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The Iron Kingdoms prepare for battle, time to Lock & Load.

That’s right folks, tickets have gone up for Lock & Load, the biggest Warmachine/Hordes gathering/tournament/thunderdome/ballroom dance in the world. At least I’m pretty sure that’s everything that’s happening at Lock & Load. There are a few big changes coming to L&L this year–including a new venue and a new date. What’s more, this year marks the fifteenth anniversary of Warmachine, so you can bet there’s going to be some exciting stuff going down at this year’s con. Check it out:

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First up: tickets for the show are on sale now! Our amazingly talented IT Admin Liz has partnered with a new site for registration, so the process will be smoother (and load faster) than ever before. Events will be posted a short while after tickets (around March). And yes, the schedule for events will be up alongside the posting of them.

Second, the venue has changed. Though we love the Meydenbauer, and the staff there is phenomenal to work with, we wanted to make life a bit easier for you. This year, we have shifted our show to the Hilton Bellevue. This means you can take an elevator from your room to gaming and have far less distance to stumble back to your bed after gaming all day! No city blocks to walk carrying all of your Battle Foam bags. No balancing your Broken Egg trays covered in models while you navigate crosswalks. No juggling your Warsenal Watertowers? I don’t know if you would, anyway, but now there is no need! The Hilton also allows us to break up the rooms a bit more. This makes it easier to hear in the hobby hangouts, easier to discuss plans of action in the Dead Reckoning RPG event, easier to find Oz and tell him about your Company of Iron. The hotel block is also now open!

Third! The date has moved back in time a wee bit. Lock & Load 2018 will be happening June 22nd through June 24th.

There’s a ton of cool stuff already on the works. Including the release of the new Crucible Guard faction, which is coming through the CID pipeline, there’s also a massive narrative game with 32 players, Company of Iron “Mega Games” and so on–more on this coming up, but for now you can register and see for yourself at Lock and Load.


  • Jamie Martin

    Crucible Guard faction?

    • Apocryphus

      Yep, it’s one of the new factions PP said they’d drop every year. It’s an alchemist faction and I think they’re Ordic (don’t quote me on that). Gotta say, I love that warcaster they previewed, the idea of a snooty big game hunter type guy with a human gun caddy is just gold.

      • ZeeLobby

        I think the Order of the Golden Crucible was Llaelese actually, but the new faction may be based in Ord. Guess we’ll find out more.

        • Apocryphus

          It probably is Llaelese, I’m just getting confused by the Llaelese Resistance theme mercs just got.

          • ZeeLobby

            Yeah. I haven’t decided if I’m for or against a new mini faction every year. Like it’s cool that they’re expanding the world, but with so many factions already out, I feel like the potential for overlap and confusion might get high.

          • Apocryphus

            Agreed. I’m mostly afraid PP is going to burn themselves out. I’d rather see things like new jack chassis and colossals to give existing factions more depth of options. A new faction every year is going to get overwhelming.

          • Matthew Pomeroy

            it may help the rpg and Coi folks a lot though, PP has really expanded on the setting as a whole.

          • marxlives

            That is true somethings should be left for lore and explored through the IKRPG.

          • ZeeLobby

            Yeah. I mean I think adding little things to mercs/minions here/there are OK too, to help flesh things out. I mean I know that PP is falling into the same issues as all long-time game developers. You need people to keep buying, and therefor must expand the game, but somehow keep it all manageable. It’s gotta be tough.

          • marxlives

            True, I am more excited for the Gator CID drop over the Northkin, because one is the fleshy out of a faction and the other is…well more. Especially with the Trollbloods finding a permanent hope on the Alchiere subcontinent, the Infernalist threat suggested by Grymkin, and the Age of Colonialism thread with Zu. Maybe Northkin is supposed to spike interest in Trollblood? I don’t know.

            I played the Tactics expansion, and it actually turns the game from a collective mess into an actual enjoyable experience to play. So much so I hope they use it as the foundation for a Hordes release o Tactics. And I think PP should double down on the digital property aspect of their business portfolio. It allowed GW to survive slowdown downs in faction release and I think PP is at that critical point where they can do it. And just like GW did with their throw licenses at the wall and see what sticks I think PP can learn from that and do the same.

        • marxlives

          You got it right on the OGC base was in Lael but when Khador took it over, some of those who escaped re-established the order in Ord. I think the novel Acts of War: Aftershocks talks more about it.

          • ZeeLobby

            Sweet! I’ll have to read that one, haven’t yet.

          • marxlives

            Ya stay away from “In Thunder Forged” and “Mark of Caine” embrace the Acts of War series and “Hellsingers” those are some just down right good reads. And trend toward real fiction and not fan fiction.

      • marxlives

        Too true, reminds me of Borderlands 2! Very cool.

  • Bellevue Hilton has a smaller capacity than the Meydenbauer. Hm.

    • Bad Meat

      Not exactly a reassuring sign.