GW Mystery: The Gold of February

We have a teaser of what’s coming in February – but what does it mean? You solve it.

The January 2018 White Dwarf is out and about with all kinds of Nurgly goodness and a bunch of Age of Sigmar at long last. But the last page has the teaser for February.  Take a look at this:

“A whole lot of gold”

In my book that either means:

These Guys…

These Guys…

Or Technically These Gals…

~What do you think it means?  Maybe it’s a new color of gold paint…

  • Timotheus

    Not really the topic but I wonder when they will release the new Necromunda Orlock Gangers? They got teaseres way before the Nurgle stuff but still no release yet…

    • Massawyrm

      I remember hearing on that stream that they were slated for March. I think the idea is a new batch of merch for Necromunda every 3 months or so.

      • Kabal1te

        Given how slow their releases are for blood bowl and the lack of announcement for anything else for shadespire, I think every 3 months is optimistic.

        • EnTyme

          They did preview a Skaven warband for Shadespire a couple month back. All they said was early 2018, though.

      • kobalt60

        That pace should just about guarantee interest will be dead long before the entire line sees the light of day. Boo I say

    • DrLove42

      Its the FW Heresy/Necromunda weekender in a month (Feb 3rd). Id expect them to be avaialable then or soon after

  • Kabal1te

    Well knowing that they teased a custodes HQ a while back I am hoping that it is a teaser for Custodes models. That said knowing GW and knowing there is another AOS release coming odds are it’s another major Stormcasts release. After all their range isn’t quite as big as space marines yet.

    • Munn

      Oh yeah, three battletomes. The first one ever, one that only had 5 units in it and was intended to scam stormcast players, and one real battletome.

      By that logic most AoS factions are on 5-8 battletomes, more if you count the end times stuff.

  • Kloothommel

    Squats confirmed.

  • piglette

    GW is just moving to a gold brick pricing model.

    • vlad78

      I was about to say price hike.

  • eMtoN

    It’s Vect.

    He raided the Emperor’s Palace and is returning to Commoragh with all of the Custodes as slaves.

    • Kabal1te

      If only.

  • Dan Wilson

    Golden Daemon something?

  • Rasheed Jones

    Or just a new shade of paint…(which to be fair I do like paint0.

  • kobalt60

    Gold brick? Imperial fist flyer?

  • Crispy

    Its the amount of gold needed to field a small unit of beasts of Nurgle

  • We wish… 😛

    • Luca Lacchini

      We REALLY wish… 😀

  • Rich Chappell

    Yesterday Warhammer Community ran an article about what new armies their writers are starting in 2018. One chose Custodes. Therefore Custodes.

  • Jasko

    Maybe a third duardin faction for AoS, the stuff formerly known as Steelheads or whatever they were called

  • Wythel

    Pretty sure Custodes

  • R. Fernandes

    More Overlords releases!? Yeah, I’m a dreamer….

  • pokemastercube .

    please be the tallons of the emperor

  • gunsrlove


    Or idk, probably nothing much

  • Laurence J Sinclair

    Balthasar Gelt returns, in a gigantic golden pimp-carriage drawn by gold-plated gryphs.