ToyLand: Celebrate the Holidays with Viking Santa on a Dragon

Christmas isn’t complete without a fire breathing dragon.

Forget reindeer! Bring the Christmas cheer with this limited edition (only 500 are available) decoration that you can perch at the top of your tree or on your mantle. Santa and his dragon are here to take care of those who were naughty this year. The dragon’s glowing eyes will remind everyone in your household to be nice, or they’ll face the beast’s wrath.

Viking Santa & Dragon Tree Topper$59.95

  • Battery powered
  • Made of durable polyresin
  • Hand painted
  • Removable tree attachment pole


Can your tree handle a topper this awesome?

  • AEZ

    Would be nice… for 5 bucks… this is.. slightly overpriced?

    • Fenix Dargon

      Do you not know how much things cost these days?

      • AEZ

        Not really.. I only know how much I want to spend on certain things 😀

        • Fenix Dargon

          Two very diffrent things. I want to spend $0 on everything. but things cost more than that.

          • AEZ

            Well it’s not always that for me. However that small chunk of plastic has less detailed than most of the 5 buck toys my kids have.

          • Fenix Dargon

            Its not plastic. If you read things its resin, and from the look of it, has more detail than you expect. Photos rarely let you see the details.

  • 3dken

    I think this is pretty cool. I would like to see Toothless like this! 🙂