40K: Big Tourney Says: No (Imperial & Chaos) Soup for You

One venerable 40K tournament is standing up to 8th army building and saying – No Soup for You!

Hi everyone – BBF here again to discuss the current meta and solutions to the problems. I will be attending the Broadside Bash (BSB) this April here in beautiful San Diego. Lots and lots of painting every free hour so I can bring a beautiful army.

Today I learned that BSB has officially banned Chaos and Imperial Soup… eldar is next and the old nerf bat it hurts if you like your cheese. The ban for Chaos and Imperialis is that you can no longer use Chaos or Imperial as keywords to fill a detachment. Hopefully Ynnari will suffer just as much otherwise we will see many armies replicating the winning list from Las Vegas Open… reaperspam for days.

I never liked the soup lists as the end result are armies that have absolutely no background whatsoever. For example I have seen one army that features units taken from Sisters of Battle (Saint Celestine), Black Templars, Grey Knights, Raven Guard and Imperial Guard. Sorry but that is really messed up. This is truly an unholy smorgasbord and is also a walking atrocity. Soup lists came about during the early phase of eighth Edition when there was only indices but now it needs to be put down and kept down like a rabid dog. This type of ban eliminates assassin spam on top of everything else – it’s a good thing… trust me.

I reckon the only complaints we will hear are from those that like to roll with their soup. Oh well they have to learn how to play just like everyone else and isn’t that a good thing ? The answer is YES it truly is. There is an option though if you don’t like the ban… move along.

As bad as seventh edition was the soup is a direct throwback to what was the ultimate worst for the hobby… gaming the system as much as possible for each and every advantage possible. Every army should adhere to background, it’s not about fielding a totally aggro black red deck. So I fully salute BSB for doing the right thing… hats off to them.

You can find our early 8th Edition survey of the most popular 8th Keywords here.

~What do you think of the event’s stance on Soup Lists?

  • Snord
  • Jennifer Burdoo

    Simply because I love all the plastic kits, especially the conversion possibilities, I’ve always wanted to build an army made from representatives of every faction. The theme would be a Radical Inquisitorial cabal that has been influenced by Eldar/Tau/whatever to believe that every race must work together to battle the greater threat (which would be either Chaos, Necrons or Tyranids). Note that this would NOT stop them from using even those factions – Nids could be pheremonally/mechanically forced to regard non-Nids as their handlers; Necrons could be glitched out of their normal initiative to kill everything; Chaos could be bargained with. (Or maybe be Malal, or Alpha Legion, or…)

    The Fantasy equivalent would have been a MASSIVE mercenary army.

    • quaade

      Then do so, you’ll be disallowed to attend this tournament and you can blame the people who abuse it to optimize their armies.

      • Jennifer Burdoo

        I’m not complaining – I don’t play in tourneys, and I prefer Power Levels anyway.

    • piglette

      There’s a difference in building themed multi-force armies and playing fluffy story missions VS cherry picking units across multiple forces purely for competitive interactions.

    • Sam Middleton

      You can still do this… to a point. It only says a “battle-forged detachment”. You can still have 3 detachments. So if you can fit an HQ and Troops choice for three different patrol detachments you’re still golden.

      • Jennifer Burdoo

        You’re only allowed three detachments?

  • Peter Cass

    This doesn’t really stop soup, just limits it, from what I read, you can still have a death guard detachment, a csm detachment and a daemon detachment for example. You just can’t mix units inside each detachment.

    • MarcoT

      This. And Eldar is missing.

      • Solvagon

        Which are the worst offenders because they are the only army where mixing different Craftworlds in one Detachment really shines.

    • 40KstillRulesTheTT

      “Only one detachment may be selected” is missing, indeed.

    • Dr Zaius

      And you still can mix if daemons have the Nurgle keyword

    • LankTank

      There are literally daemons in the chaos codex, Death Guard codex and 1k Sons yet apparently players can’t take them in the detachment?
      Why not just say players detachments can only have units in their respective book?

    • No moar Celestine.

  • Karru

    In my opinion, Soup lists and allies in general shouldn’t be allowed in Competitive play period. It always annoys me to no end because it leads to a very simple situation.

    Cherry picking the best stuff for your army to make sure it has no weaknesses. Game is decided by which side gets the first turn vast majority of the time.

    Meanwhile, if you are forced into a single army, such as Imperial Guard or Space Marines, you now have certain weaknesses you have to keep an eye out, you have to learn them and play around them. It becomes much more interesting and skill-based. Whenever a game offers the choice between making an army out of a single faction or multiples, I have always found it to be very bad for competitive play as it removes a lot of skill from the game. Cherry picking the best units to remove all weaknesses and then just resorting to luck is not something I consider fun. I enjoy a game in either case when I know that the game was won via skill and not during the list building phase and the first turn dice roll.

    • dark-tadpole

      I don’t play competitively but even when I play for fun I still generally stick to one faction. Probably a throwback to earlier editions when allies weren’t a thing.
      I also chose the army cos I like that army and want to play and collect that army. My main armies are Nids and Dark Eldar. I have never used any Ynaari (is that spelt right?) or CW Eldar, and I have a decent sized GS Cult army but have not mixed them with my nids.
      Now I’m not saying I wouldn’t mix them if we were playing a themed game, especially my Nids and Cult, but generally stick to one faction.
      Saying that, I am well aware that people like to mix and match armies and that is fun to some but at least come to a decent idea why they are working together and not just have Guillaman and Celestine leading an Ad-Mech and Tau army because if you do it’ll stomp face due to weird rule interactions.

      • Karru

        Yeah, I mix some armies as well, mainly my Imperial Guard with my Knight, but I have a hard time playing with two completely different armies at once. I have yet to mix my Space Marines to my Imperial Guard beyond one time I did it in 7th edition.

        They could even try introducing an allied detachment as its own thing. To be Battleforged, all your units have to be taken from the same army, excluding the allied detachment which would include some heavy restrictions in terms of rules interaction.

        For example, they can’t be affected by any special rule that affects those from your main force, nor do they give you any benefits in terms of CP. If you take Guilliman through Allied Detachment, you wouldn’t gain any additional CP from him nor would he give buffs to any Imperial unit in your army that weren’t part of the Allied Detachment. As a matter of fact, Allied Detachment should cost CP.

        This is still all meant for competitive play of course. Normal play would remain unaffected to a degree.

        • Deacon Ix

          Another thought would be that the CP from that detachment can only be used by that detachment.

    • David

      Allies adds for a whole range of Tactical possibilities and the greatest varience – with more options theres more things to consider and I higher skill gradient.

      In addition some armies
      Geanstealer cult +tyranid/guard

      Are basically built from the ground up to be allies

      And some armies deathwatch/custodes just can’t function solo

      Your argument about first turn has no baring on allies because that can be acheived by a number of solo factions

      Tournaments should stop calling it soup though if its just two factions noth should be named

      • Karru

        Admech has the Imperial Knight added into their Codex and as such, wouldn’t count as a Allied Detachment.

        GSC is in a similar position, Guard is technically included in their codex as part of the army. There are only some Tyranid Units in there, but this could easily be rectified by stating “This army can be taken as part of another detachment it shares keywords with without the need of taking it as an Allied Detachment and vice versa”.

        What allies do is purely remove weakness, plain and simple. You don’t take Imperial Guard Ogryns for example in a Space Marine army to get more tough guys, you take Imperial Guard to gain CP, bodies and possibly Firepower, which are some of the weaknesses of Space Marines.

        In earlier editions, you had to learn your army. You had to learn the weaknesses of the army and then play around them. After 7th when Allied Detachments became a core part of the game, people removed their own weaknesses and the game turned into “which one can get the first turn and win” more so than it was in the earlier editions.

        This continues to 8th edition. Some armies are balanced around the idea that they can’t get CP or that they lack something like bodies for example.

        “My Custodes army would really like some CP so I can use all those sweet Stratagems I have, but all my units are so expensive.”

        “Well, just spam 3 180pts Imperial Guard Detachments! There you go, now you have bodies to hold objectives and +9CP right out the gate!”

        “Wow! Wait, what’s the downside here? Surely there is something I just lost there as exchange, right?”

        “Nope! You traded maybe a handful of Custodes, but in turn you can buff your other units by a ton to compensate and you get more bodies on the board for your enemy to handle!”

        “Damn, and I was worried I’d have to be careful with low model count with this army.”

        That’s a great example of how allies break things. Armies are supposed to have weaknesses. There is a reason why people dislike Chaos and Imperial Soup lists as much as they do, because they can pull this kinda BS. Meanwhile most Xeno armies are left in the dust with lack of allies and HAVE to play mono-lists.

        What I am saying is that Allies should be an OPTION not something you can just take without any thought. If you choose allies, it has to come with a price that actually makes you think “Should I do this or should I go with a mono-army?” Currently there is none of that, you are rewarded from taking allied detachments and that shouldn’t be the case. There is absolutely no negatives of taking allies.

        • autonoise

          I think your last two paragraphs nail it, people who play xenos get annoyed as Imperial and Chaos have so much to choose from you can cover up every army weakness through allies.

          I actually like Allies as you can build some fluffy lists of a guard detachment being supported by a Space Marine detachment with an inquisition retinue at the centre. Great for narrative play and certain missions. However it should come at a cost as army coherency won’t be as good as a pure Ultramarine army for example, and army wide rules should be reduced or even removed as a result. You have a -1 CP for auxillery detachments, you could do something similar for allies

          • Deacon Ix

            Back in 2nd you could only take 25% of your army as allies.

          • Jose Luis Camarasa

            I could aprove this

          • David

            Which changes little because many soup lists are really a couple hundred pts of guard added into something else

          • AEZ

            But really adding guard to any imperial army is never really unfluffy. Guard is everywhere and will be forced to join everyone coming to their system,

          • Solvagon

            “I think your last two paragraphs nail it, people who play xenos get annoyed as Imperial and Chaos have so much to choose from you can cover up every army weakness through allies.”

            So with Xenos, you actually mean T’au, Necrons, Orks. Also, Chaos does not have access to cover up every army weakness – for example you do not have the ability to snipe characters efficiently. You lack true flyers. You do not get cheap infantry that are effective with heavy weapons. (If you discount FW that is, but FW rules have always been all over the place.)

            And honestly, with the T’au Codex largely leaving out Xenos auxiliaries, I think we can be quite confident about the probability of some kind of Xenos Mercenary Codex that will give those armies a certain amount of units that they can shore up their weaknesses.

            GW wants you to buy into a second army as a small allied force first in this edition to eventually own two armies where you previously would have only owned one. They would be dumb to not realize this potential with the three armies that currently lack this option.

          • Karru

            Why would you need cheap infantry that are effective with heavy weapons? Cheap Infantry is meant to be there to gain you CP, nothing beyond that in 8th edition and Chaos is the best one in this category with Cultists, Poxwalkers and Nurglings.

            “True flyers” are extremely rare in 8th with only a handful of armies having them, so that really isn’t a weakness any more.

            Sniping characters is an interesting point though, but even then, they do compensate that with having multitude of abilities to swarm or block the enemy for board control, which is more powerful than having the ability to snipe characters in my opinion.

            Besides, even if they release some sort of “Xenos Mercenary” Codex for Tau, Necrons and Orks to use, unless it literally includes everything those armies are lacking, which would make it one of the most broken codices ever released, they will still be shadowed by Eldar, Imperium and Chaos.

            Tau lacks proper CC protection and are currently mediocre at shooting. In order to compensate for that, they need an ally that can be used as an amazing shield so that the gunline can attack the enemy in peace.

            Orks suffer from severe lack of shooting in 8th thanks to the insane amount of stackable negative modifiers to shooting, so they need allies that have high ballistic skill.

            Necrons lack a good amount of mobility and cheap basic units. Their allies need to be an army that has access to cheap troops and fast transports.

            In other words, the things these armies would need in order to be comparable to the Imperial/Chaos/Eldar soups is to make an army that is basically everything.

          • David

            Thing is moaning that its unfair on xenos at tournament level is missing the point. Not all armies are equally competative -admech for example are pretty weak even after chapter approved. You choose which army to build and take based on how you want to play and if your army can’t do that build one that can.

            Meanwhile orks dont need allies to be competative greentide rules they do one thing well so quit you wineing and waaaghh. Yes ive heard the moaning but im an ork player I want to shoot too. Well thats not going to happen unless they let you loot vehicles.

          • mac40k

            Your last paragraph is key. GW wants to sell more kits. Bottom line. Once you’ve reached the point where you’ve bought everything for your army that you are likely to ever buy, the only way they continue to make money off of you is to either periodically introduce new units which is the most expensive option for them, FAQ or otherwise adjust point costs and rules for models that aren’t selling as well as others where every change pleases some and pisses off others (and would still be needed even if they continued to release new kits for every faction), continue to slash the point costs of models such that you require more models on the table for the same amount of points (a trend started in 3rd, but there is a limit to how far you can push this using a 4×6′ table and is arguably a strong contributing factor to WFB’s demise), or allow players to include kits from other armies in your games with the direct goal of encouraging you to build on that small start into buying a full second army. They’ve opted for the latter. It’s not done to encourage cherry picking the best units from the entire product line as that leads to making the vast majority of their product line less attractive, which would only lead to more of option B as they constantly changed the rules to push sales of less profitable kits, something some see as nefarious and already occurring too frequently.

            GW tried to please everyone by coming up with the three tiers of play for 8th, but short of restricting allies to Open play where you can literally just bring whatever models you like, they have to include rules for how allies can be incorporated in play if they want to encourage additional sales. Now nearly everyone on this board is focused on Matched play and to hear them tell it, nobody plays the Open format and few even bother with Narrative play. Regardless of whether or not those claims are true, rules for Matched play are by and large the only ones being discussed here.

            These same people complain that GW has never been able to create a “balanced” game. With the number of factions in the game, GW will probably never be able to balance the game, even if they did away with allies completely in Matched play, which would contradict their goal of selling more models. To expect that this same company can therefore produce a set of rules that balances the nearly endless combinations that so-called soup lists make possible is staggeringly naive.

            And yes, I’m aware that (some) Xenos fans feel that they are more impacted, but GW has a rich setting IP that goes against the idea of all Xenos cooperating with others to the extent that Xenos soup lists (barring Aeldarii at the moment) aren’t possible. Short of throwing out the fluff entirely for Matched play, I’m not sure what GW can do about this. And one man’s fluff justification is just another man’s excuse for creating a broken OP list in many eyes.

            For people that enjoy playing competitively, especially in tournaments, you’ve already conceded that 40k isn’t the best game for engaging in this and probably never will be. The only recourse is to rely on tournament organizers to listen to their prospective attendees and craft their own house rules to address what the majority of them are saying. It’s not an exacting science and no one is going to be able to come up with the perfect solution that solves all the problems and pleases everybody. The best they can hope for is that more people have fun at their events than did not. However, thinking that anyone, let alone GW, will ever be able to craft a set of rules for 40k that magically fixes everything and results in the ultimate tournament experience is again, naive at best.

        • David

          With reguard to admech Its in there codex but different faction keywords so different faction

          As to the rest the 50 man gt im going to this weekend 50-60% are mono lists and imperium players are not prevented from being solo faction by the imaginary huge advantage of souping.

          Almost all the soup lists are really dual faction and different factions – its not just 1 awesome list that would be problematic. While the to and national players who reviewed the lists in a podcast don’t expect imperium soup to win because more choice doesn’t mean better.

          I would rather see 1 detatchment custodes with 2 guard batalions as its a different and interesting army to play against than no custodes at all.

          Allies are an option and only half the players that can choose to take them seems balanced to me.

    • Deacon Ix

      While I agree with you I am still a little stuck in the past with my Chaos Army, my 2nd Codex was just Chaos as one entity. So I still consider CSM and Daemons as one. That being said I have only mixed once in 8th and the summoning rules sucked so badly I won’t be doing it again.

      • Dennis J. Pechavar

        2nd Ed had limitations on summoning as you had to earn the points to call in your daemons.Very strong but it was balanced by not being able to be accessed right away. Sadly this isn’t the case right now.

        • Deacon Ix

          They worked ok but where fairly unblanced between the powers IIRC: Khorn was one point for every hit in Melee, Nurgle one for every wound caused, Tzeentch for every power card used and Slaanesh for every leadership test taken. you could tailor your army to collect them but Slaanesh was still a bugger to get enough. on the plus side there was no 9″ from enemy model BS and you could charge straight away.

          • Dennis J. Pechavar

            Slaanech took forever to get the points for. Khorne and Nurgle were easy. I really miss 2nd Ed.

      • Apocryphus

        Summoning rules are pretty trash, so I just take a CSM detachment and a daemon detachment.

    • LankTank

      But then the detachments lose both their faction specific rule and also do not gain access to stratagems. That is a massive loss. Yes to get stratagems the player can take just a patrol detachment but again, that’s an additional HQ and Troop choice which may not be optimal.
      I really don’t see the problem with the mix n match. I often have a Chaos detachment and a daemons detachment for fluff. Also my apostles of contagion usually include a full death guard detachment and a CSM detachment as they enables them to have my converted Nurgle Heldrake and converted Nurgle Obliterators and Alpha cultists/sorcerers which is lore appropriate as they are about aerial daemon incursion/insidious cultist infestation

    • John Barber

      While I agree, I do think it’s stupid that it’s only Chaos and Imperial. Why is Ynnari allowed then? Either just blanket ban ‘soup’ or don’t imo.

  • Erik Giersdorf

    … so they’ll play multiple detachments?

    • ZeeLobby

      Yup. And we’re back in 7th. I wonder how long til we make it back to 5th when the game was good XD.

      • Rabid Wombat

        I wouldn’t call stunlocking vehicles *good*.

        • ZeeLobby

          I mean better than locking vehicles with grots now. Never said perfect. Def better.

      • marxlives

        Ya it took all of a year to get back into 7th where each event has to comp a system just to get the game to work. But you got to admit, the marketing department was very convincing.

    • orionburn III

      It’s limited to 3 detachments. That helps eliminate some shenanigans but still leaves some room for abuse. It’s at least a step in the right direction even if it doesn’t fix everything (which will never happen anyway).

    • Jason Fry

      The army still has to have a faction keyword in common? If for example you can’t take the chaos keyword, what would your common keyword be if you wanted to take death guard, CSM and Daemons?

      • Apocryphus

        Nurgle 😛 Besides, it says battleforged detachments, not armies.

  • Tirelion

    Wouldn’t that mean you couldn’t play a Daemons detachment with a Heretic a astartes detachment? That seems stupid. I get the no soup thing, but it’s more complicated then that. BSB just handed the win to Eldar. Very short sighted and ill conceived restriction imo.

    • marxlives

      Comps didn’t level the field in 7th they wont do so in 8th, because it is a core rule problem so short of a collective rewrite of the rules by the 40k community expect more of tis in the future.

  • Solvagon

    Yeah, you should just stop writing articles about competitive. You did not even put in the time to read the announcement, you just assumed it said what you wanted it to say.

    The only thing this rule does is ban assassins and stop soup DETACHMENTS, which are mostly bad anyway. For example, the army from your detachments would easily work with an IG Detachment, an Adeptus Astartes Detachment and a AdMin or SoB Detachment.

    • Tim Brown

      True, it’s not a complete fix, but it’s a start and one that eventually will be applied across the board if tourney organizers are smart about it. At least there’s a ‘tax’ of sorts applied if you want to soup with 3 detachments. You’ll have to pay for the other units to make up the detachment to get that one cherry unit or two, so the points themselves will serve as a limitation too. Don’t be too critical of a 70% solution just because it didn’t fix everything. Solutions have to start somewhere.

      • David

        Which is pretty much what everyone does anyway. Assasins dont really wotk sonce beta character rule so just seems that it doesnt fix anything

    • I posted the rules directly from their blog. Reading is fundamental bruh… do you even read bruh ?

  • Cergorach

    We’ll see if this impacts attendance, if this will stop the thousands from ammasing at this tourney…

    Oh wait:
    The 10th Anniversary Broadside Bash is over. We had a total of 86 players: 42 for 40k; 32 for Age of Sigmar; 12 for 30k.

    • Munn

      Was it hosted in a shoebox on a desert island? How does a 10th annual only draw 40 people? The flgs here got that on accident.

      • Apocryphus

        Location, advertising, size of venue, cost of attendance, tournament format, you know, real life stuff.

        Also, how do you get 40 from 86?

    • SacTownBrian

      What army won?

    • bobrunnicles

      32 players for Sigmar? But I thought that was practically a dead game walking with zero players? Was I wrongly informed by the internets? 😉 🙂

  • Solvagon

    I don’t know, I have no fluff issue whatsoever with Celestine picking up a bunch of survivors from different orders from one battlezone, forging them into a makeshift army that are not used to fighting together and therefore losing Chapter traits.

    • SacTownBrian

      Just like Rise of the Primarch? Shame on you for playing to the fluff that has been pronounced as having “no background whatsoever”. You sir are wrong because Black Blow Fly has pronounced it so!

    • I posted the rules directly from their blog.

  • “For example I have seen one army that features units taken from Sisters of Battle (Saint Celestine), Black Templars, Grey Knights, Raven Guard and Imperial Guard. Sorry but that is really messed up.”

    sounds like most GW fluff.

    • Rabid Wombat

      Yeah, didn’t that pretty much just happen in the “13th Black Crusade” books at the end of 7th Edition?

      • Nurgler

        Yes. The Castellans of the Imperium detachment had damn near everything.

      • YetAnotherFacelessMan

        Salamanders, Blood Angels, Black Templar and Guardsmen working together! AND forgeworld Imperial Titans?! How is an ork supposed to beat that?!
        *Looks at the third war of Armageddon*

        • People who bring soup to tourneys could give a dump about fluffy armies.

          • YetAnotherFacelessMan

            They don’t care about anything. They only play 40k because they’re too dumb play chess competitively. I’m just saying that soup is a lot fluffier than folks give it credit, unless it’s 16 assassins.

    • It was a cherry picker army chum .

  • Malisteen

    still looks pretty soupy to me, what with multiple detachments and other cross-faction keywords like ‘eldar’ or ‘nurgle’ still allowed.

  • If it turns out people don’t actually like this change then I’m sure they will let everyone know. We’ll read about it here on BoLS. lol

  • Gorsameth

    “We decided to ban Imperial/Chaos soup because our Eldar soup would occasionally lose to it”

    • orionburn III


    • Price Vanderburg

      Doesn’t actually ban Chaos or Imperial soup – only bans soup detachments.

  • Drpx

    Well I sure am glad 40k was gutted and turned into a card game with minis so people don’t have to make up their own tourney rules anymore like in 7th.

  • Price Vanderburg

    So this doesn’t actually ban soup. It bans soup detachments but you can still play a CSM detachment, Demons Detachment, and Death Guard Detachment – you just can’t mix them in a detachment. There are certain builds this will impact (Celestine in particular) but you’ll still see plenty of soup.

    Also to folks clamoring for Aeldari/Ynnari to be affected it won’t matter. Since this restriction targets detachments the classic Ynnari detachment would be legal (all models gain the Ynnari keyword) and then the separate alatioc detachments would also remain legal (still having Asyurani). If they said you cannot use the Ynnari keyword then you couldn’t play Ynnari at all, end of (which I know some people are OK with but I doubt the TOs are).

    • Kabal1te

      You are exactly correct. Probably celestine and gulliman are the only ones that will care.

  • Rasheed Jones

    Honestly, good for them, let them run their tournament how they want.

  • SacTownBrian

    “I never liked the soup lists as the end result are armies that have absolutely no background whatsoever. ” – unless, of course, you want to play an army out of one of the many novels…

    Very arbitrary and uneven. The danger of all house rules.

    • Tournies are competitions not always suitable for fluffy bunnies.

      • SacTownBrian

        That’s hilarious, you admit your comment in the article is wrong AND that you don’t want fluffy players in the tournament circuit. Exclusionary rules are always a path to the death of a hobby.

  • Defenestratus

    I’m so confused now on how to build an army.

    • Dennis J. Pechavar

      Pick your army. If it does well people will complain it needs nerfing. A new Codex will be released showing that the nerf wasn’t needed but nothing will be changed. If you ever show up with too many powerful units you will be called a netlister and a WAAC. Shame will fill your life and you will rethink selling Death Sticks to friends and strangers. Then you’ll pick your army up and after scanning through the latest FAQ you’ll rebuild with the changed points. Arrange a fun game with a friend and suddenly realize that people on the internet are trying to get you to not like this game and ignore most of them. Win at life. I think that’s on page 3 of the BRB?

      • Warrior24_7

        The rule book actually matters? It seems like it doesn’t.

        • Dennis J. Pechavar

          Well if you read FAQ number 2.34 you would clearly see… 😛

  • I am 110% for tournaments all using different formats. It mixes things up. I need that kind of thing to keep me interested. Settling into the same format every day of every week of every month leads to burn out.

    • ZeeLobby

      Agreed. I purposely look for interestingly formatted tournaments these days.

  • Simon Chatterley

    This would make zero difference to my soup if I’m reading it rightly? I have 3 detachments and each is a pure detachment so CSM, Deamons and TSons.

    • Price Vanderburg

      Yeah you’re fine.

      • Simon Chatterley

        Which is daft because for the Stratagems I gain I’m fair better off doing it this way.

        So I really don’t see what they are actually stopping from the chaos side. Imperial soups get smashed I get that but Chaos…meh…swing and a miss

        • Price Vanderburg

          Yeah it doesn’t hit chaos as bad but I’ve seen a few lists out there that would be impacted. I honestly don’t think its a bad change, it just feels overstated with not as much impact as people think it will have.

  • James Marsden

    I guess that means you cant use sisters of silence at this event!

  • Nurgler

    This is largely a waste of time because players are just going to take something like a Chaos Daemon detachment and a Chaos Space Marine detachment and gain the detachment rules.

    • Robert Baker

      It’s more to stop certain imperial strategies with Celestine or Rowboat I think

      • Nurgler

        Sure, but since Guilliman is a Lord of War, he can be easily inserted into any Imperial army.

  • helvexis

    The tournament i played in did this and allowed only either d
    DE or cwe or harlequins in their ynnari detatchment and im fairly sure it was only one craftworld allowed as well

  • Critic

    Hmm looks like this pretty much is solely targeted at Assassins and maybe Celestine.

    • YetAnotherFacelessMan

      It also inadvertently demolishes any Inquisitorial presence in lists.

      • =][= so competitive right ?

        • YetAnotherFacelessMan

          Sure as heck aren’t at this tournament! ^_^

  • Broadsword Churchill

    I may be missing something, but doesn’t this mean that no one can now ally with Assassins at all?

  • The Bob

    so does this mean they banned Cypher and fallen completely?

    • YetAnotherFacelessMan

      I guess you could take a vanguard detachment of nothing but Fallen?

  • EdgarRoutine

    face it.. the people who play with soup lists… are not the sort of people one would wish to associate with anyway, let alone game with..
    ignore them, drive them from the places of gaming, and cast them into the dark cold of ..someplace else

    • Price Vanderburg

      Yeah you seem like a real steward of the hobby…

    • A deeeeep hole.

  • marxlives

    Most balanced edition ever, say goodbye to comps to balance the game…

  • Michael Gellar

    I am really glad that to not be a tournament player anymore. One of the best features of 8th is the ability to use your whole collection. Limiting the number of detachments makes a lot of sense but running some combination of imperium (ie SM and guard) or chaos is very fluffy.

    40K has always been commercial and evolution of the meta has always had selling kits in mind.

  • Cy S

    Eldar is literally the biggest abuser of the soup rules and is completely ignored in this ruling? Just goes to show the organizer has no idea what’s actually causing the problem.

    • They are currently working on a solution for eldar too.

    • Robert Baker

      Eldar soup BETWEEN detachments because they have a rule that basically adds a keyword when souping WITHIN a detachment.

  • Infamous Wendigo

    So… Inquisition, S.O.Silence, Knights, Officio Assassinorum, and other fringe Imperial forces players should just GTFO then? Because you need soup to even play those factions right now (to differing degrees of course…)

    • Use multiple detachments.

      • Infamous Wendigo

        LOL… I totally forgot about that Officio Assassinorum HQ I can field to get them in a detachment…

  • Warrior24_7

    The other option is that if you hate 8th, then don’t play it, let alone hold a tournament.