SW Armada: Lets Get Some Last Jedi Ships Already!

What might we expect on the tabletop from a wave based around the Sequel Trilogy?

+++Warning: Very Minor The Last Jedi Spoilers+++ 

Among a great number of changes the Last Jedi Introduced a number of new capital ships in to the Star Wars canon. It would be a pretty obvious move for FFG to add some of these into Armada. Lets take a look at the new ship classes in Star Wars, and if they might make it into the game.

Raddus (MC85 Star Cruiser)

The flagship of the Resistance fleet is an MC85 Star Cruiser. The MC85 is a longer (3 1/2 KM long!) Mon Cal Crusier, that was a staple of the New Republic Fleet. These massive ships seem very similar in role and design to the classic MC80, only bigger and more powerful. Equipped with some very powerful shields, hangers, and some good engines they are a solid all around ship.

Nebulon-C escort frigate

Similar in design and role to the older Nebulon-B, this ship is another one used by both the New Republic and Resistance. Larger than the older version, it comes with a pretty heavy armament, with about half the armament of an MC85. We know some of these ships were give extra armor upgrades and at least one was converted to be a medical ship.

Free Virgillia-class Bunkerbuster

This ship continues the trend of being a larger version of an old Rebel ship. In this case they seem to be based around the CR90 with lots of extra bits. Rough twice the size of a CR90 the Virgillia seems to act as some sort of bombardment ship, carrying heavy plasma bombs and other ordnance. It’s unclear if these are meant to attack large ships or planets, but it seems fairly unique among capital ships so far. If it it is for hitting capital ships, I like the idea.

Vakbear-class cargo frigate

The Vakbear is defiantly one of the cooler looking ships. Sadly, despite looking like a cross between a MC30 and Rebel Assault Frigate it doesn’t actually have any guns. Instead this ship acts like a MUCH larger GR75.

Mega-class Star Dreadnought

More of a mobile space station that a ship, this 60 KM long vessel acts not only as the First Order HQ, but also a mobile factory. Deadly and terrifying, this thing is truly massive on the Star Wars super-weapon scale. It seems like it may be a bit unwieldy in a fight however.

Mandator IV-class Siege Dreadnought

 Another massive First Order Capital Ship, this class is known as a fleet killer by its foes. Carrying a pair of massive guns, it is mainly used for planetary bombardments. The guns can however be used to devastating effect against other ships. Despite its size it does seem to have a weakness to fighter attacks.

Resurgent-class Star Destroyer

The replacement to the old Imperial Class, the Resurgent is the mainstay ship of the First Order Fleet. At just shy of 3 KM long and covered in thousands of heavy weapons this ship is a true terror. Capable of carrying hordes of TIE fighters and ground troops it is true to the old Empire.

What Might The Wave Hold?

So now that we’ve got a quick look at the ships, lets ask what might come in an Episode 7-8 wave. I think off the bat we can discount both the Mandator IV and Mega-class. Both of them are simply too large. At that point FFG might as well bring in the more popular SSD or Death Star. While the Rebel ships are more manageable, aside from the Raddus none of them make a very big impact. The Vakbear while a very cool design is unarmed and that doesn’t seem like a great choice. The Nebulon-C is kind of goofy looking, and would just be a bigger better Neb-B. The Virgillia, could fill a cool role, but is again a bit odd looking and seems like it could make for a weak and delicate model with the thin front struts.

It seems that the best bet would be a wave based on the Resurgent-class and the MC85. These are pretty stand out ships in the sequels and would make a good pair. Sure it would be a lot like Wave 2, with basically a rematch of the ISD And MC80, but on a bigger scale, but that would be true of most sequel stuff. You could also add in some fighters. Give the Resistance the MC85, the T-70 X-wing and the B/SF-17 heavy bomber. To counter that give the First Order the Resurgent class and the TIE-FO and than either the TIE-Silencer and we’ve got a wave right there.

Which ships from the sequels do you want to see in Armada? Let us know down in the comments! 

  • Drpx

    The space battles in TLJ were so bad.

    • Agent OfBolas

      lol, they are insane!

      • Dirheim

        Truly insane, dropping bombs in zero gravity. Have the script writers heard about Newton? Those bombs would had the same effect being pushed from the hangar of the Mon Calamari cruisers than being dropped from those bombers, just, because, zero gravity and inertia?.
        At that moment I decided that movie had the same science as flat earth theories.

        • DrLove42

          Are we really picking physics holes in a film franchise thats built around Faster than Light travel?

          • Crevab

            Why not?

        • Ozilir

          whats wrong with using gravity from within the bombers to launch the bombs over a shot distance? The bombers where pretty damn close to the ship and had gravity and air inside the bomb storage area

          • Will kenedy

            Yup, momentum would carry them in the direction they started (gravity INSIDE the bomb bays allows them to drop).

          • Ozilir

            so what is the problem? you have staggered release and hover/anti collide installed in each bomb. with no external force changing their direction zero grave would let them float into the ship

        • Bakvrad

          Since the rebels and the audience could see the star destroyers they in the sky of the planet, you can assume that they are in proximity of said planets gravity.

    • marxlives

      I haven’t seen the movie nor do I enjoy the SW franchise but the fight scenes in the movie as a whole were trash! Merry Christmas everyone!

      • Drpx

        The important thing is to buy Porg plushies.

      • wibbling

        “I haven’t seen the movie… but the fight scenes were ‘trash'”

        Surely that invalidates your comment?

  • Nicholas Zakus

    Flottila base for those awesome bombers from the first space battle please! Memphis Belle in spaaaace!

  • Calarax

    As bad as the prequels were, they had awesome ships. I want prequel ships!!!

  • mafiacheese

    There are still so many ships from the Age of Rebellion that they haven’t gotten to yet that I’d rather see them do.

    I’m not necessarily opposed to seeing stuff from the new trilogy, but considering that The Force Awakens came out two years ago and only X-Wing has gotten ships…I’m not sure it’s a priority.

    Really, I’d like to see that third SCUM FACTION in Armada more than anything else!

  • Crevab

    Technically the flagship, but it seems a little disingenuous considering it was their only cruiser

  • MKG35

    Rebel ships with super strong plot armour whilst the huge and powerful ships of the New Order are revealed to be nothing but glass cannons that explode as soon as they are shot.