Dungeon Saga: Eye of the Abyss Expansion Available

Dungeon Saga’s newest expansion is out and ready for action!

If you are ready to expand your Dungeon Saga adventures further, then get ready to travel in to the Eye of the Abyss:

via Mantic Games

Dungeon Saga: Eye of the Abyss £34.99

Welcome to The Eye of the Abyss, an expansion box for Mantic Games’ hugely popular Dungeon Saga game. Within this expansion you’ll find a whole host of exciting new adventures to take your gaming and dungeon exploring to new levels, including a brand new adventure that ties in with the events and heroes of the Kings of War Edge of the Abyss Campaign. This set includes five single-piece heroes, with push-fit bases for gaming. You’ll also find all of the cards and rules to use these new heroes in your games of Dungeon Saga and a second campaign featuring the heroes of Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest!

So strike the flint and light your lantern adventurer, for fame and glory await you once more!

This expansion contains a brand new narrarive campaign for Dungeon Saga and includes:

  • 4 Single-piece Resin Heroes, with push fit bases; Artakl the Ghekkotah Clutch Warden, Magnilde the Varangur Demon Hunter, Eckter the Placoderm Defender and Jarvis the Ophidian-Obsessed Mage
  • 1 Single-piece Resin Villain, with push-fit base; Mau’ti-bu-su the Abyssal Temptress
  • 9 Pre-assembled Plastic Abyssal Minions, including Lower Abyssals, a Moloch, a Hellhound and more!
  • 5 Hero Cards and 5 Item cards to use in your games
  • Eye of the Abyss Sourcebook including 13 new Dungeon Saga Scenarios!

Are you ready to travel to the Abyss? Watch your stare…

  • Big Fat Fred

    I’m liking the minis.

  • ZeeLobby

    It’s cool to see expansions still being released for Dungeon Saga. Having just received Star Saga I hope Mantic offers the same support.

    • marxlives

      I agree, especially with the Mantic models getting better over time. Compare the new stuff for KoW and Warpath universes to what was released even a couple years ago and I am starting to get excited about the quality and cost of Mantic stuff.