Geekery: The Merlin Saga is Being Adapted for the Screen

With Ridley Scott directing… maybe.

Disney is in talks to turn T.A. Barron’s books into a movie, or several. Philippa Boyens (who worked extensively on the Lord of the Rings trilogy) is writing the screenplay. Ridley Scott is in negotiations to direct, and for his production company to produce the project.

The series of books follows Merlin’s life before Arthur. It’s comprised of 12 books that were published over 15 years; and includes a 5 book epic, two trilogies, and an encyclopedia for the series. There’s a lot of possibilities available given the amount of source material available. Nothing yet on if this is a one book deal, or if they’re going to attempt more.

I will admit, I have not read the books. From a movie goer’s standpoint: Philippa Boyens is great at what she does, so having her included on the initial production team is a good sign. Disney having the rights is neither a good or bad thing, at least we know the budget is there.

But, for the love of all things, it should not directed by Ridley Scott. Producer? Ok. Just keep the man away from the director’s chair for this project.

This is one of two King Arthur based movies Disney is talks with Scott about. The second is a live action adaptation of 1963’s The Sword in the Stone – a personal favorite of mine. With Karl Swenson as Merlin.

Please don’t let Scott direct this, either. Thanks. Maybe not adapt the animated classic at all? That would be wonderful.

The Merlin Saga is all still in the negotiation stage, so nothing is final beyond Disney and Boyens. Hopefully the news that comes next will be good, as it looks like it could be an interesting story to see on screen.


Who would you cast as Merlin?


  • euansmith

    I would love to see a GoT style TV series of the complete “Once and Future King” stories. I love the bit when the Orkney lads go hunting for a Unicorn for their Mum.

    • zemlod


      Although the discussion of politics and ethics in the anthill passages might come as a bit of an anticlimax for your average GoT-fan 😉

      • euansmith

        If GoT season one proved anything, it is that you can keep your audience engaged during the dull bits with some gratuitous naked flesh. 😉

        • zeno666