Geekery: AMC’s New Show Will Leave You Frozen in Terror

A British expedition searches for a faster way to India never to be seen alive again.

The fictional story (adapted from Dan Simmons’ novel) sits on top of historical events. Franklin’s lost expedition departed England in 1845 in search of a northwest passage, and was never seen again. The HMS Erebus and HMS Terror became icebound in Victoria Straight, and the entire crew perished. Several expeditions were launched to find the lost ships in the 1800s, but none were able to track them down.

It took modern sonar equipment to finally locate them – the Erebus was found in 2014, the Terror in 2016. Both ships are in great condition, on the floor of Queen Maud Gulf.

No one knows for sure exactly what happened on those two boats in the dark and the cold, but horror is a very good bet given the shape of the bodies we do have. Disease and cannibalism were both rampant.

I’m totally in for this. It looks like it has just the right mix of psychological horror, suspense, and creature feature; all in an environment that amplifies terror and paranoia. My favorite kind of horror story. Jared HarrisCiarán Hinds, and Tobias Menzies‘ inclusion in the cast is an added bonus.

The 10 episode limited series airs on AMC starting March 26th.

  • k26dp

    Great novel, looking foward to this.

  • Vepr

    Now I want to read the novel first. This looks good.

  • EnTyme

    Jared Harris, Ciaran Hinds, and Tobias Menzies? Yep. Gonna have to watch this.

    • euansmith

      Jared Harris is a top actor.

  • D. B.

    As horror-worthy real-life stories go, the Franklin expedition is pretty high up the list.

    Google “Beechey Island burials” or the names John Torrington, John Hartnell, and William Braine if you don’t feel like sleeping is something you absolutely need to do again.

    • EnTyme

      Not sure what these people were expecting when they named a ship the freaking Terror.

      • generalchaos34

        the victorian era brits loved scary ship names! Victory, Sovereign, Agamemnon, Colossus, Leviathan,Minotaur, Wyvern, to name a few. Its like a list of ship names to give to sci fi villians. I guess when you have the most powerful navy ever its easy to have some fun with the names.

        “What do I do for a living? Im a cook on the HMS Devastation, No I’m not evil, stop asking me that!”

        Meanwhile in America we name our stuff after boring things like presidents, states, and politically connected people, and the brits will always have Boaty McBoatFace.

        • euansmith

          It tickles me that US Ammunition Vessels are named after volcanoes. 😀

  • Noam Dupuy

    Now I want to read the novel first. This looks good.

  • Garr Davies

    I was lucky enough to see the ‘Death in the Ice’ exhibition at London’s National Maritime Museum recently which covered the fate of the Erebus and the Terror.

    The crew spent nearly two years either freezing or starving to death as they tried to hunt scarce wildlife and trek back to civilisation.

    Evidence such as human bones dented by teeth and knives, as well as boots filled with frozen flesh point to cannibalism. Really good source material for a horror series.

    • euansmith

      It was the lead poisoning angle that really got me. The last thing you need in the Arctic is friggin’ lead poisoning.

  • Amazing story of exploration and tragedy.

  • MrLodgik

    I somehow think i’ll be very dissapointed by this show. Especially when the’ll probably go to rout of ” was there a monster or was it all in their heads ?”. I always hated those ending, SHOW ME A MONSTER DAMNIT !