40K: Fluff Developments We Need to See This Year

How will the fluff change this year?

A new year has dawned and with it endless opportunity. I’ve already talked about some of the things I’m hoping to see in 2018, and today I wanted to elaborate on one of those things a bit.  2017 saw the 40K story move forward like almost never before, and I want 2018 to keep that momentum. So lets talk about some things I’d love to see happen in the fluff this year.

The Lion and The Wolf

I think it goes pretty much without saying that we will get at least one or more Primarchs this year. We’ve heard all kinds of crazy rumors from Fulgrim to Sanginuis. Pretty much everyone but Horus has been rumored to be returning. It’s really gotten to the point were talking about Primarches coming back is pretty low hanging fruit. However, if they’ve got to come back I think the one of the best ways to do it would be to bring back the Lion and the Wolf together. Russ and Johnson’s rivalry is an ancient part of 40K lore, and has been embedded in their forces (and the people who play them.)

Currently there are good signs and reasons for both these guys to make a return to 40K, but it seems that to bring back one without the other would leave them feeling incomplete. Why not build a cool campaign around them both coming back, and their mistrust for each other, building into an alliance. Maybe they could end their feud, or build on their love triangle with Magnus. Lots of good options here!

Abaddon’s Next Move

For the past several editions Abaddon has acted as the de facto leader of Chaos. One of the few leaders capable of brings the various chaotic factions together for a single purpose. He has either been the Imperium’s largest threat or an 80’s cartoon villain swearing that he’ll get the Emperor next time. However at long last, Abaddon has won a major victory, destorying Cadia and opening the Great Rift. Though this event set a lot of things in motion, and has spawned major wars all across the Galaxy we haven’t heard a lot from Abaddon since his victory. Sure there are some things saying he plans on pushing towards Terra and spreading Chaos, ect., but that is basically the generic Chaos plan.

No, what we need is his next BIG plan. His next major attack. That, or he needs to die. See, though Adaddon was the major Chaos leader for a long time, that was before the Primarches were in game. We’ve gotta ask, now that they are back, whats his role? I mean, it seems a little silly, that Morty and Magnus are messing around with sideshow battles, if Abaddon is leading the main charge. Either way, lets see some more movement here.

The Death of Craftworlds

I’ve already talked a bit about why I think the Craftworlds need to die. But what it really boils down to is the most logical way to advance the Aeldari story line is with the Ynnari, and for them to grow the other Eldar factions have to start dying off. Lets have some movement towards a united Eldar race, and lets see the other factions start to fade. Alternatively lets see them go to war with the Ynnari, maybe to purge them as heretics. That seems like a pretty 40K thing.

Something For the Orks and T’au to Do.

Games Workshop is building a pretty cool narrative right now, about Chaos’ big push, and the Imperium transforming to meet it. It’s a tale being played out on a galactic scale, and has plenty of interesting parts. Most of the major factions have roles to play. Even the Tyranids are still out there munching away as the possible end game. However both the T’au and Orks seem pretty left out of the larger narrative. Neither race are doing anything on a galactic scale, or really influencing major events in any way. Aside from just kind of surviving, they have been relegated to footnotes. Lets seem them given some big role.

The T’au for instance could enter into a new big expansion phase, possibly picking up a bunch of worlds that have been left adrift by the Great Rift (it rhymes) and building a major empire. Maybe they could even ally with the Imperials somehow. Orks likewise need something. Maybe they could join with Chaos, or something, anything to make them feel relevant.

Turn The Necrons Into Good Guys

The Necrons hate Chaos. Some of them went so far as to help and defend Cadia. They may also hold the key to closing the great rift, and healing the damage done to reality. Though they come off as evil, life terminating robots, could they really be good guys? Yes. Lets have this happen, lets have them ally with Guilliman and the Imperials to fight Chaos. They’ve done it before vs the Nids, so its not impossible. Lets see the Necrons, really adjust to the Galaxy and become defenders of order – cold robotic order.

An Imperial Civil War

Guilliman (or the Eldar) effectively staged and coup and took over the Imperium. Though this led to major shake ups within the government, there was surprisingly little resistance. You would honestly think that there would be more people openly angry that a guy thought dead for 10,000 years had just come back and taken over. There are in fact some hints that people are not as OK with this as they seem. Plenty of important people don’t 100% like Cawl or the Primaris marines for instance. Moreover if any of the other Primarchs came back, you’d better bet they wouldn’t be too happy with Guilliman. They were after all pretty upset the last time he tried something like this.  All of this means we’ve got some fertile ground for an Imperial civil war. Maybe the Primarches will fight over who should run things. Maybe the High Lords/some of the important chapters will fight Guilliman. Maybe people within the Mechanicus will oppose Cawl. There are endless opportunities here. It doesn’t even have to be an open Civil War, just a bunch of hints about a shadow war (not on Armageddon this time) would be cool.

What fluff developments would you like to see this year? Let us know, down in the comments! 

  • Graham Roden

    The Orks just need a Codex. They don’t need a plot line as such unless you plan on bringing in a new Beast and his associated hammer wielding baggage. Abbadon needs to die ideally at the hands of Lorgar and naturally the big 4 chaos primarchs and the aforementioned loyalists need to come back. Tau just need to plod along picking up the pieces including a sub faction of former humans. What GW really need to do is release Adeptus Titanicus.

    • Fergie0044

      +1 for Lorgar killing Abbadon. Chaos needs its high priest!

      • EnTyme

        I say we have Eliphas the Inheritor overthrow him. He was basically the only competent Chaos leader before Magnus showed up again, and he’s already moved from Word Bearers to the Black legion. We got a Gabriel Angelos mini last year. Don’t see any reason not to add in more characters from Dawn of War.

        • PrimoFederalist

          They’re not going to kill off one of the major, embedded characters with a guy from a video game.

          • LeroyJenkinss

            Marbo could do it…

    • LankTank

      Wasnt there an arch that Ghazghkull was going to go krump the arch arsonist (the most powerful ork warlord in the galaxy as his empire and numbers more than double ghazgkhulls waaagh) and unite both territories under his banner thus becoming the true prophet if gork and mork? Cause then the galaxy woukd have a real fight on their hands

  • Manouel Tiger

    Can you just shut up with your articles on death of the craftworlds and stop whining because you hate eldars !
    If you don’t like dark reapers, it’s your problem, but eldars are fine fine now and no broken like before !

    Not everyone is playing spam armies and tournaments !!!

    • Arthfael

      Most of this makes sense, except the eldar and necron bits which are just plain silly.

      • Manouel Tiger

        ok so BA and SW need to die too, SoB too, tyranids too (behemoth, kraken, leviathan etc…), not only eldars ! 🙂

    • As we’ve seen already in the Rumour Engine, Forge World is going to drop a new Craftworld toy soon, so no need to worry too much probably. Yea, GW may focus more on Ynnari. Or they may not, as they did with Genestealer Cults. There’s much water to flow down the river until we’ll see Craftworlds being gone. The recent Codex makes this pretty much clear I’d say.

  • Munn

    If we can get through 2 months in a row of large 40k releases (multiple kits, Sigmar interuption is fine) without getting new marines or new chaos, GW can call this whole year a success AFAIC

    • ZeeLobby

      Bahaha. Good one. My guess is the minimarines will feel jaded and start joining xenos factions.

      • euansmith

        Certainly some Bijou Marines could get in to open conflict with the new powers that be. I think it would only take one Chapter to take umbrage with Maxi Marines and their Bobby Ewing Primarch, and the conflict could quickly spread.

        “Gilliman isn’t who he claims to be; but is actually an agent of the Alpha Legion! He triggered the Great Rift to sunder the Imperium for his Chaotic hordes!”

        “Cawl is an adept of the Dark Mechanicus and the Primaris Marines are heretech!”

        “The next one of those oversized lunkheads who asks if I need a booster seat is going to feel the rough side of my Power Fist!”

  • Bob

    If you seriously think Guilliman staged a coup, you don’t understand what the word “regent” means and are not familiar with 30k lore (where he held the same exact position that he does now).

    Please do more research before writing an article next time.

    • Munn

      Pretty sure a 10000 year coma would make any formerly held position at least suspect, if not outright null in any reasonable bureaucratic body. He also said ‘something like this’ about 30k which only implies a coup and could just as easily mean ‘get power for myself l’ which is accurate.

      And to top it all off you were so focused on lore-mongering that you totally missed the point of what he was trying to say.

      Please be less of a pedantic floppy marital aid before writing a comment next time.

      • Ian Knight

        I assume the “something like this” was a reference to Imperium Secundus, where he did basically give up on the Imperium as a whole, assume it was lost, and start setting up his own empire. IIRC he even refused to send troops to Terra to break the siege.

        • Bob

          Still doesn’t explain or justify how any of this could be a coup.

          The official trailer for Guilliman’s figure alone said that he “never forgave himself for not being there for the emperor”. More importantly, if you’ve read the Gathering Storm and/or the Dark Imperium, both of these books do a great deal about explaining how Guilliman truly feels about everything.

          GW has pretty much made it clear that a “Oh no he’s a traitor” timeline isn’t going to happen.

      • Bob

        Being in a 10,000 year coma and then coming back and reclaiming your role isn’t staging a coup.

        Please get some reading comprehension.

    • Bob

      The closest Guilliman has gotten to opposing his father since he has woken up has been the following:

      He is slowly beginning to view his father as “God-Like” because of the powers that he witnesses in Dark Imperium. He still doesn’t believe that the Emperor is a God, but he is starting to think that there is something divine about him.

      That’s it. Even after he finds out that the Emperor never loved any of his sons, and saw them as nothing but tools, Guilliman just shrugs it off and goes back to crusading for the Imperium.

      Other than that, none of the recent books even do so much as hint at the possibility of an Imperial civil war. Guilliman even goes so far as to leave the Ecclesiarchy and the Inquisition alone, even though he thoroughly opposes their ideals. His line of thinking for doing this, as expressed in the book, is: “They’re wrong, but dismantling them will only introduce more hardship in a time when we should all be focusing on fighting chaos”.

      That’s it. That’s literally the extent of “traitorous Guilliman”.

      I’m sorry guys, but Imperial Civil war isn’t happening. At the very least, GW has made it abundantly clear that Guilliman has no intention of creating needless conflict in a time of great peril that they’re already in.

  • Marcus Clark

    If this article writer was in charge the 40k setting it would be a broken mess. Im just happy at how everything is progressing so well. Though dark reapers are super broken. Looking forward to nne necrons, tau, orks this year!!

  • monkeypuzzle

    Terrible ideas in a terrible article. I really don’t think the author has understood 40k lore. Especially about Chaos and Abaddon.

  • Luca Lacchini

    Abaddon – as much as I despise the guy since 2nd ed. – needs a new model.
    And Chaos needs a narrative that goes beyond the “we crush the Imperium as long as we don’t bicker among ourselves”. Seriously.

    Eldars are fine. Ynnari and Drukhari need some help, but not too much.

    Orks and T’au need a Codex. The first because Orks need no ‘umie narrative framework to fight everyone in the galaxy, the latter because with the recent lore about the events happened to T’au forces, we already have more than enough.

    Necrons should go full exterminate, no moral burden needed. Chaos is one, Tyranids (sorry guys) is the other primary target.
    Mutants and bugs go first, and everyone in between as occasion arises.

    An imperial schism based on religion/distance/faction affiliation/practical motives should be good, as long as it’s not overblown.
    The Lion should be a major force in it, with some unexpected allies and equally unexpected adversaries.

    • Manouel Tiger

      orks really need love !
      But tyranids are fine too now, I love them now, we waited this codex for 6 years :p, but you are right, they are the main target and chaos understood that (look at the battle on baal)

    • Arykaas

      an imperial Schism based on the identity of the Omnissiah could be cool : How would the whole imperium react if they learned that their tech-teams unknowingly worship a xenos God (the Void Dragon ;D) ?

    • euansmith

      Aside from “Defeat the Imperium”, do the major Chaos Dudes have much of an end game? I could be nice to see them creating their own little Empires, farming their cultists for faith points, and trying to grow towards some form of apotheosis.

      • Korvalus

        “Defeat the Imperium and dominate what is left”. That’s the plan. Several regions of space has been Chaos’ turf for a long time. Look at the Screaming Voltex, the many, many, MANY worlds dominated by chaos warlords or the Sabbat worlds before Slaydo, Macaroth, Gaunt and several billions of friends went there.

      • Drpx

        End Times and AoS show what happens when Chaos wins.

  • Jack

    Kill Abaddon and I will punch the CEO of Games Workshop in the throat. He needs to become a Primarch himself and take a Primaris style upgrade and become a total mad dog.

    • dinodoc

      He’s already rejected Daemonhood.

      • euansmith

        “No thanks, I’m good.”


        “Yeah, I’m fine. Thanks for the offer, though.”

    • Arykaas

      …. Abaddon becoming primarch means ANY space marine can attain primarch-hood.
      THAT would be event dumber than any changes possible in the fluff. ANY.

      • Jack

        Abaddon isnt just any Space Marine though. He is loved by Chaos and was like a son to Horus, possibly a clone, so him becoming a Primarch isnt stupid at all. The guy runs the show, to say he is like other Space Marines is stupid.

        • Arykaas

          Your argument is flawed by the assumption that it would be possible to “become” Primarch. You don’t “become” Primarch : you are, or you are not. There is no other option on this question.

          If you are meaning that Abbadon should get a power-up to be at the level of Magnus / Mortarion / Angron / Fulgrim / etc .. , do remember that Abaddon rejected the offer of becoming Daemon Prince because being a daemon would limit his capacity to get revenge on the imperium beyond the Eye of terror.
          Worse, so that the miniatures have identity, he would have to be a Daemon Prince of Chaos Undivided, something the chaos gods WILL never do again after Bela’kor according to the cannon (Retconning can happen though …)

          • Jack

            Well if he is a clone of Horus, then he technically is a primarch and thus needs to have a new model worthy of his awesomeness

          • euansmith

            He suddenly puts on a growth spurt?

          • Jack

            They should make him larger because the chosen models are bigger than Abaddon. Hell all the new line of models are larger than him. Kinda makes the master of chaos a little wuss with the size he is now

          • euansmith

            Maybe us uses the old Emperor Mind Trick to pass himself off as a little guy. @defensive said he is supposed to be as big as Horus, and Horus was a big boy.

        • KingAceNumber1

          I’m not sure you understand how primarchs work.

          It’s not a title or something you can “become” anymore than a space marine can “become” an aeldari.

          A primarch is something entirely biologically different than a space marine.

      • defensive

        Not really.
        In the HH books, he’s described as being as large as Horus, and being almost indistinguishable from him at times.
        He’s no run of the mill marine.

        While I don’t think it should happen, just because he can do it, doesn’t man any marine can.

        • He’s not even as large as Horus when he’s wearing terminator plate. There’s plenty of artwork and many descriptions throughout the series that puts that stuff to rest.
          Even in Black Legion, Abaddon just ended up being desinterested at the rumor of him being somehow a clone of Horus.

      • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

        Primarchs were created by the Emperor. There were only 20. You can’t ‘become’ a Primarch.

        Are you confusing being a Primarch with being a Daemon Prince?

        • Arykaas

          Exactly my point : I may have worded it wrong in that first comment tho.

        • Jack

          You could be a primarch if you are a clone of one

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            Well you would lack all of Emps special psychic conditioning, but I guess so. However if you were a clone of a Primarch, you were one from birth, you can’t ‘become’ a clone of someone part way though your life!

          • An ancient rumor that Abaddon himself doesn’t consider relevant enough to his own Warmastership to clear up.

    • Hussein Alobaidi

      Steal tech for Primaris, chaosify it. Give it Abaddon

      • KingAceNumber1

        Fabulous Bill has already been working on this, I expect it to happen eventually. Seems like EC are the prime chapter through which to debut chaos primaris. Abaddon taking it too just makes sense.

  • dinodoc

    A Blood Ravens book written by a competent author would be my favorite fluff development of 2018 if we’re wish listing.

    • You had one last year. Problem is, Blood Ravens are completely tied to Dawn of War at this point and BL can’t do much if anything with them on their own. All they can do is commission somebody to write an adaptation of the scripts for the games as they are being worked on.

      • dinodoc

        “You had one last year.”

        Wait? What? I clearly missed it. Can you tell me the title?

        • Robbie MacNiven’s Dawn of War 3 adaptation.
          Robbie’s a very competent, if fresh author in BL’s stable, and his Carcharodons have gotten high praise from fans in 2017. His The Last Hunt White Scars novel also combined the excellence of Wraight’s HH Scars with modern 40k renditions and made the Tyranids menacing again.

  • J Mad

    If Eldar needs to die so does the Human Race.

    • eMtoN

      Deal. Nom nom…

  • ZeeLobby

    I honestly don’t expect much, but it means that impressing should be easy.

    • Gamecock13

      Prepare for disappointment unless you play as the golden poster boys of GW.

      • Stormcast Eternals?

        • Gamecock13

          Lok the AoS counterpart. Yes absolutely.

        • thereturnofsuppuppers

          I like the new muttonchops guy.

          Gets away from the endless golden masks

  • plasticvicar

    Prettu much any alien race caught between the tyranny of the Imperium, the horrors of the Great Rift and being eaten by Tyranids, would be desperately seeking protection from the Tau Empire, signing defence pacts and allowing them access to a significantly greater portion of the galaxy. As noted before, having a Tau Auxiliaries codex of lesser alien races would be a massive boon to gameplay and the setting.

    • KingAceNumber1

      I think Tau are one of the best in-setting mainline opponents for Tyranids and I’d love to see their fluff move them more in the direction of one of the only races that understands the Nid threat and works against them actively.

    • Rasheed Jones

      I wanna see T’au having something of a psychic awakening and finally fighting Daemons, maybe its minor so they don’t have to add psychic powers to the Codex, but maybe they can get an equivalent to the navigators or something that makes Daemons want to deal with them. Or maybe we just let there be a big T’au vs Necrons vs Orks thing for some territory the Imperium is kinda neglecting to deal with chaos or something.

  • Josh Felstead

    Orks need to die. Along with Eldar, Tyranids, Tau, Dark Eldar, Sisters of Battle, Astra Militarum, Necrons and Chaos. In fact, tactical squads also need to die. And devastator squads. And Rhinos. And drop pods. And assault squads and bikers. Only prihmehris mehreens and Papa Smurf shall be left standing atop a big, ultramarine-blue mound of redundant codexes (codices?) and heretics.

  • euansmith

    I would like to see some stuff come out detailing the Dark Imperium.

  • autonoise

    New year, new possibilities! I think we get at least one loyalist and one Daemon primarch, and I agree we need something for Abbadon. I think Orks, Tau and Necrons need codexes and can probably stay on the edge of the story, although of what’s suggested in the article I like the Tau idea the most. I also like the idea of a rift between different Astarte legions, either because of Primarch differences or something to do with the Primaris, possibly because Cawl used traitor Geneseed. I also want a new Fabius Bile mini (Chaos Triumvirate with a new Abbadon model and a new character?) and for him to somehow get his hands on Primaris geneseed.

  • defensive

    God, no wonder the fluff has gone to hell in this game, with people like this having a platform.

    Killing off craftworlds is completely stupid, and they are never going to kill off the third biggest faction in the game. A more 40k thing to happen would be the Ynnari fail, and Slannesh gets a new model line.

    Necrons being good guys is also stupid. Their fluff change into having Dynasties instead of being emotionless killing machine was already bad enough. To further stretch that into making them “good guys” would ruin them.

    Abbadon needs much more time to shine though. All this talk about “the terrible great rift!” is just annoying, when every other time the imperium is mentioned, they are shown to be flourishing with all the new primaris stuff, and new technology, and chaos is still getting trounced in every battle.

    • euansmith

      I like the idea of the Fall of the Ynnari 😀

      • Spade McTrowel

        Heresy (even Xeno-heresy) is dangerous.

  • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

    I started playing with RT, and before that Bryan Ansell’s Laserburn game. I must have read 50 BL novels and I have maybe 20K of painted minis.

    But I don’t care what happens next. The fluff is so bad now, it will always be 39,999 in my heart.

  • Ha Tti

    Khârn vs. Erebus unfinished business. Khârn + Butcher horde stumbles uppon Word Bearers against Imperium, has a moment of clarity and beats the crap out of Erebus. That´s all i wish for=D

    • Arykaas

      That guy deserve extra-killing.

  • Paul Reynes

    would be nice if they really reveal Brain Boyz for the Orks… heheheheh

  • Spade McTrowel

    Codex: Exodites, Please.

  • Gamecock13

    Quit pushing for a united eldar. As a dark eldar player I have exactly 0 interest in being forced to take CWE units. If I wanted to play CWE, I would have. That’s the type of logic that leads to GW saying ” we aren’t focusing on your army anymore! If you need to diversify your army, you have access to this other army!”. Not interested.

  • thereturnofsuppuppers

    female chaos space marines.

    • Arykaas

      *slaanesh approval intensifies*

    • Rasheed Jones

      Make them Emperors Children exclusive and we’ve got a deal. Like if anyone were going to do it it’d be them.

  • Eisai

    The return of the Lion and secession of his Legion from the Empire is an obvious point in the plot.

    Magnus, Mortarion and Abbadon have different plans and different relationships with Chaos per se – they easily should end fighting.

    The Eldar should divide, not unite. If craftworlds are gone, maybe Phoenix lords would choose the side between craftworlds and Ynnari. Or that they could also join Drukhari or Harlequin Armies.
    After the split the Ynnari would have smaller selection of units – for example without most specialized Craftworld/Drukhari resources.

    The Tau will meet Chaos. They should adapt to the new situation – maybe field a psyker/untochable xenos to help them fight?

    For the orks – a big fight came to them with the rift!

    • Arykaas

      the T’au have that perk of being able to just have anything in their roster.

      Have a problem that massive firepower from afar and/or Exo armors cannot solve ? Release a new Xenos race as T’au Allies, a few models later, Done.

      Need me some Demiurgs now 😐

      • Eisai

        Well, I am talking more about fluff and casual models, not highly competetive, above the power curve level psykers.

        And wasn’t there a rumor of Squats joining the Greater Good?

        And, of course, there could be some AM units in there, like a very very narrow selection with restrictions.

    • Jonathon Runge

      Craftworld Eldar could shack up with the Exodites. Lots of opportunities for new models.

    • Aurion Shidhe

      Makes you wonder about the relationship of the Nicassar to Chaos. If their psykers are powerful enough to propel their dhows through space solely with psychic energy then they should be comparable (or better) than other armies’ psykers.

      We’ve already got their ships in BFG. Just put them on the table top. Maybe in a tower being towed by Kroot. :p

  • Wolf-Assassin

    “Turn The Necrons Into Good Guys” LOL this is Warhammer 40k, there are no Good Guys LOL

  • Kabal1te

    I think the most important take away from this is the fact that you won’t see a discussion like this about AoS, as there isn’t enough established in the setting for people to argue over the direction of events in the lore.

  • Crablezworth

    Pretty sure the fluff died with new marines became a thing

  • Fraser1191

    Can you not ask for xenos allying with the imperium?
    I’d rather not see all 40k factions boiled down to four orders

  • The_Illusionist

    If anything, the Aeldari should have *MORE* factions, not less.

    I want to see the Tainted Craftworld that Maugan Ra pulled out of the Eye of Terror. Are they still normal Craftworlders, or have they become dedicated Aedari/Slaaneshi Agents who have embraced the pantheon rather than denying or avoiding it?

    I want to see new Aspect Shrines appear, having spent aeons hidden away deep in the Webway or on some unknown craft that has just returned from deep space where it’s ancestors first fled before the Fall.

    I want to see Aeldari Pirates, the rough and ready xenos equivalent to Rogue Traders who use exotic tech and come and go as they please, using whatever they want from a mix of their kin (though without access to Wraithcreatures, since they’re estranged from the Infinity Circuits).

    And I want to see Exodites; Aedari riding on armoured dinosaurs and wraithbone ‘monsters’ who have finally been forced to get involved in the conflicts of their race that they tried to abandon long ago. They travel through makeshift webway gates and will ally – begrudgingly – with anyone so long as it means that their sacred Worlds are left undisturbed.

  • James Regan

    I reckon orks would be fine with a codex and not much else, though I do think there’s a good chance to have Ghazkull get a primarch sized model after spending literally twice his currently known lifetime punching ‘nids. Don’t introduce a new ‘beast’ just have the beast of Armageddon have got ripped, because he was about 10 years old during the 2nd war for Armageddon, and with the time line advancing that’s plenty of time for him to have hit the gym a bit more.

    I don’t think killing the craftworld eldar is a good idea, tau need more story hooks, and leave Abbadon as the most chosen Chaos marine, though giving him a new model might be useful. I mean, you say it makes no sense with Magnus around, but Magnus bows to Abbadon- he is Warmaster. Give Abbadon some good strategic moves, have him be manoeuvring against Guilliman, have him be commanding- sure the primarchs are good at punching dudes, but in 40k chaos needs a leader who can command, who can succeed where the primarchs failed.

  • “Abaddon needs to die because Primarchs” is one of the dumbest things that could be wishlisted. Did the author miss the lore points of the last what, the last two editions of CSM and Black Legion supplements, that Abaddon had ALL THE TRAITOR PRIMARCHS BEND THE KNEE TO HIM?

    All of them got something in tribute or payment, but Abaddon was pretty much accepted as Warmaster by them. Well, Magnus had to be made to kneel, but that only shows how powerful Abaddon and his Ezekarion are.
    You might as well be wanting Typhus to die because Mortarion. Just that Typhus keeps giving Mortarion the middle finger anyway. Why wouldn’t Abaddon, the mightiest of all Chaos dudes?

  • Commissar Molotov

    No, no, NO.

  • Corran

    I don’t think the 40K setting needs moving forward.

    The Imperium is stagnant, that is the point. The glory lore days was 2nd to 3rd edition. Back when the Necrons were truly terrifying and not a Saturday morning cartoon villain.

    These developments seem like the progress of a Marvel or DC universe and I fear will become convoluted. In a recent White Dwarf someone wrote “With the return of Guilliman things are looking up for the Imperium”. No. That is not what the setting is. You do not remember the power of technology or science. You do not remember the promise of knowledge or understanding.

    The grimdarkness is dying or already dead.

  • Shadowstrife

    Best way to make the Orks relevant in this larger story is give them new Thraka model with a few new elite units, and have them smash something important.

    Does this sound like wishlisting? Maybe I’m wishlisting.