rd party tournaments. I’ve seen entire armies of IG from off brand companies, a side effect of abandoning the tourney scene.

      • The only place that cares is GW stores and WHW, tournament organizers don’t have the time or energy to police that kinda stuff

    • Majere613

      They infuriate me. Not the ‘boneshees’ specifically, but all these little me-too companies just re-jigging GW designs, which these clearly are.
      The Chapterhouse thing seems to suggest they aren’t likely to get sued, so legally they’re fine. Assuming the models are competently cast, they look good- better even than the official ones, and a lot of these little guys are filling gaps in the range that GW haven’t, for one reason or another. And yet for all that it’s still bloody cheeky and incredibly lazy to steal someone else’s design when you’re clearly a talented sculptor.
      I wonder what they could come up with if they had the guts to develop their own ideas.

      • piglette


      • silashand

        Totally disagree with everything you said except for the comment about them looking better than the official product, which they clearly do. I don’t find it lazy at all to fill a niche that GW for whatever reason refuse to. Derivative art is often better than the source material and takes as much skill as the original to produce regardless how offended some people may get over it.

        • Majere613

          There’s a difference between technical skill and creativity, and the latter is a lot rarer than the former.

          • silashand

            Your definition of “creativity” is hardly the only one, nor is it applicable in the vast majority of cases. Very little is truly unique in this day and age. If I take an ancient Greek statue and change the pose, setting and other elements does not mean it’s not my own creation or that it requires little creativity on my part. Also, most of GW’s products can hardly claim to be original except perhaps in their adaptation over the years. They may seem original *now*, but that was not always the case.

            Plus, if you are making a product you want to fit into someone else’s environment, a certain amount of similarity is necessary in order for it to look right without being an exact copy. Within those constraints something totally unique would not fit, nor would it be desirable.

            Frankly all your argument boils down to is you don’t like that someone else made a better version of GW’s toy soldiers and feel that only GW should be able to make them. Suffice to say I disagree.

          • Majere613

            Well, at least that’s a creative definition of ‘creativity’ 🙂

          • marxlives

            True if you look at neo-classicism, creativity is imitation while improving on old techniques. What qualifies as creative is fluid.

      • Eh, as a consumer, the vast majority of the time I want something that ape’s GW’s IP (because it’s the only universe I’m interested in other than fallout), occasionally other people’s creative ideas work (I used a Kingdom Death Phoenix as a lord of change for example), but usually I click past them, because they don’t work for what I want

        • marxlives

          True, from an economic standpoint, there is a higher chance that you will make more money producing GW imitations than from making something unique. Not ragging on Mantic but it’s true. Their IP has started off entirely as a GW imitation. It looks like Vanguard is going to change this and Deadzone helped push the Warpath away from being a 40k copy and paste but those are the breaks.

  • marxlives

    Pretty excited about Wild West Exodus and Distopian Wars happening in the same verse. If the Otherside is a bust, I will need to try it.

    Know its third party but boneshees look great too.

    • Yeah, I think tying WWE to DW is a fantastic idea

      • marxlives

        Definitely the aesthetic lines up and it gives WWE a platform for doing EPIC battles but also pushes DW away from the stock Victorian steampunk genre and more towards the alternative history one.

        • I’m immediately more interested in both properties as a result

  • kobalt60

    I wonder if mad robots space police will be ready for necromundas arbites gang rules. Oh what a happy coincidence

  • euansmith

    There are so many cracking 3rd Party manufactures around. Mad Robot and Anvil Industries are knocking the variant Imperial Guard Regiments right off the parade ground.

  • Jeff Daniels

    Those Mad Robot sculpts are fantastic. They really remind me of a character I’ve seen somewhere, but I can’t quite put my finger on it…