AoS: 5 Theories of What Nagash is Scheming With ‘Malign Portents’

The Skeleton Pope is up to something with Malign Portents. But What!?

We all know Nagash is clearly up to something with all the shenanigans going on with Malign Portents. Does he REALLY want to save people – or is this just some weird, twisted power-play for the Realms? Let’s see if we can deduce what’s going on.

The biggest clue we have is this massive structure that he has been working on:

With that in mind, here at BoLS we have some “theories” about what’s he’s up to.

Theory 1: It’s An Army of Undead, Bolstered by the Foul Magics of the Pyramid!

…Yawn. That’s not much of a theory so much as “No kidding, Sherlock.” But let’s see if we can’t get a bit more specific.

Theory 2: It’s A Music Festival!

Long lines. Strange lights. Scantily clad strangers all marching to the beat of an unheard drum. JUST SAYIN.

Theory 2: Nagash is Going Full Goa’uld From Stargate!

Nagash has his own realm to manage now-a-days, which means he’s probably been taking a lot of executive time to catch-up on his favorite shows. With that in mind, what better show to watch about dealing with other realms than Stargate. I mean, Realm Gates/Stargates…c’mon! You can’t tell me it doesn’t work! Then again, maybe he’s not into Sci-fi – he’s probably more into Horror/Sci-fi type…

Theory 3: Nagash is REALLY Into Stranger Things and the Upside Down!

Courtesy of

Think about it – the Upside down is a realm where things work differently. Much like his own misunderstood realm Shyish, people fear this place of darkness. But it’s not really that scary when you’re the one in charge and you know how things work. And what’s with all the humans trying to get in, but once their in, they want to get out. C’mon people, you opened the door – Nagash just wants to come through. Clearly this is YOUR fault. Besides, why else would he be using an UPSIDE DOWN Pyramid?

Wait…why IS it an upside down pyramid. Unless…

Theory 5: Tomb Kings Confirmed!

BOOM. #mindblown

Nagash is rebuilding his undead army, in the sandy wasteland, with a PYRAMID, because he misses his old buddies – the Tomb Kings. I mean, sure they had their problems in the past but that was the old world and he misses his friends and family. It’s lonely being the Undead God-King – you can’t even be assassinated, so you can’t even waste time making elaborate plans to fight paranoia! Plus it’s a PYRAMID!

What do you think Nagash is scheming in the Realm of the Dead? Let us know your crazy theories in the comments

“What about the Walking Dead?” Look, when you live with the Undead, do you REALLY want to watch a show about MORE undead? Think about out…
  • Nate

    Was hoping for serious deduction and analysis… waste of time.

    • Kabal1te

      Well serious deduction. Going by the short stories and what we know so far, whatever the pyramid does it extends Negashs reach to the other realms. Dead rising with no reason in the realm of beasts, the life bringing forces of Nergal being stymied left and right, emissaries of Negash everywhere. Negash is making some form of power play that effects all the reams (except maybe Azyr and chaos) the question is to what end. On that though we don’t have enough clues. You have a story about a storm cast killing innocent mortals because they have been tainted by Nergals diseases. You have a Negash emissary talking about how sigmar isnt listening anymore. It seems there is a move to vilify sigmar in the eyes of mortals but how that factors in is hard to determine.

      • generalchaos34

        I think Nagash is setting himself up to be the new top god, so he has put up a Celestial Jamming Device to drown out sigmar so he can put himself out as the new savior god. I dont think its Nurgle polluting the Stormcast, I think Nagash is purposely discrediting Sigmar to create a worshipping base, which is much different than his previous “Kill everyone” policy.

        • Kabal1te

          That seems to be a factor but given that some of it is clearly on three meta level it is hard too say

        • Munn

          I would love a straight up gambit pile-up here. Morathi chasing Elias around while Nurgle and Nagash battle for the souls of Sigmar’s followers as the Stormcasts try desperately to both invade Shyish to determine what Nagash is doing there and defend their territories. Meanwhile destruction is just mucking things up everywhere.

        • Would play right into the old grudge between Nagash and Sigmar. I mean, Nagash and Sigmar BOTH still claim the other has betrayed them back in the early days of AoS, which led to Nagash being kicked down by Archaon and Sigmar buggering off.

      • Nate

        We know Nagash is still connected with Syish as an incarnate. He originally had disciples who served him as a Liche Priest in nehekhars and shade spire has sentient parishioners who worship Nagash. The restless dead in the visions are likely the remaining souls from the underworld, which means there is a good chance the legion of sacrament are the tomb king armies. The Herald of Nagash is just that, a divine representative of Nagash. He might be amassing souls like a chaos God in ordsr to create his daemons or daemon like things and get power from being divine.

        • SacTownBrian

          Phil Kelly confirmed on WHTV that Negash has more than three Mortarchs and that his Mortarchs don’t always fall in line and do what he wants. I’m betting we’ll be getting another before this is done.

          • Well, we do know Mannfred von Carstein was punished by Nagash before and may or may not be in somewhat good graces again after delivering Tarsus Bull-Heart to Nagash (though he might almost have betrayed Nagash again for good, if he had thought it possible to succeed).

    • Munn

      Yeah, god forbid anything be fun.

    • Col. Duke Lacrosse

      …for you. I and others enjoyed it. Try some positivity in your next comment…or silence if you can’t manage that.

  • Vicent Martín Bonet

    It’s actually 6, he wants to make a weapon to surpass metal gear.

  • Txabi Etxebarrieta

    This fleshing out of the setting has done a lot to capture my interest.

    • Ditto. I still hate a great many things about how AoS is being handled, the background, the realms and the gross lack of plausability, but had they started with this kind of marketing leading up to the core release, it’d have been exciting enough to overlook a lot of glaring issues. Especially since they explained how the sodding Realms even work at last, 3 years in…

      That being said, I’ll likely pick up Shadespire next month.

      • Txabi Etxebarrieta

        No joke, I’ve also been looking at Shadespire for quite some time as well. The mechanics look great (even if I hate custom dice and 3 turns seems a little short) and easy assembly tempts me so.

        • Jamie Cooke

          Just picked up Shadespire this week, really good game so far. Completely different experience to other GW games I’ve played, but is deep tactically (especially once you get into changing the cards to create your deck/combos) and speedy. Would recommend checking it out.

        • I haven’t painted anything in years, and my paints were mostly from two lines ago I believe. So having push-fit factions with expansion sets available, all on precolored sprues, is amazing.

          I was considering picking up Warhammer Quest (both of them), but seeing how I’d have to glue things together right off the bat, which would mess with painting them later once I restock my paint range, I have been holding off on that. Seeing how the core set for Shadespire can be bought for less than 40€ at retailers and expansions come in under 20, this seems like a no-brainer. Though at that point my completionist drive sets in and I’d want to buy the card sleeves and dice sets as well…

  • 1, 2, 2, 3, 5

    • Kabal1te

      Proof reading at its finest.

      • Munn

        Or deliberate to absurdist nature of the commentary? Quit being boring.

        • Iron Father Stronos

          @disqus_eCCePLUk2m:disqus @disqus_XlPbUZOX7i:disqus @hendarion:disqus I believe its a bad attempt at a Monty python 1 2,2,3,5, joke. Which isnt even right -.-

        • Kabal1te

          I am sorry you find sarcasm boring. Perhaps you shouldn’t read the article. It is full of it.

  • The_Illusionist

    Theory 1
    Theory 2
    Theory 2
    Theory 3
    Theory 5

    Y’know BoLS, if you’re THAT desperate for a proof-reader/editor then I’m currently in between jobs; my rates are pretty good, and I promise you that I’ll actually do it rather thank bunk off early for a quick smoke being the parking garage.

    • Izak Lazarowski


      • Marcus Clark

        *Sick Burn

    • eMtoN


  • Ak318

    Well what we do know is that each of those glowing peices the skeletons carry is realmmetal which in the plane of shyish is sand that nagash is turning into glass.

    He has been studying Stormcast and their returning to life cause he is pissed he is losing HIS souls.

    He is slowly taking over the many underworlds of the pane of Shyish and turning the dead that lived peacfully with the living into undead.

    He really does not like chaos slowing this stuff down.

    He has plans contingency plans and fallbacks, as he has been preping this for a while.

    Whether or not he will succed will be determined by players later on this year.

    • Ak318

      All this came out of the Phil Kelly interview last wednesday 10th i think it was.

      • Kabal1te

        Neat. Got a link to that interview or know where it can be found?

        • Ak318

          warhammer tv on twitch

  • Mr.Fister

    It is a sophisticated plot to put his bony fingers in your wallet…

    • dave long island

      Oh, into our wallet. OK. Wasn’t sure where you were goin’ with that… lol

  • Marco

    Long live Warhammer Fantasy and the Old World!

    • Mathew G. Smith

      “If this journal is found, if the day was won, then remember this: here a Slayer lies.”

  • Shadowstrife

    Is the Knight of Shrouds a named character, a lieutenant of Nagash? Or just a type of unit, like the cairn wraith or tomb banshee?

    • Kabal1te

      From what I have read knights of shrouds are not unique and there is more than one of them. The video on them mentions them being made from the souls of heroes that sigmar failed to make into a storm cast eternal.

      • Marcus Clark

        So totally ‘not’ ripping ringwraiths/ mouths of Sauron then.

        • Mathew G. Smith

          Well, they do have a license…

        • Kabal1te

          Not really actually. There is a difference between a god of death telling another god “no this soul is mine now F off.” And the servant of an evil entity making a cursed item and handing it out to corrupt someone.

        • The Ringwraiths were kings of men that were corrupted by the influence of the rings, which is a completely different scenario from one god calling out to a hero and the hero saying “lolnope” before being forcefully recruited into Nagash’s undead legions.

          These guys had a choice, but likely either hated Sigmar for abandoning their people long ago, or just didn’t want to turn immortal. Nagash would have a chuckle over how they were totally mortal, but living in death anyway.

          • Marcus Clark

            I was just being funny, Well aware of of LotR universe since i was 12.

      • SacTownBrian

        Phil Kelly stated that they were souls that rejected Sigmar call.

  • SacTownBrian

    During the End Times some entity reaches out to Setra. Would love to see Setra return as a good force in shyish. There were a few TK models that never got the appropriate amount of time to get played with; Necropolis Knights and Sphinxs and Ushabti immediately come to mind. I’d love to see those kits return and build on that theme. Plus if they aren’t ghosts they are going to need som flying Egyptian style barges to get around 😉.

    • Arykaas

      I definitely think that, had they not been squatted, the tomb kings would have been the “Good” Undeads (like Lizardmen ;…. ahem ….. Seraphons, are the daemons of “Good”). Would have been hard to ally with (“Settra does not serve, Settra RULES” and all that ….)

      IF Games Workshop pulls a new tomb king-like range and announce it in the coming weeks, they’d also surf on the Total War Warhammer 2 DLC Hype ….. that is “free” advertisement 🙂

    • To be fair, the Settra thing in Lord of the End Times, the grand finale, was pretty much the work of Josh Reynolds, as were many other plotstrings and character highlights in that novel. The design team simply forget about them halfway through The End Times and Josh got the green light to basically do what he wills.

      From that point of view, I don’t know how much we can rely on anything from the End Times being properly woven into Design Studio products.

      Aside from that, I’d totally agree. Tomb Kings with new, dynamic core units to replace the awfully chunky skeletons from decades ago, alongside the more recent additions, would do well to counterbalance Nagash’s dominion both aesthetically and thematically.
      It’d be pretty neat to have Settra defying Nagash’s wholesale claim on the deaths of all things.

  • PlanetDead

    Its Black pyramid all over again. Last time the Skaven did blow it up during End Times so perhaps Nagash thought that building it hovering in the air and having it upside down…. makes it harder to blow up with ?

  • Jason Bingham

    Excellent content. Top notch article.

  • Well, the Black Pyramid originally was a thing since his original rise
    to power in Nehekhara. It’s been a key element of his entire story
    throughout the ages. Doesn’t surprise me one bit to see the author being ignorant about it, though. I mean, it’s lore.