Warhammer Cafe – Coming Soon to North America

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Food or Warhammer — the age old question might have a new solution in North America.

If you’re anything like me, then you are a human (and definitely not a swarm of spiders in a trench coat) who, on occasion, has to eat food. But you also want to play Warhammer. But the Olive Garden banned you because you tried to set up a quick 2000 point game and refused to leave when they told you a birthday party needed the space. And they were not bringing you those breadsticks you asked for.

Contrariwise, you were asked to leave your FLGS because, despite your insistence to the contrary, it was not, in fact, bring your own all-you-can-eat fajitas night. Now they might be shortsighted fools who cannot see the glory that might be theirs if only they’d reach for it. Or perhaps they’re hide-bound academics who are throwing away the greatest discovery of a generation for spite.

Well. Weep no more. Because GW is bringing the world’s first Warhammer Cafe to North America sometime real soon.

via Warhammer Community

Much more than just a store, the Warhammer Cafe will have a larger footprint, allowing for more gaming tables and enough space to run special events and activities. What’s more, you’ll be able to hang out and fuel your gaming and painting sessions with some tasty snacks and top-notch beverages.

The Warhammer Cafe will also act as a hub for the Warhammer hobby in North America, hosting guests from the Design Studio and a series of unique displays of Citadel miniatures. We (the Warhammer TV and Community teams) are super excited to check out the cafe, and you can bet we’ll be swinging by to help support the venue and report on the quality of the coffee.

You guys and gals in North America are some of our most passionate hobbyists, and over the next year, the Games Workshop staffers on your side of the pond will be doing everything they can to give you an ever better Warhammer experience. The Warhammer Cafe is really just the first of a host of cool new projects coming your way.

Whether or not they’ll serve all-you-can-eat fajitas remains to be seen. But if they construct this, then soon…SOON those fools at the university will rue the day they laughed at you! LAUGHED! AT YOU!

Why does everyone keep saying I’m mad?

  • Grumpy Scot

    Whilst I like the Scottish Saltire on the Space Marine, can’t we get some of these back home? 🙁

  • dave long island


  • Commissar Molotov

    Wonder where it’ll be?

    • Xodis

      Vegas, NY, or Orlando is my guess.

    • EnTyme

      Likely in a place where they already have corporate offices set up, so maybe Memphis or Dallas.

      • Me

        Would love it if it were in the middle of the DFW metroplex (not necessarily in Dallas proper).

  • Jude Sanchez

    How would you take your coffee?
    Abandon black

    • Nyyppä

      That’s a true CSM drink.

    • ZeeLobby

      If that was a nod to Abaddon being abandoned, that’s an even better joke than I thought XD.

  • Mathew G. Smith

    I wonder if it’s the same menu as Bugmans?

  • Robomummy

    North america is a really big place, they couldn’t be more specific?

    • Rahl

      24.25 million square kilometers, somewhere in there…

      But…most likely the United States, so we’re down to 9.8 million sq. km (almost same area as all of Europe). I won’t be surprised with NYC, but could be almost any major city.

    • Haxor

      Considering, that US americans are a bunch of lunatics with guns, I hope that they will open it in Canada

      • orionburn III

        US Americans? Is that like Canada Canadians?

        • Haxor

          WTF? No! Canadians and Mexicans are amerikans, too. Thats because they lieve on the american continent. If refering to americans from the United States of America it is common to call them ‘US americans’. Get some education *sigh*

          • orionburn III

            Find a sense of humor. *sigh*

            By the way, it’s adorable when people like you try to come off with intellectual superiority and can’t even spell properly.

          • Haxor

            There is no humor in the grim dark … only war 😀

            I’m not a native speaker and as far as I see it, there is only one typo (‘lieve’, correct me if I’m wrong) in my last statement.

          • Apocryphus

            “amerikan” is a pretty big one too. I’ll forgive the “thats” since they are likely not a native speaker either.

          • HeadHunter

            No Canadian or Mexican has EVER identified themselves as “American” regardless of sharing the same continent as the USA.
            And you never think of Canadians or Mexicans when someone says “american” either, so spare us the faint sophistry.

          • memitchell

            No. There’s Mexican Americans and Canadian Americans (except they are very well disguised). They all live in America. You know, there here United States.

          • marxlives

            The U.S.A. is still really really big.

        • Carney3

          I think he’s probably related to Caitlin Upton:


  • SilentPony

    Location? Europeans forget that from New York, to Texas, to California and Alaska, its the same nation…

    • pierce_raats

      Ha. ACTUALLY they said “North America” which means both Canada and Mexico are also still in the running. In fact I feel like the fact that it doesn’t just flat out say the states speaks volumes.

      • Rahl

        I actually got to looking at GW store locations on google maps, as GW’s site store locator only shows within 100 miles of a chosen location.

        Seems like along Lake Ontario (Toronto) on the Canadian side and near LA in the US have a pretty good GW store concentration. Probably won’t help, but now I won’t be surprised if its near either of those places either.

      • Apocryphus

        Did you just mansplain North America?

  • Ryan Montgomery

    GW America is located in Dallas, i hope its also in Dallas. I would love for it to be here.

    • Massawyrm

      It makes the most sense. International airport, cheap rent on large buildings with plenty of parking. 9th largest US city, and within 3 1/2 hours drive time of 3 of the top 11 largest US cities. Low state taxes. It’s the ideal location.

      • Xodis

        And its more awesome because Texas 😉

        • marxlives

          Texas is the best state in the union

          • Xodis

            Best COUNTRY in the union.

            *Fixed it for you lol

          • marxlives

            Thank you sir! I was going easy on all the non-Texans out there.

      • HeadHunter

        3 1/2 hours drive time to those cities (all of which are also in Texas)… 11 hours drive time just to cross the state.
        Texas isn’t exactly “nearby” to anything but the rest of Texas.

        • Massawyrm

          Sure. But that’s the same problem anywhere you go. Even in the center of the US, you’re still 1500 miles from somewhere else in the US. This is a hobby driven place, which means minis, which means transport, which means parking. I’ve seen other cities and regions kicked around in the speculation – East coast, Pacific Coast, Chicago – but they all suffer from problems with parking and insane rent. Dallas doesn’t have those problems, and is about equidistant from each coast, while also serving the midwest through the I 35 corridor, and having a major international airport. Infrastructure wise, it is a super solid choice and one of the few that makes the most logical sense.

    • HeadHunter

      Nothing against Dallas, but in a 250-mile radius the only other major cities are Houston, San Antonio, and Oklahoma City. Shreveport’s status as a “major city” is debatable in this context, but let’s throw it in.
      I tried it with Pittsburgh and got: Washington DC, Richmond, Cleveland, Toronto, and Detroit, and close enough to Philly, Cincinnati and Syracuse. Also Buffalo, Rochester, Toledo, and Columbus. Essentially nearly all of Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia and nearly half of New York and Virginia.
      I don’t expect that’s quite enough to justifyu it in Pittsburgh (though I’d love it if they did) but if proximity is a factor in the decision, then somewhere on the Eastern seaboard is more likely to be accessible to more gamers. Perhaps DC itself, or Baltimore (where GW USA was originally) or NYC.
      I can see them doing another on the West Coast, likely in the Bay Area or Vegas for the same reasons.

  • SacTownBrian

    If you look at revenue generation by population and 12 month access due to good weather… then you are probably looking at Southern California.

  • Tim Lester

    I heard from the manager at my local gw store that they are opening something in Vegas. Perhaps thats where the cafe is going? Would make sense with the LVO and all. I would like it closer to me but thats all I’ve heard.

    • HeadHunter

      Vegas is pretty close to enough major cities to be a consideration. 250 miles to Phoenix, Los Angeles or San Diego, and 400 miles from the Bay Area, all of Nevada and Arizona. It’;s a weekender for four entire states as well as half of Colorado and New Mexico.

  • Fredddy

    In my place the local hobby centre is a pub, a shop and a gaming club all in one where you can buy hamburger and drinks beside models and play while drinking beer.
    This model works well, Im sure it will in America too.

    • euansmith

      In the grim dark universe of the future, the is only war. In the grim dark world of the present, there is also a bar.

      • Fredddy

        In the grim darkness of the bar furniture there is only beer.

  • orionburn III

    Midwest seems the beat option to keep it centralized and make it a bit easier for all to get to. Indy makes sense for Gencon and is a good hub to drive/fly there. Chicago area would make sense as well due to having two airports and a large population base.

    Although Chicago is closer for me I’d rather see it an area like Indy. My only hope is that it isn’t on the east or west coast. One could argue in favor of the east coast simply because it would be easier for the boys across the pond to travel to. And bring those aweet, sweet Forge World models with them.

    • mikemc2

      Schaumburg. Chicago adjacent, home of Adepticon, within driving distance to…Milwaukee, Indy, Des Moines, Detroit maybe the Twin Cities if you stretch it a bit. Edit: Throw in St. Louis too.

  • euansmith

    Will they sell Lho-sticks, Amasec, Fenrisian Ale (for the Grognards), and Recaf?

  • karl

    Coffee will be something like ten bucks a cup.

    • Fredddy

      And it will be called caofvee 🙂

      • HeadHunter

        Not “Covfefe”? 😀

        • Fredddy

          That one is already taken:)

      • euansmith

        In accordance with AoS guidelines, it will be Coffaeiuo and Taeiou, or maybe you prefer a refreshing Caeioula.

    • orionburn III

      But on a 6+ you get free refills.

  • euansmith
  • Hagwert

    What a great idea … I just hope PETA don’t storm it and protest…better stick to a vegan fair trade menu GW just to be on the safe side !

    • EnTyme

      I only eat free-range Squigs.

  • Kabal1te

    As someone that lives in a state that doesn’t have a single GW store in its borders, I find this underwhelming, mainly because I know it will not end up here.

  • Severius_Tolluck

    I believe more than likely this will go in the Delaware / Maryland area. As that seems to be the Nottingham of the USA. Funny thing is I was trying to pen a business like Bugman’s here in the states for a long time. Of course they have to rebrand it as a café here as you know god forbid have alcohol near minors in the states even if properly monitored.

    • Xodis

      If they do it in Texas they can keep the Bar theme.

      • EnTyme

        They can even have a drive-thru with proper licensing.

    • Commissar Molotov

      The old North American Gee Dub warehouse was in Baltimore. Gawd help ’em if they try to open a cafe there!

      • ZeeLobby

        Being from this area it’s not as bad as everyone paints it as, haha. I loved when HQ and the battle bunker was here. I still remember being able to order bits and they’d just walk back to the bins and pull them out.

  • Xodis

    I just hope for Warhammer World exclusives. The models they sell are awesome, but not worth the plane ticket.

  • Dan

    The more I think about it the more likely it could be Toronto.

    Two airports, slightly bigger than Chicago by some measures, according to somebody else in this thread the two huge concentration of GW stores are there and SoCal. More importantly from what I can gather one of the first board game cafes, Snakes and Lattes, started here which supposedly was majorly influential in other cities opening their own board game cafes and kicked off a crazy trend here. Now you can’t toss a stick without hitting a board game cafe.

    • Kevin Murray

      My money is on Vegas or Dallas.
      Vegas, because theme restaurant. Dallas, because HQ.

      But if it’s in T.O. then I’d definetly check out the selection of beers 🙂