40K: Adeptus Custodes War Machines

Rev those engines – Jetbikes are coming to the Tabletop along with the Adeptus Custodes!

The Adeptus Custodes march to war with a new Codex – however, now all of them are marching…some of them RIDE! Say hello to the Vertus Praetors, the lightning fast Jetbikes of the Custodes!

“On the tabletop, Vertus Praetors are the fastest moving elements of the Adeptus Custodes army, boasting a 14″ move, Fly, and a straight boost of 6″ when they Advance without having to roll. “

The Vertus Praetors are going to have the firepower that the Custodes lack. They will have an option for Hurricane Bolters to pump out the shots, or they can bring the much needed Anti-Armor firepower in the form o the new Salvo Launcher:

Not too shabby – but how do these new Jetbikes do in close-combat? Let’s just say you don’t want to be on the receiving end of this lance:

These Golden Eagles are going to be rocking a Custodes statline as well so that’s going to be at least 3 attacks at strength 6. Not counting any other bonuses they get from say a Shield-Captain on a Dawneagle Jetbike (who you can build with the same kit).

But wait, there’s more! The are also going to get some extra help from stratagems:

Surprise, counter-charge! Stooping Dive is a great ability to deal with those “deepstrikers” that might suddenly pop-up in front of you. What better way to deal with them then to run them all down before they can charge! Or you can pull this off when an enemy unit just gets to close – it’s pricey at 3 CP, but that could be the difference between you wiping a squad or getting ripped apart first.

Enemy Flyers got you down? Then you need to check out Networked Machine Spirits:

Take those Venerable Land Raiders to the next level with some truly scary shooting at ANY units. To Hit Roll penalties? Pfft – not on the machine spirit’s watch!

And finally, Wisdom of the Ancients helps give you that lovely re-roll 1s bubble for Adeptus Custodes units. It doesn’t mater if you’re in the fight or shooting phase, you can use this stratagem to boost your hits and make sure your delivering the emperor’s justice (that’s typically a bolter round or a swift punch to the face).

Personally, I’m really looking forward to the Vertus Praetors. If there is one kit that might get me seriously playing Custodes, it will be those awesome looking jetbikes!

Vroom, VROOM!

  • Boondox

    “Stooping dive”?

    • BaronSnakPak


    • ZeeLobby

      “There they go, Stoopid diving again…”

    • Stooping is a term used in hunting with birds of prey, hawks, falcons etc. It means “swooping or flying downward as if about to strike its prey.”

      • ZeeLobby

        I dunno. I personally like this definition: “lower one’s moral standards so far as to do something reprehensible.”

    • Rasheed Jones

      Stoop kids afraid to leave the jetbike.

  • Munn

    Oh, you wanna deepstrike my lines? Good luck…

    • LankTank

      To be fair you will have to use HALF of your command points for that trick casue it will be REEEEAAAAL hard to get anything more than a Battalion


    Nice, i was a little afraid they were just going to AC just a souped up equivilent to SM. But these jetbikes look to serve a different purpose to marine bikers, thus giving proof that the army will work different and not just be a tougher chapter.

  • Borja Saiz Bustamante

    Adeptus Custodes Toothpick: Melee / Melee / Str +1 / AP – 4 / Dmg D3 If target cavity has the DAEMON or PSYKER descriptor you can reroll all your to hit dice results of 1.

    … for all your cleanliness needs

    • LankTank

      You know there is cavities… then there is someones cavity =S And Great Unclean Ones cavity is… well cleanliness is not something that comes to mind.

  • Gorsameth

    So your going to pay an insane amount of points for a missile launcher as your anti ‘big stuff’.

    Not sure if I should be impressed.

    • BaronSnakPak

      It’s their ranged “anti big stuff”, other than dreads and landraiders. Every custode in melee is anti big stuff.

    • Carey_Mahoney

      Yeah. From the look of that thing, I would have guessed it would be two shots, like the Cyclone launcher. Would also fit their role as “mobile firepower” better.

  • Richardq Lambert

    I am not sure one really needs those melta missiles next one-two venerable land raiders.

    • Bootneck

      Depends on cost ultimately. LR are a great platform but at a considerable cost and they aren’t as mobile, but highly durable – one of the most of any LR.

      But then the bikes are likely to be cheaper, less punch but more mobile.

      Swings and round abouts really.

      • Muninwing

        mmmmm custard….

  • Rasheed Jones

    Hurricane bolters seem like they’ll be a godsend for custodes against hordes. Not entirely sold on the missile launcher yet, and its weird that their melta missiles dont function like meltas…though i do like the effect. Charging flyers is gonna be fun though

    • Blinghop

      I’m guessing the half-range bit didn’t make sense since it is a projectile rather than a beam. They made them work like melta-bombs instead.

      And yes, charging flyers will be fun, especially if their movement brings them in stratagem range for charging them on their own turn.

    • Gorsameth

      I had the same thought on the Melta but its the same effect as Melta Bombs.

      • Bootneck

        I actually think the Melta missile is more powerful than standard Melta weaponry because typically you will want to use this against tough units.

        Being able to re-roll wounds vs vehicles is powerful especially T8 things like Knights, etc where you on a 50/50 to wound and massively increases the chances to wound vehicles T7 and below.

      • Rasheed Jones

        Real talk, i kinda forgot melta bombs existed.

        • Bootneck

          4″ range kinda killed them imo

  • Fraser1191

    Seeing as how my 2 armies are vanilla marines and Ad-mech, consider my interest piqued!

  • Jerin Price

    “Can’t have the ynnari interrupting the enemies turn. Hey remember that cool thing we took away from xenos? Let’s give it to the imperium soup lists instead, and let’s put it on a Jetbike just for fun.”

    Sounds like GW meant to say Year of the (stealing from) xenos.

    • Reven

      They gave it to sisters of battle too

      • AkulaK

        Sisters do this at the start of their turn, it’s in no way an interruption to the ennemy turn.

        • Reven

          Sisters of Battle Stratagem Martyrdom in the Chapter Approved let’s them do it when a sisters of battle character is slain at the end of the phase in which it happens, regardless of who’s turn it is.

          • AkulaK

            True dat ! I forgot this awesome stratagem. Anyway it doesn’t happen really often and rarely more than once a turn.

          • Reven

            Indeed, but it is out of turn actions plus those dialogus characters are only 15 points a pop.

    • LankTank

      It doesn’t interrupt the turn. It’s just a massive expensive Heroic Intervention. Not just Matt Wardish rule writing like Ynnari was.
      Remember this army is going to struggle for command points

  • Marco Marantz

    The bikes are good but they will be pricey in comparison too.
    Cant see too many people running 2 LRs with the carrot being something you have to pay CPs for.
    Stooping Dive is quite silly – GW feel they need to circumvent or break game mechanics to sell stuff. You cant use it if the unit of bikes themselves is charged, unless you have another unit of bikes. Furthermore if the opponent pays 2 CPS to go first they can counter this 3 CP ability.

    • Marcet

      Can’t quite counter it with that stratagem, you can only use it after the first charge has been resolved, i.e. after they fought. Hard counters are Slaanesh Daemons and Emperor’s children though as they get to fight first as well and the stratagem says that in the case that the opponent has a similar ability you take turn starting with the opponent.

      The real price is 3 CP for a charge that might fail, that’s a steep price and in 2000 pts likely half your CP’s as a custodes player.

      • Marco Marantz

        Yeah that’s true but the counter could be if you manage to get a chaff unit in which triggers the counter charge rather then the bikes picking on a more valuable unit. Valid point about CPs. Waiting to see if custodes get some CP refunding ability like all other imperials seem to get.

        • Marcet

          I don’t quite follow, usage of the stratagem is voluntarily so how would you use a chaff unit to trigger it?

          Maybe I misunderstand what you mean?

          • Marco Marantz

            Stratagem is voluntary but if you get a disposable unit in, preferably one that is still capable of doing some hurt and its the only viable option to reach if the bikes counter charge, then you can encourage the spending of 3 CPs and pull the bikes into melee. You might be able to target them that turn after a pile in or, since they are engaged, spend 2 CPs to go first after any of their charges next turn.

          • Marcet

            Ah, right, to be honest, at 3CP I would not use it on a chaff unit.

  • Angry Panda

    I’m wondering, will the codex allow us to use forgeworld models? I really like the custodes sagittarum models, but I’m not a fan of 30k. I’d totally be inspired to collect a custodes army for 8th if they allowed me to use them. I read somewhere that they’re implementing forgeworld models to use, but I haven’t seen anyone else talk about it.

    • Rasheed Jones

      They said there would be rules for some 30k stuff, but that it will not be in the codex.

      • Angry Panda

        Oh good, I’m glad to hear that they are making rules for them 30k models as well; if they’re interesting I might start collecting custodes

    • OctopusVolcano

      Get in line 😛 Admech need Mechanicum 30k models more than just about any other faction needs 30k stuff translating.

      Hell, we’re still waiting for our ONLY forgeworld models, outside of knights, to get rules updated for 8th from 7th.

  • defensive

    I’m excited for the day 1 FAQ clarrifying whether or not the Stooping Charge is considered a “similar ability” to slaanesh units lightning reflexes.

    Kinda loose on the wording there.

    • LankTank

      Yeah the wording is pretty Stoopid

    • Marcet

      What’s not to understand? Any unit that has the ability to fight first will go before them, it’s really not that ambiguous.

      • defensive

        Because it says “Before all other units, including charging ones”

        So do they strike before Slaanesh units too, since they aren’t mentioned, or is it classified as a “similar ability” as stated in the rules for the slaanesh units, in which case they would go first.
        The term “similar ability” is quite ambiguous in this case.

        • Marcet

          How is: ‘ Always fight first in the fight phase, even when charged, unless the opponent has a similar ability in which case alternate.’ (shortened but still accurate) not a similar ability, if you exclude the Slaanesh rules then you must exclude ALL other units with similar rules, such as howling banshees, as there is no difference in the wording on those units and if you do that then there’s no reason to have that wording on the stratagem as no other units would have a similar ability.

          There’s much wrong with how GW writes rules sometimes, but not this time.

          • defensive

            To what extent does “similar” extend to?
            Does it only mean similar, as the case with Howling Banshees, where the rule is almost word for word?
            Or does it include this rule, which works differently, ahead of even charging units?

            Because RAW, these guys would strike before ALL other units.

          • OctopusVolcano

            similar in this case is “attacks before charging units” same as banshees and slaanesh etc.

            So if you are atacking a unit that doesnt have the ability to strike before charging units then you get to go first. If the opposition also has a rule that says they fight before charging units, then those units alternate starting with the opponent.

  • Snord

    Okay, I was indifferent to these guys up till now, but these bike models look very cool. And they’re consistent with the theme, which is ultimately a souped-up version of Judge Dredd.

    • Andy Wise

      You’re thinking of arbites mate 😉

      • Snord

        You’re right – I guess I’m getting too old to differentiate all of these factions and sub-factions…

  • marxlives

    Wait wait, the imperium has wi-fi? I am disappointed 🙂