GW: January 13th Pre-Order “First Looks”

AoS is catching the Nurgle infection with the return of the Blightlords and Friends!

via Games Workshop

Beast of Nurgle

Pusgoyle Blightlords

Sloppity Bilepiper

Lord of Blights


Gross. But that’s Nurlge for ya!

  • benvoliothefirst

    Very excited to see what the community does with that dead, hanging disheveled corpse mini…

    Also cool that now we’ve got all the Khorne minis to represent the medieval weightlifters, and the Nurgle ones who look more like the average american. Looking forward to making some fattie zombies out of these guys.

    • loveone789

      going right on my megaboss

  • dave long island

    Someone needs to educate these Pusgoyle Blightlords about the concept of aerodynamics. Good lord. Big fatties wearing armor carrying standards and scythes on top of those poor fly creatures. No wonder their bells are dragging on the ground… lol

    • AEZ

      I think the last thing is also to fit the average american look Ben mentioned… balls dragging on the ground and all.

      • dave long island


    • PrehistoricUF0

      Games Workshop sculptors in general are pretty clueless about those things. It shows in EVERY single flying vehicle they make:

      • dave long island

        LOL 🙂

      • AEZ

        Don’t these rounding things at the front (above the M from miracle) keep the front part up a bit with a bit of lift while the main propulsion happens in the back? Or is that still something that wouldn’t work?

  • Purple-Stater

    How are these, scale-wise, compared to the previous models? Are all of GW’s new stuff still Heroic 28mm (i.e., 32mm) or have they moved to Heroic 32mm (i.e., god-only-knows)?

    • AEZ

      I think the scale is still heroic 28 mm. But that would mean for ordinary men like the bloodreavers (as only human release recently) all other stuff has been buffed men (stormcast, stronger chaos influenced men or deamons) or monsters which could be any size. Not quite sure if those bloodreavers are correct for 28 mm though but they are smallish compared to other releases. I guess we’ll have to see about the new aelves when they appear.

  • chris harrison

    I see somebody kitbashing a gun onto these and finding a way to use them for 40K. Because AOS, aside from the miniatures does nothing for me.

  • Rainthezangoose

    That little guy on the clutches of the lord really remind me that if I was incharge of AOS the next thing I’d do is build up the free people. THERE needs to be a baseline to ground all these super fantastical armies into some referable reality. Space Marines have the sense of power about them that Sigmarines lack and I think what I said above has a lot to do about it.

    • euansmith

      A new release of Free Guild or some other form of base-line humans would make me happy. I hope GW wants me to be happy.

    • AEZ

      The new Aelves might give that sense of scale too.. I agree that with most releases being about the same size as stormcasts they don’t seem that superhuman..

  • euansmith
  • BrassWitch

    These guys have such cool pieces, shame the flies do nothing for me :/

  • PrehistoricUF0

    Wonderful models. I look forward to getting them.

  • Dan Worsley

    I just don’t like the distended snd extruded viscera look.
    The rest, like the sassy minions and smiling monsters I love.