Sly Marbo Rules Sneak Attack

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Proving that he always gets first blood, Sly Marbo’s rules get the drop on all of us.

That’s right,  Sly Marbo–available in stores for one day only (until next year)–is getting the drop on all of us. I’d say to look out behind you, but it’s already too late. Well, at the very least, we can enjoy his rules before he leaps out from behind enemy lines and kills us like some kind of commando. Hot shots part deux.

via La Voz de Horus

So, as you can see, he’s a good way to end some threats. He really does just wind up behind enemy lines, causing problems. He’s not exactly Mortarion, but, with Like Fighting a Shadow and Stalk with Blade letting him be where you need him, and also threaten what he fights–he really does feel like a cool one-man-army. I definitely want to include him in my experimental AM 80s movie list, but feel he’s a valuable addition to any Guard force looking to threaten a flank or back line.

Taking bets on who wins: Marbo vs. Guilliman–let us know in the comments.

  • Talos2

    I thought we’d seen the last of fine cast.

    • Kabal1te

      I am afraid we will never see its end. Too many models to update.

      • Michael Cameron

        Old models fair enough but the new models nees to be plastic. Fine cast is rubbish.

    • SacTownBrian

      I have him in hand. Seems like FW resin not bendy finecast.

  • Kabal1te

    This looks about identical to the rumors posted last week. Shooting at a character twice with a pistol 3 weapon isn’t terrible but with no AP it is not something to write home about either. I don’t like him being an HQ, and I don’t like not seeing actual point values. He can annoy some things but that is all he will do against most armies. Against dark eldar and orks he will be feared. Maybe against some demon armies too. Outside of that meh.

    • Jimmy McFeelgood

      65 points, per the WH40k Facebook page.

  • SilentPony

    So he IS an HQ. With no AP.
    That’s kinda worthless. Even against weaker HQs like WeirdBoys, Aspiring Champions and Farseers, he doesn’t do enough damage to justify he’s inevitable death in your opponent’s turn. Maybe if the ripper pistol was D2 against Characters it’d do something.

    But as is you’ll bring him in, target something squishy, do some damage shooting, charge, and get curb stomped.
    Or don’t charge and get shot/hacked to death in the next round.

    • Kabal1te

      His detonate explosives has no range limit and can even target units in melee. You will drop him in, out of site away from enemy fire, let him do some mortal wounds. Pick him back up. Do the same thing again. Then you will watch him die horribly.

      • SilentPony

        I’d rather just take sanctioned psykers and cast smite more than twice.

        • LeroyJenkinss

          He’s terrible ruleswise. But I’m taking him every game because fun!

          • SilentPony

            My cousin plays Catachans, and he’s going to take him and play him every match too.

          • Robomummy

            It should be a crime not to take him if you are playing catachans. If you are playing catachans without marbo then you are not playing catachans.

          • Kabal1te

            If I played catachans I would kitbash a guy out of plastic to be this dude and use him. That said the lack of real points (unless they just didn’t post them here) makes him not usable in matched play right now anyway.

          • SilentPony

            I had heard he doesn’t get points, just power level. GW is doing power level a lot these days – not attempting to rebalance every single unit every time a single character like marbo comes out.

          • Severius_Tolluck

            It also because he is meant more for narrative / open play games then matched. Hence why he is the way he is.

          • Azhrarn

            He’s apparently 65 points for Matched Play.

          • MelonNeko

            I have been using my Marbo as an eversor, now he can be Marbo again!

          • bobrunnicles

            Yeah I still have my original Marbo on the shelf too, though I would like to get the newer one too. Then they can glare and mumble unintelligibly at each other until one of them emerges as the true Marbo 🙂

          • MelonNeko

            They will merge and form Ultimate Marbo

          • Reven

            Super Kami Marbo

  • Col. Duke Lacrosse

    Oh my God! A single Guardsman Character that can’t tank a Space Marine Captain in melee or one-shot the Swarmlord? What total garbage…

    Better let the world know, in completely unqualified terms, that a model without rules optimized for top-tier Matched Play lists is a raging dumpster fire for everyone! What a shame there are no other styles of play that might find him enjoyable!

    God this is why I hate GW! They persist in not making everything just for me and what I like alone! GAH!

    • LeroyJenkinss

      Shut up nightpain

    • SilentPony

      You know there is a difference between top-tier matched play and just good, yes?

      If you want to take 2000pts worth of Grots, more power to you, but you don’t get to complain when someone takes units that actually DO something.

      The problem isn’t that Marbo can’t 360 no-scope Guilliman and 14 Reaver Titans before deployment. The problem is he’d struggle to kill a single Space Marine Sergeant.
      And as the greatest Guardsmen in history with 2 Stars of Terra, and an HQ to boot, players would like a Character that isn’t paper thin, and plays about as well.

      • Robomummy

        having played this list (with proxies of course) I can honestly say that 2000 points worth of Grots is definately a list to be feared, it puts out so much firepower in the shooting phase that pretty much nothing can stand up to it. Most armies not set up to deal with hordes will quickly be destroyed by this list and even anti-horde lists will not be able to deal with them fast enough. That being said you need to be strategic with it because it is very difficult to actually find room on the table for 2000 points worth of grots. reserves are your friend.

        • SilentPony

          ….you’re taking the piss. You’ve never played with Grots. They have pistols, 12″, S3, AP0, D1.
          You’re hitting on 4s, wounding Guard on 4s, anything bigger on 5s, no Ap.
          Against even a tactical squad in cover, 4s to hit, 5s to wound, with a 2+ save?
          I mean in this match did your opponent never shoot? Never charge? Just stood there and let 2000pts worth of grots move up the table instantly to be within a foot, and shoot?

          Jeez, a few flyers or a knight and the match is over. Hell an army of conscripts and Marine scouts would wipe the table against Grots. I should know as I played 30 grots last night and a single squad of 5 storm troopers killed the entire thing in 1 turn

          • Robomummy

            Well first off I have actually played this list as a joke about a year back. And you know what? it ended up working pretty damn well, more so than I thought it would. yeah, individually they suck. one unit can kill a squad per turn. Doesn’t help you much when i’m fielding over 30 squads and have nearly 1000 of them on the board. You may kill hundreds before they get in range but I still have hundreds of shots coming at you. You can’t avoid rolling 1’s forever. also the sheer amount of models makes it so you don’t really need to worry about covering objectives because your army is literally covering the board. at 12″ grots get one shot at BS4 S3 AP0 D1 as you so kindly pointed out. Imagine several Hundred of those at a couple squads and see how long they last. For just 100 shots that’s 50 shots hitting on average, 20 wounds, and 4 failed saves on average for an MEq. It takes a bit to kill squads but with luck you can up those numbers substantially. It is actually roughly equivalent to an army of conscripts.

          • SilentPony

            You can’t field 1000s grot on a table. The deployment zones aren’t big enough. In a 18″ square, how many grots can you fit? 100? 150 if they’re really scrunched in and there is no terrain covering it.
            Yeah, if you could have 30 mobs of 30 on a table at once that’d be something. But only like 5 or 6?
            Easy to take care of. And Gork help you if your enemy has a single tank, or dread.
            With losses from moral test, a CC dread would tear through an entire mob a turn. 2 if if gets to shoot.

          • Robomummy

            With a 12″ deployment zone across the table keeping 1″apart from other units you can fit 825 grots on the table. If you read my previous post remember reserves are your friend. You have the numbers to just ignore things that will be too difficult to kill. It’s a specific list and it’s not that good in every scenario, however it does work against a lot of all comers lists. Sure there are things that it can’t hurt unless you focus everything on it but why would you bother dealing with them when they can only take care of 1-2 units a turn. If you are really worried about losing units it’s not the list for you. It’s just a fun list to play.

  • Rainthezangoose

    So what’s that in actual points for us who play properly.

    • SYSTem050

      Define “properly” and who identified the metrics 🙂

    • Iggynous

      65pts: as per WH40k Facebook page