40K: Adeptus Custodes Warlord Traits & Relics

Games Workshop’s final preview of the Adeptus Custodes codex is here!

All week long we’ve been getting previews for the Adeptus Custodes. Monday was a look at the HQ for the Custodes. Tuesday we saw a preview of benefits for their Troops. After that, we saw the Fast Attack and Heavy Armor preview. And Thursday saw a focus on their Elite choices. Friday brought us their stratagems which we’re still conflicted about. Today, we finally dig into their Warlord Traits and Relics – it’s time to create your own custom Custodes Characters!

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The Relics

“All in all, you’ll have 13 Relics of Terra, including items that provide support to your whole army and archeotech weapons which improve combat prowess.”

The Praetorian Plate

Did your other character get into a jam? Well good thing back-up is at hand! The Praetorian Plate allows you to teleport to the aid of a friendly Imperium Character. The don’t need to be one the battlefield, but they can be! On top of that there is no “once per game” restriction on this, either. So in theory if you get separated from your buddy, you could always teleport back to them again… A question we have is what happens when you “set them up” for the second time – does that allow you to pick a different friendly character? Could you use this to hop around the battlefield? We’ve got questions!!

Auric Shackles

This piece of tech is pretty mean. Firstly, you reduce the number of attacks an enemy character has by 1 while they are within 6″ – and if you are playing with Slay the Warlord, you get an extra D3 VPs if you kill them in the Fight Phase with the bearer of the Shackles.

Raiment of Sorrow

GW didn’t post a picture of this one, but here’s what they said about it:

“The Raiment of Sorrows means that every Infantry and Biker model standing near the wielder has the chance to make one final attack, meaning enemies are forced to consider the risk of enduring another volley from your Vertus Praetors’ salvo launchers or hail of blows from a Custodian Warden’s castellan axe.”

Sounds like when model is killed, they can fight or attack again as long as they were within range of the wielder. That’s very similar to the Space Marine Ancient.

Eagle’s Eye

Hey, sometimes a straight +1 to your invulnerable save is all you need!

Auric Aquilas

We think the Jetbikes are pretty rad and we think that a Shield-Captain on a Jetbike with a 3+ invulnerable save AND a re-roll for failed charges is even BETTER.

These relics can be given to any Characters, remember. And the Vexilus Praetors fit that category. There are some rare Vexilla (aka Banners) that just might make you consider them:

“It’s not just Shield-Captains who can benefit from Relics – your Vexilus Praetors can also arm themselves with rare Vexilla that provide bonuses to ALL Imperium forces nearby.”

Warlord Traits

Now let’s dive into the Warlord Traits of the Custodes! If you want to make a custom character then these traits are a great place to start.

Champion of the Imperium

If this is good enough for Captain-General Trajann Valoris (and it is) then it’s good enough for your custom character, too! Plus, it’s actually kind of mean…if you opponent charges a unit, you basically get the option to pile-in and have your OTHER units fight too.

Impregnable Mind

Who needs Psykers when your Mind is Locktite! Okay…you’ll probably still need a friendly Librarian or something, but this helps.

Superior Creation

Anyone wish they just had a 5+ “Feel No Pain” because you have that option now.


The Adeptus Custodes Codex is heading to shelves next weekend and Pre-Orders go live today. Are you ready to enlist the aid of the Emperor’s Bodyguards?

  • sethmo

    And this feels like the point in which the community goes one of two ways.
    1. Continue to allow Imperial soup and let the game fray even more.
    2. Start limiting the nonsense GW is slowly giving the Imperium armies. (We JUST got done with a super friend edition do we need to go down this freaking road again????)

    • Sir Postalot

      Meh. I don’t mind. Have fun with your expensive golden boyz. Soups don’t have chapter tactics so you will have to pay for the soup either in large detachment taxes or by losing a lot of abilities.

      • Solvagon

        Just for the record, you can’t teleport Gullimans or Assassings. You can teleport your Custodes Terminator Captain next to the Assassin/Gulliman however.

    • Solvagon

      Basically what Postalot said. If someone plays me and has an awesome knight-themed Imperial Army with Sydonian Dragoons, Death Riders of Krieg and Custodes on Jetbike that is painted well, I will enjoy it regardless of Soup or no Soup. I love the flexibility and the combo-potential, and you can use that without being super unfun and unpleasant to play against. Almost everything that is new in the new edition has counterplay.

      Again, it sucks for Xenos players to be left out at the moment, but GW has a vested interest in keeping you guys playing – you’ll get your toys eventually. It’s only a small consolation, I know, but faction envy is neither constructive nor makes the game fun.

      • LankTank

        I think its cause orks are so cool that they dont need another faction to buddy with

        • Solvagon

          You might be onto something here 😉

      • Fraser1191

        Xenos players keep complaining but once all the imperium codexes are out what are they gonna do? Just release xenos codexes and have no model releases?

        • Solvagon

          So, what I believe might happen:

          1) For Eldar: Huge Ynnari release, turning them into a full fledged army with a lot of synergies with both Drukhari, Harlequins and Craftworlds. Also incentivises people to buy all three codices and models from each faction for those sweet Stratagems etc.

          2) For Tyranids: Genestealer Codex together with a couple of new units and models from the boxed game, again tons of synergies, tying IG, Nids and Cults again together into a three army bundle.

          3) For Tau, Orks and maybe Necrons (might seem far fetched, but it would follow the pattern, so bear with me): Release a Xenos Mercenary Codex with a bunch of new models, again incentivising people to buy into the 2-3 codex and army package.

          Basically the way the new edition seems to be going is that GW wants people to build a 1500-2000 force made up of 2-3 factions (remember the 3 detachment cap?) and basically pushing everyone one step closer to starting a whole new army.

          • Marcet

            That detachment cap thing needs to die, it’s a suggestion for organised events, not a hard cap for games played in your local game store, nor is it limited at 3. Page 214 is clear on this.

          • Solvagon

            Sure, but it kinda gives us a guideline what they believe can be reasonably used in that range. (Also it is a good balancing rule and imho should be general)

          • Valeli

            I agree that GW is going in that direction. Sort of a gentler AoS. Not sure it’s really necessary… I /always/ wanted to start that next army in the past for almost as long as I can remember… but don’t see a lot of harm in it either, IF they make sure to actually pay continued and significant attention to non-imperial races.

            Otherwise the soup makes for interesting and (often) quite fluffy imperial armies.

            My only concern would be a set up in which single-army forces become clearly inferior, or in which disparate xenos races are forced to ally together “just cause”.

    • LankTank

      Pffft fraying? Nothing wrong with 8th, and 95% of all complaints regarding soup abuse are based around the primarchs, not dur to ally tules

    • PrimoFederalist

      Have you ever actually played a game of 40k? A unit of 10 with no upgrades costs 520 points (based on the Index). They’re super brittle. And they can do one or two CP tricks and they’ll be depleted. Don’t worry, Chicken Little, the sky isn’t falling.

      • Marcet

        This is the first time I hear someone call 30 wounds (3 per dude at 10 dudes) with 2+/5++ and T5 brittle.

        edit: sorry 4++ in a Custodes detachment.

        • 4++

          • Marcet

            Yeah I realised it and edited it in, I forgot to take the detachment bonus to account.

        • PrimoFederalist

          What do you think “brittle” means? “Hard, but liable to break or shatter easily.” Meaning, once you crack a unit or two, the army will start imploding as they can’t kill or score. They’re already slow (fast bikes, but only one expensive transport and deep-striking infantry which, once it’s down it’s down). Once you kill the bikes just run away and shoot.

          • Marcet

            According to merriam webster there’s nothing about hard in the definition of brittle, frail yes, hard no. Even then you content that ‘once you break a unit or two’ the army start imploding. I wish you luck with that, 3w t5 2+/4++ with 6+++ vs MW from Psychic powers is not brittle.


          • Foxdonut

            Well according to science, yes it does have to be hard.

  • BaronSnakPak

    1: Make a 5 man squad of Jetbikes, and put a Capt on Jetbike
    2: Put the Raiment of Sorrow on the Capt
    3: Spend 3CP to deepstrike the combo
    4: Watch the world burn

    • Sir Postalot

      Meh. How many point would that be and are they immune to moral tests ?

      • Solvagon

        Basically 450 for the squad + 160 for the Captain.

      • BaronSnakPak

        610pts, theyre either LD8 or 9. But there’s no way youre taking down enough to have them fail morale.

        • Sir Postalot

          “But there’s no way youre taking down enough to have them fail morale.” lol, this made me smile.

          • BaronSnakPak

            Each biker is t6, 4w, with a 2+/4+.

            You’re going to need to kill 3 in one round for them to lose 1 model to morale. Good luck with that.

          • Sir Postalot

            I only need to kill 1 and debuff the rest ; )

          • BaronSnakPak

            I wish you luck. Someone math-hammered that it takes something like 90 bolter shots to bring down a single custodian guard, and they have one less wound and toughness.
            They’re shooting 48 shots (60 including capt) at 12″ that hit on 2s, rerolling 1s. Then in combat they have 4 attacks each, hitting on 2s rerolling 1s, s6 ap-3 for d3 damage.
            On paper they should turn most enemy squads into mulch.

          • Sir Postalot

            Jup and that is why you should not use boltr shots against them lol.

          • Bootneck

            Already built a spearhead plasma list with White scar bike libbys to cast Nullzone ready just for these kinds of situations!

    • LankTank

      Then cry as half your army and CP used in one sweep lol

      • BaronSnakPak

        Go big or go home, baby!

        • euansmith

          That should be the Custodes’ battle cry.

  • James Regan

    for the aggressor, given they have rules for shooting weapons that can work in close combat now (pistols) i wonder why they gave it two profiles

  • Oh god! Not fearless guard blobs again! I thought gw had nerfed that nonsense!

    • Fraser1191

      Its still nerfed

      • So now you just take a single vexilla and all your infantry units are fearless!

        • Sir Postalot


          • Sir Postalot

            found it and blegh we are back at it again

          • Yes it’s gross

        • Bootneck

          A simple word swap would make the relic usable but not overpowered.

          Units –> Models

          Imo its an oversight by GW, a 12″ bubble wouldn’t get many models, but units could be abused.

        • Fraser1191

          Yeah but conscript blobs are pointless now unless you like paying the same points for less. Seeing as how infantry and conscripts cost the same

    • Karru

      This is the current way GW wants to do this. This will go on for roughly a month or two so that people buy in to this combo, then they “fix” it by removing it until they come up with another new kit to sell that gives out this rule so it can be done all over again.

      • PrimoFederalist

        Really? The type of people who are going to go out and buy a bunch of conscripts because they can be made fearless again don’t already own a bunch of conscripts? And that’s GW’s plan? OK… [eyeroll]

        • Karru

          You misunderstood me. The plan is to sell this particular unit box a lot. Then they remove the ability from it or nerf it to the ground so it becomes obsolete again, thus people have to look out for another combo from a new kit that will come out.

          • Bootneck

            They’ve already sold a lot of Custodes even before all this – GW said as much hence why they got there own codex.

            Tbh its one relic and even if they do make a load of big blobs immune to moral – so what?

            They’d all have to stay close, they’d be really slow and if i was looking at it subjectively – what can they achieve in a game?

            I’d just avoid/ignore the whole blob. At best they can hold one maybe to objectives if they conga line it, there output will be low – massed 12 – 24″ lasgun fire hitting on 5’s with perhaps some rerolls isn’t particularly scary.

            The last thing is the cost of it all, your looking at approximately 179pts for 3 custards to make some ghetto infantry immune to moral.

            Seems a false economy, an utter waste of points and a tactical blunder imo

      • euansmith

        You are a bleak and mean spirit cynic. I like the way you think. 😉