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Dive into the world of Faith, the award winning cult sci-fi RPG now available on Drivethru RPG.

Faith is an RPG with a fairly successful Kickstarter last year. And now it’s starting to see a wide release. The setting in particular is pretty killer, sort of a blend between starfaring sci-fi and cyberpunk. You can check out snippets below, or if you didn’t back it, grab it on DrivethruRPG.

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The award winning, cult hit FAITH: The Sci-Fi RPG has now landed on DrivethruRPG! The three main books unlocked during last year’s Kickstarter campaign – the Core Book, its first Sourcebook and a Deluxe Artbook, are now available in enriched PDF for your gaming pleasure.

  • FAITH: Core Book (NOW 25% OFF for a limited time) is the cornerstone of the FAITH experience, a 440 page-long tome that includes 300 pages of setting filled with adventure seeds, full 2.0 rules of the revolutionary RPG Engine, character creation for four different species, rules to customize and play your own spacecraft, an introductory adventure to get you started and over 120 NPCs and pieces of gear.
  • FAITH: Tiantang is the first official campaign sourcebook for FAITH, focused on what is arguably the setting’s most important location – the Tiantang dyson ring, capital of the Corvosphere, home to the greatest starfaring species in the universe – the Corvo – and headquarters of its rulers, the almighty Megacorps. It features 100 pages of Tiantang-specific setting, over 20 new NPCs, dozens of story seeds and a play-ready adventure that takes place in the crowded, 0G streets of the megacity.
  • FAITH: Deluxe Artbook is a complete artbook that showcases more than 3 years of hard work well spent to create the universe of FAITH by a team of more than 35 illustrators. It includes commentary by the art director and the illustrators behind some of the most memorable scenes, as well as many sketches and WIP pieces to showcase the creation process of the art.


So if you’ve got Faith, now you can have some more. Share with your friends! Test theirs!

  • Sythica

    Amazing book. The depth of world making is incredible. Love to see some novels set in this universe.

    • marxlives

      You know a setting is going to be interesting when it is a sci-fi game and it’s title Faith. Cool.

      • dave long island

        My GF has a cat named Faith and it just survived surgery to remove a tissue mass on her (the cat’s) intestines, and she is doing remarkably well. A good sign? Mayhap. I think so.

  • Aurion Shidhe

    It’s a pretty interesting setting. I backed the Kickstarter and have been reading the PDFs since they sent them to me. I dig it. Too bad I just started grad school this week. I won’t be able to run a campaign for a very long time.

  • Xodis

    Ill stick to GENESYS and the Android setting that is sure to be out soon.