ToyLand: Tomy’s Star Wars Powered by Transformers Return

This Millennium Falcon has a secret.

The two famous franchises join forces again – Hasbro did a line for a number of years –  in this Millennium Falcon from Takara Tomy. It splits apart to transform into Chewbacca and Han Solo robots that can be armed with a bowcaster and blaster. Minifigs of the two characters are included, as well.

No release date or scale just yet, but I’m hoping it’s big based on the $135 price tag.

Tomy definitely had collectors in mind when designing the new version. The new toy is better proportioned and not as kid’s toy-like. It’s also decidedly more angular and has a lot of Gundam-like features than the one Hasbro put out in 2007 – which is decidedly American action figure inspired.


Are you ready to roll out with the Force? Or at least make a better tagline than I can because mine sucks.

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