40K: Thousand Sons Army List Deep Dive

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Come join the BoLS Crew and go through the new Thousand Sons Codex and showcase the Army of Ahriman.

That’s right folks, we’ve got the Thousand Sons Codex, and today we’re going to sit down and go through it, page by page by page by page. If you want to know what you’ve got to look forward to with the Thousand Sons, this is your one-stop shop. Come hear what the Mutalith Vortex Beast does besides vomiting up warp powers. Learn why the Tzaangor Enlightened are going to be so good. See if you can figure out when we realized that we’re going to be having to deal with these guys more regularly at the tabletop.

There’s a lot to digest–the Thousand Sons get some pretty cool new toys to play with. They’ve been tweaked and you can take your favorite boys as troops, the new Tzaangors seem pretty radical. There’s a ton you can do with them–especially when you combine their units with the psychic powers, relics, and stratagems that we cover in a later video.

At any rate, here’s the big enchilada. Long story short, these guys seem like they’ll be pretty good. You have a ton of ways of bringing in a heavily psychic army if you want. Though you can also make a surprisingly punchy melee army too. They are a fun, flexible army that should appeal to a broad range of playstyles.

And of course, we’ll be showcasing the new Codex all week, so be sure and check out our Twitch Stream in action, we’ve got a Thousand Sons army and we’ll be pitting them against three other armies. Tune in Monday at 1pm CST for more!

There’s supposedly like 1242 of them, give or take. But I guess that doesn’t really have as nice a ring to it as the Thousand Sons, plus I guess it’s never a good idea to give away your number.

  • Paerun

    The armee of Ahriman?! The average bols quality…

  • Valejo

    Ist it right that Tzangors cant take Tzangor Blades anymore?

    • Fenix Dargon

      No, still the primary weapon.

  • BeenFlower

    I’m just waiting for people to start calling for tzaangors to be nerfed

    • Richard Jacky Jones

      Well let’s wait for the front line gaming group to call Overpowered and watch Games Workshop bend the knee with a nerf….

  • M1cha

    Tzaangors with Chainsword and Pistol or tzaangor-blades? Which option is better?

    • Fenix Dargon

      Do you want to shoot, or have ap-1 in melee?

      • M1cha

        Mhm i can get the -1 from a mutalith if needed…so in my opinion the pistols are better, cause i use them more often than the blade. (Overwatch, shootingphase (even in combat))

        But i have no idea about mathhammer 😀

        • Fenix Dargon

          Screw math hammer, play whats fun.