ToyLand: Thor Premium Format Figure is Heavy on Detail

This statue from Sideshow is a first-rate adaptation of Russell Dauterman’s art.

Mjolnir deemed Jane Foster worthy, allowing her to take on the mantle of Thor and become The Goddess of Thunder. Russell Dauterman’s character design on the series is some of the best work to come out of Marvel in the last several years. She’s elegant, and undeniably powerful. This new premium format figure from Sideshow really captures the feeling of her character.


Thor: Jane Foster$499.99

This new Thor: Jane Foster Premium Format™ Figure is an excellent representation of everything our fans have come to expect from our Premium Format™ sculptures. Combining highly detailed sculpts, dynamic composition, beautiful painting, and expertly tailored fabric elements to make museum-quality collectibles that are sure to be the proud centerpiece of any collection.

  • Edition limited to 1250
  • High quality, premium format sculpt
  • 20.5″ H (520.7mm) x 10″ W (254mm) x 11″ L (279.4mm)
  • Fabric details

There aren’t many of these gorgeous statues left, so if you want one you need to act fast.

  • piglette


  • uatu13

    Cool statue, shame the character is garbage.

    • af

      It can only be an improvement on vanilla Thor, which is awful 😛 This one at least looks cool.

      • Marc Berry

        It’s a chicken Thor so no

        • af

          Chicks aren’t cool now?

          • Marc Berry

            Chicks are always cool. Just not when they’re shoehorned into a role for ‘political correctness ‘

          • af

            Fact: the figurine looks cool.

            Thor (any sex) is a silly superhero anyway, and cannot be made sillier by swapping genders. Girl Thor seems fine to me. Complaints about PC are highly suspect.

          • Marc Berry

            Yes I agree it’s all very suspect a bit like they’ve replaced iron man with a black woman in a boob tube or that they’ve replaced Peter Parker for miles morales ect. I have no problem with diversity just not when it’s used to replace established characters for ‘reasons ‘
            And THOR was BORN the God of thunder.

          • af

            No, the complaints are what’s suspect. All the character changes you mentioned are reasonably interesting.

          • JL

            Except when the alien became Thor. But don’t worry, it was a “he”

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    Love the character and the statue. Wish I had 500 bucks to waste on this

  • Marc Berry

    You mean Thorina lol

  • Richard Palmer

    Do female superheroes actually need lip-stick?! I’m going for no…

    • kobalt60

      Does anyone? Yet they chose to wear it, so…