Toyland: Pop! Releasing Heavy Metal Inspired Teen Titans

From the Teen Titans Go! 80’s Inspired Music Video ‘The Night Begins to Shine’. If you haven’t seen this wonder and majesty, you are in for a treat.

Pop! has also perfectly captured CeeLo Bear! No sight of Fallout Bot yet.

via Pop! Funko

The Night Begins To Shine Teen Titans$10.99 Each – March 2018

I’ve been listening to this song on loop and now everything is neon and my hair won’t stop blowing in the wind.

  • Red_Five_Standing_By


  • Ulf

    Mute this, watch in sync with Holy Diver

  • Sonic tooth

    My daughter was in hysterics of laughter one day watching television so I had a look to see what was so funny. It was teen titans go. Such a good kids program. So much better then try-hard smugfest adventure time