ToyLand: Prime 1 Studio Shows off New Figs at TCC

Prime 1 Studio showed off new figs from DC, Alien, and Games Workshop at Tokyo Comic Con.

Let’s start off with the lone 40k fig. From Dawn of War a Blood Raven Space Marine…

They also displayed a bunch of new figs from Justice League and other DC projects including Batman Ninja.

And Robotech…


Check out more on their Instagram page!

  • SilentPony

    Damn, that’s a nice Blood Raven – its the guy from the DOW2 intro movie, yes?

    • Orblivion

      I don’t think so, since I don’t see any service studs here. Probably just supposed to be a generic Blood Raven.

  • piglette

    Although I’ve never been into anime, I’ve always quite liked Robotech. Do they still make the miniatures?

    • Sonic tooth

      same here, loved it as a kid

  • BaronSnakPak

    The Robotech ones are phenomenal! There’s something off about the Blood Raven though.

    • Francisco Guerra

      I think it’s the face. It looks… weird. Fortunately, it comes with a helmeted option.

  • Francisco Guerra

    “Lone 40K fig”?

    Someone didn’t actually look at what they posted… there’s a very large and impressive-looking Gabriel Angelos standing right next to him.

    • NNextremNN

      Which was already shown a few months ago. Maybe they just wanted to list the new stuff here.

  • NihlusX

    I’d be keen on the Blood Raven if it was helmeted, something, maybe the size is off with the normal head

  • euansmith

    Will their Justice League Superman have a weird, CGI chin? The Cyborg looks rather better than the one in the film. Ninja-Batman is very cool.