Geekery: George R.R. Martin’s ‘Nightflyers’ Coming to SyFy

The scifi novella has finally found a home and a primary cast.

It looks like we won’t be getting more Game of Thrones till 2019, and there’s no word on the Wildcards series. But, there’s some good news: Syfy has ordered a series based on another Martin story set in his Thousand Worlds universe.

Nightflyers was published in 1980, and focuses on a group of maverick scientists and a telepath on a vessel going into interstellar space to find extraterrestrial life. The crew ends up dealing with a horror from within the ship instead.

Showrunner Daniel Cerone (The Black List, Dexter) will be heading the project, and Martin will act as an executive producer since his contract with HBO keeps him from working on the screenplay. And a promising note given that we don’t have a release date: the crew is already cast.

They’ve pulled in Robert Jaffe as a producer. He has a history with the novella – he adapted it for the screen in 1987. This trailer is super-duper 80s, but you can get a feel for what the series is going for. This is a tale of horror.

The series will be airing on Syfy in the US and on Netflix for everyone else. There’s no release date set just yet, but given that the project is cast I’d expect they’ll start filming fairly soon.


Will you be tuning in?

  • Rahl

    Could be good. If they can get some of the Event Horizon vibe, that’d be nice.

    • marxlives

      That was a great movie.

      • euansmith

        Best engine room this side of Galaxy Quest.

  • euansmith

    That 1987 trailer is very reminiscent of Dr Who from the period, and I don’t mean that as a complement. I hope that the remake will have wit and chills.

    • It was bad enough that the director had his name taken off the project during editing. It wasn’t exactly the best time to adapt it.

      Don’t let the trailer scare you off, though – the story was nominated for a Nebula, and a won a few other awards.

      • euansmith

        I love the idea of the director getting half way through editing the footage and going, “FFS, I out of here.”

  • Drpx

    The golden age of sci-fi horror.

  • Shadowstrife

    Filming here in Ireland. Sweet.

    • dave long island

      Uh oh… That means they’ll be addled by all that good beer and beautiful scenery… lol

      • Shadowstrife

        Yep, that’s why Winterfell has such an unfinished look about it.

        • dave long island

          lol 🙂

  • dave long island

    Fatty needs to be locked in a room till he finishes ASOIAF. Withhold food from him, that’ll do it… lol

    • af

      My theory — and I’m pretty convinced of it — is that George is pretty fed up with ASoIaF, which is why he’s having such a hard time finishing it. Imagine spending what, 20 or 30 years, in the same goddamn project. The same characters, the same overarching plot. After a few years the mind wanders off, starts enjoying other things, yearns for other projects. And he did write other stuff! But always, there’s the weight of the unfinished fantasy series. And he can’t really force this, he can’t just stand in front of a white paper (well, or a computer screen) and go “I guess I’ll write another Tyrion chapter. Dorks seem to enjoy them!” and just write one.

      I bet George is enjoying all the fame and money, but by the Old Gods and the new, he must be hating goddamn Westeros by now!

      • dave long island

        Totes agree! You’re right on. It occurred to me years ago while reading ADWD that GRRM was bored with the project, because he kept going on and on in great detail about the food that was being eaten… LOL… I thought: “George is bored with this story, and so to keep himself interested he’s inserting food porn into it”… LOL. And I don’t begrudge him one bit. He’s hit the big time, fame, money, adulation etc. I heard he bought an old movie theatre and restored it, and he likes to sit alone in the ‘crying room’ that theaters used to have for babies and he watches old movies. Well good for him. He’s given us hours of quality entertainment already. If he never writes another word I’ll still be grateful to him for that. But, and you knew there’s a but, I do want to know how it turns out, in his books, not just the increasingly mickey mouse (though still entertaining) TV series. I want to know how he wraps it all up. I do not want him to die before wrapping it up, one way or the other. I know he gets angry when people say they do not want him to pull a ‘Robert Jordan’ and die before finishing his epic book series, but it is true. I don’t want that to happen. Anyways, that’s my 2 cents on the matter.

        • af

          I agree. I enjoy both ASoIaF and GoT, and definitely want to see how they turn out!

  • Chaos_United_8

    Look at you Hacker…

  • eMtoN

    Could Netflix just go ahead and buy the syfy channel already? As a person living in the US that stopped paying cable companies a long time ago I hate missing out on neat stuff like this.

  • bobbybooshay!!

    I love the idea of the director getting half way through editing the footage and going, “FFS, I out of here.”

  • zemlod

    Whats the deal with user boobyshawl? Why repost comments?

    • It’s a bot… and it’s been banned and flagged as spam.