AoS: The Pusgoyle Blightlords Ride Fly

You don’t need to pimp your ride when it’s this Fly – check out the new Pusgoyle Blightlords, rules & models!

The Maggotkin of Nurgle are making the rounds and will be hitting shelves this weekend. And, just like their 40k counterparts, they got a ton of new Nurgle Daemon units to play with. However, the Mortal followers of Nurgle are also getting some love and affection from Papa Nurgle. Here come the Pusgoyle Blightlords!

Stat wise, they each have 7 wounds, a 4+ save, 8″ movement and 8 Bravery. Those are pretty solid stats per model. On top of that we can see they have a ton of special rules to go along with their new models.

Each model consists of the Rot Fly and their Blightlord rider. The Rot Fly will be able to use it’s Venomous Stings and the Foul Mouthparts. While their attacks aren’t terrible, they aren’t super awesome either – but that’s okay considering they are just mounts!

The Blightlord riders, on the other hand, will be able to use their Blighted Weapons which are each 3 attacks with a +3/+3 profile and 1/2 of the unit can take Dolorous Tocsin on top of those attacks. All in, a unit of 6 would be able to generate 42 attacks with some respectable hit and wound chances! And that’s before we get to the “good stuff”…

(Un)Naturally, the Pusgoyles will also come stock with Disgustingly Resilient which will help keep these Fly-boys up and fighting. Virulent Discharge is a great ability as well – it’s got the chance to cause D3 Mortal Wounds to enemies and can also heal D3 Wounds to friendly Nurgle units, too. And last time we checked, a unit is within 3″ of itself…

Last but not least we get to the “good stuff” that we mentioned earlier – Blighted Weapons aren’t just pretty faces. Every time you roll a 6 to hit with those weapons they generate D6 hits instead! So back to the example above with a unit of 6 – that’s 18 attacks that each have a chance to turn into D6 hits! On average, you should pick-up 3D6 attacks. I’ll take those odds!

Once players start combining this unit with some of the other options in the Maggotkin book, we thing this unit will be pretty nasty. Plus, we’re glad to see the Blightlords get some Air-cav support…even if those Flies are terrifying. What do you think of these new Pusgoyle Blightlords?


I think they got you where they want you.

  • Wyatt Q Alvis

    I dont seem to be able to find these on the website for some reason

    • Alexis Muscat

      Maybe because the preorders are on 13th of january ?

      • Wyatt Q Alvis

        Thank you internet savvy hero. All this nurgle stuff had me confused

        • Alexis Muscat

          Got your back boi 😉

  • Drew

    I like everything about them except their name. I feel that way about a lot of the new Nurgle stuff, actually…

    • Lyca Atteneder

      Yeah, the names are… well… one shouldn’t think too much about that I guess.

  • dave long island


  • SacTownBrian

    They just scream target priority. The stats would seem to mean that they will be pretty expensive. Plus they suffer from power creep so I’m sure they’ll be popular.

  • Lyca Atteneder

    Holy s***!
    Thats a pretty sweet unit it would seem.

    On the other hand: will they still look as good when we get to see how much they are points-wise? I wonder…

  • Shadowstrife

    That dangling bell is a pretty clever way of connecting the model to its base. Looks seamless.

    • Karru

      I am quite happy to see them do this recently since I don’t really like flight stands, since they have a tendency of snapping very easily.

      • Shadowstrife

        Yea. There is an Arkanaut frigate in our local store that keeps falling over.

      • Luca Lacchini

        Inceptors and the freakin’ curved flight stand without a pinning connection to the mini.
        They scream for a lashing.

    • dave long island

      you could magnetize that pretty easily, and so never have to worry about it breaking off.

  • Solvagon

    I hope sooo much that the flies are bigger than the Plaguedrones. I would love converting them to Daemon Princes in 40k and having them fly along a couple of smaller flies….

  • Boondox

    Somehow I’m going to put my Death Guard Champion in terminator armor on one of these things…

  • EnTyme

    Interesting that this is one of the few warscrolls I’ve seen that doesn’t feature a unit “champion”.

  • Agent OfBolas

    Pussygoile Blightlords.