Warmachine: Christmas Releases & Who Got the Best Present

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Today we rate the 12 Warmachine-Hordes Factions of Christmas models on who had the best Christmas!

It Christmas time folks and all the factions are getting a gift this year. Was your faction naughty or nice. Let us see what goodies everyone is getting and who got the shining gem or the lump of coal in their stockings.

The Christmas Presents

Cygnar: LT Bastian Falk( Gun mage solo that can add +2 magic damage)
Menoth: Champion of the Order of the Wall (High armor cavalry dragoon solo with retalitory strike)
Khador: Kaptain Sofya Skirova( Iron Fang infantrysolo with MAT8 and is annoying)
Cryx: Agrimony, Crone of the Dying Sands ( Incorporeal spell caster solo)
Convergence: Eminent Configurator Orion ( Powerful ranged warcaster for Convergence)
Retribution: House Vyre Siren/Harpy ( Light ranged jack for Retribution)
Mercs:  Lt. Gastone Crosse ( Shooting soul token ranged warcaster for Mercs)
Trollbloods: Dire Troll Brawler (Reach 2″ POW 17 warbeast)
Circle: Wold Wight (Light construct warbeast that likkes being on fire.)
Legion: Ice Witches (Magic 6 puppetmaster/frostbite/ice cage unit of 3)
Skorne: Primus Jalaam (Ranged shooty warcaster with warpath and Deadeye)
Minions: Farrow Valkyries( Pigs that have shieldguard and tough)

Who did Santa Reward the Most?

WOW there is some great stuff coming out. It is hard to say who got the best gift. Any faction that can take Valkyries got a unit of shieldguards!!!! Jalaam can get a canoneer to shoot something 25″ away!!! wow this is hard to choose.

Here at BoLS we think Convergence is getting the best gift.

Orion can make a Prime Axiom RAT 7 every turn and has some great spells. On top of this it’s a new model for Convergence which I didn’t know were still getting releases. This is the 2nd new model for Convergence this year if you count Elish.  He can easily take the ranged game of Convergence to a whole new level.

Coal would probably go to Mercenaries.

Lt Gastone is a fun caster if your opponent lets you get in range.  But, he is very easy to read and Mercenaries have arguably one of the best shooting casters already in Caine3.

~Well Convergence got the best Christmas in our opinion, what do you think? Please share in the comments below.

  • Apocryphus

    I know I won’t be buying Agrimony. Being a support solo that specifically supports Revenants, she has no place in my collection.

  • charlesthoss

    Gastone is actually a better caster than Caine in Mercenaries, as they currently lack the gun warjacks, especially the lights, that make Gastone so great in Cygnar. He has a good spell list that lets him support his army, whereas Caine does bugger-all for his army beyond the feat, and he can easily kill 4 dudes or cripple a heavy each turn if juiced up on souls, which he can get himself through a spell.

  • Rass

    Lump of coal really goes to the Rhulic fans. No, wait, they didn’t even get a lump of coal…..nevermind…..

  • marxlives

    CoC getting a caster is a win, if anything to update the range and shake up the meta for a limited release faction.

  • Nosebleed

    lol that Erebus with the santa hat.