Star Wars: Legion: AT-ST Walkers On Horizon

The Imperial “Chicken” Walker is heading to a tabletop near you!

We’re getting a closer look at the AT-ST Imperial Walker for the upcoming Star Wars: Legion game. I think I want one. I think I want MORE than one…

via Fantasy Flight Games

Across the Star Wars saga, Imperial walkers have formed a key part of the Empire’s ground-based operations. The Imperial assault on Hoth was spearheaded by massive AT-ATs, with lighter, more mobile AT-STs providing flank support. Though All-Terrain Scout Transports (or AT-STs) may lack the sheer firepower and impenetrable armor of an AT-AT, their mobility and ease of deployment makes them a favored option for any Imperial general. Soon, you’ll be able to bring your own AT-STs to your games of Star Wars™: Legion!

Now, FFG has been talking about some of the fine details of the game and it’s looking pretty. On top of that, this Unit Expansion is also due out for release the same time the Core Set will be available. So we won’t have to wait for weeks (or months) to get a hold of this model when the game ships!

But let’s talk about this bad-boy in game. It takes up the “Heavy” slot, which means you’re only ever going to be able to run 2 of these in a standard 800 point game. First, you’ve only got 2 Heavy Slots to fill. Second these clock in at 195 points each. That’s a big points investment, but looking at the stats…I think it’s going to be worth it.

Just based off of the card preview and this teaser you can tell that the AT-ST is going to bring the hurt. It’s got a lot of armor, plus only critical hits will penetrate it’s hull. Just based on that, you’ve really only got to worry about anti-vehicle weapons…kind of like the one it’s using!

The AT-ST does have a weak point – if you can attack it in the rear arc then your attacks gain Impact 1. That will automatically convert one hit to a crit. If you’re a smart commander, you’ll want to keep your AT-ST’s rear arcs protected.

Weapons. We Got Weapons!

The AT-ST does come with some extra firepower options. Depending on what you want to do, you can choose the right upgrades for the combat role you need.

Who’s In Charge?!

No AT-ST expedition is complete without a Commanding Officer. Who better to run your AT-ST’s than General Weiss! He’s perfect for launching an attack with up to 2 weapons.

All-in, the AT-STs look like they are going to be fairly dominating on the battlefield. They are a good mix of armor, firepower, and speed – using them wisely will lead you to victory! (Just avoid those Ewoks.)

AT-ST Unit Expansion $49.95

The power of the Empire is visible on any subjugated world—few images are more representative of Imperial power than the shining white armor of a Stormtrooper or the rumble of a walker stomping through city streets or across the battlefield. Soon, you’ll be able to supplement your Stormtroopers with another symbol of Imperial oppression: the All Terrain Scout Transport!

An AT-ST is an awe-inspiring sight to the average foot soldier. It towers above the battlefield, stalking inimically forward on mechanized legs and raining a hail of fire and death from its laser cannons and powerful weapons systems. With the AT-ST Unit Expansion for Star Wars™: Legion, you’ll find a single finely sculpted, massive AT-ST miniature, which can be assembled to loom over the battlefield and provide a rallying point for your entire army. Alongside this beautiful miniature, you’ll find an assortment of all the unit cards and upgrade cards that you’ll need to fully integrate the AT-ST into the Empire’s war machine—and your armies.


“How do the Chicken Walkers get around? ‘E Woks.”

  • dave long island

    Lol… No one tell Rich Evans of RLM… lol

  • marxlives

    I could see the weapons cards being effect is the game follows a wysiwyg system. You basically get a vehicle/unit, with bits and you can decide what you want to put on that model and have handy dandy wargear cards so you don’t have to do book referencing during the game.

    • ZeeLobby

      Yeah. Big fan of cards for gear. As long as you don’t have to buy other armies to get cards you need I’m down.

      • georgelabour

        It’s FFG. They’ll be releasing all manner of underwhelming units , and then releasing other units which contain one card that’ll make them viable.

        And expect their fans to gleefully buy that even as those same fans whine about ‘evil cash grabbers from britain’.


        • ZeeLobby

          I mean I don’t care if it’s like runewars and it’s all in faction. I like all the models announced so far.

          • Dennis J. Pechavar

            My friends are also pretty lax with printing/proxy cards. Not everyone can afford an Epic ship that will seldom if ever get played just for the Emperor or Cikatro.

          • USS Daedalus

            Near as I can tell it’s going to be exactly like that. Source: Work for a FLGS, manager went to the In Flight meeting.

            They appear to have learned from the back-lash on X-Wing and now are making all cards either faction specific or available in all factions, like Runewars.

      • marxlives

        I am down with that. Just putting those cards up as digital resources since we are going to have the models to play anyway would definitely earn extra hearts for this product.

    • phobosftw


  • BloodAngel


    • They’re multi part kits, not pre-painted.

      • USS Daedalus

        Loosely multi-part, I think. Like the weapons are modular, but it looks like the infantry kits are fixed multi-pose.