40K BREAKING: Codex T’au Release Date Is…

It looks like the T’au are coming soon. Here’s the latest dates and the details.

via Warhammer-Forum’s Heimmenrich

Bonjour à tous.

Ayant le white dwarf sous les yeux voici donc les prix et date de sortie pour les T’Au:

– Codex 32.5€ dispo le 17 mars (préco le 10)

– Codex collector 65€ dispo le 17 mars (préco le 10 mars)

– cartes techniques:T’Au Empire 12.5€ dispo le 17 mars (préco le 10 mars).

Il est étrange que le White Dwarf ne donne aucune sortie après le 17 mars pour ce mois là.


Which translates to:

Hello everyone.

Having the White Dwarf in front of you here are the prices and release date for the T’Au:

Codex 32.5 € available on 17 March (pre-orders 10)

Codex collector € 65 available on March 17 (pre-orders on March 10)

Datacards: T’Au Empire 12.5 € available on March 17 (pre-orders on March 10).

It is strange that the White Dwarf gives no information after March 17 for that month.

So the White Dwarf should be arriving very soon and looks to be all full of T’au.  We will see them arrive in just over 2 weeks, after The Age of Sigmar Daughters of Khaine release window.

~My question is where the Drukhari are?


  • John John Slade

    They say Tau women are prefer mate with Human male than Tau male. And i said WHAT?!

  • TheMawr

    For more than a year now White dwarf covers the last half of the past month and roughly the first half of the next.
    GW even pretty much explained on this approach when changing from weekly to monthly again, that this was what they were going to do.

    And still every month people remark how strange it is no release dates or things are mentioned that appear in the latter half of the month..

    • TheMawr

      the explanation was how WD was not supposed to be a preview magazine anymore, the online community elements would take that role, instead it would be all about hobby and gaming articles focused on the releases you just got or are about to get when you get your new white dwarf (not exact words.)

      • LankTank

        Which is so much better than how it basically only used to be a sales catalogue

  • Navaren

    Hey Larry. Looks like my guess about the Regimental Standard hinting at Tau coming first was on the Money.

  • Vanders

    Yay, finally something to look forward to reading about. I’m a little Imperiumed out at the moment, so the more hopeful Tau will be a welcome change of pace. Please don’t tell my Commissar what I’ve said here.

  • cm023

    Codex Tau comes out on my birthday. I play Dark Eldar.


    • ectoplasmic gyrator

      birthday buddy!

    • Vanders

      Wait, that’s not how a DE player works – OTHER people are supposed to feel pain and sorrow!

      • Koen Diepen Van

        Oh trust me the T’au codex does feel like pain and sorrow

  • Dalinair

    Place your bets Gentlemen, will they ‘fix’ Commander spam by….:

    A) Increasing their points costs
    B) restricting them to 1 per detatchment
    C) Doing the job right and just making other units more viable

    • Koen Diepen Van

      I am going for combination of A and B

    • Simon Chatterley

      None of the above

    • ellobouk

      D) making them somehow cheaper.

    • gdim415

      E) Restricting them to only support systems and a pulse pistol.

    • Pl4gu3 B4st4rd

      The “Broadside syndrom”

    • LankTank

      E) Turn them into Primaris Marines

      • Spacefrisian

        Thats called gundamising.

  • disqus_yyglaTdo9o

    Ah. I know now when my month-long 40k-mourning break starts.

    My nuffle, i HATE tau.

  • tau4eva

    My body is ready

  • V0iddrgn

    Wow, T’au don’t get their book until the latter half of next month. Sucks to have to wait even longer for my book than expected even after I tamped down my original expectations.

    • ContingenC

      Disappointment is best served drip-fed.

      Early December: The Chapter Approved that didn’t include balance changes for Tau and Necron.

      Christmas: The smell of “2018 is the year of the Xenos” wafting from the workshop after the lackluster 2017–things will be different this time, they said.

      Late January: The announcement and release of Chaos and Imperium codices while Xenos didn’t get a correct release order (the LVO presentation said Dark Eldar were first up), much less an announced release date.

      Early/mid February: A gap in the Imperium-Chaos rotation. It’s filled by Shadespire and AoS.

      Late Feb: A board game with your Xenos faction printed on the box. Doesn’t include anything for the faction.
      Late Feb: Some guy in Europe gets a hold of the next White Dwarf and provides more information than the last 3 months of GW marketing and communications.

      Early March: Tau Hype!
      Mid-March: Tau codex is released. Half the units are buffed crazy-good, but the models you own are nerfed into uselessness.
      Late March: Necron Hype!

      Early April: Necron codex is released. Army is more capable, but units are overcosted–this codex was written before GW realized units are only good if they survive through your opponent’s first turn. Also, you can totally see where the faction ability pages was cut out of the codex so Death Guard has something unique.

      Mid April: Drukhari hype!

      Late April: In lieu of a stratagems page, the codex has a coupon for 25% off the upcoming Ynnari codex. Collector’s Edition Codex comes with a razor blade.

      • V0iddrgn

        God help us if that is correct. They released an average of 3 codices a month last year.

        • ContingenC

          I get the impression there are three positions in the army lineup:

          1) Armies positioned to beat space marines.
          2) Armies to be allied with space marines (Ad Mech, Custodes, etc.).
          3) Armies for space marines to beat (Dark Eldar, Orks, Necron, etc).

          If over half of your sales are space marines, you don’t want them to be one of the weakest factions in the game–that’ll scare new players off. This also requires people to play weaker armies, and since nobody bought Dark Eldar, there’s no Dark Eldar for new Space Marine players to beat. The solution then is to take popular armies and tone them down to the point a new-ish space marine player has a fair chance of winning. Once a space marine player has been sufficiently invested, they can try exceed the bar by either allying units in (Grey Knights, Custodes), or going with whatever army is strongest at the moment. After they have a few armies under the belt, they realize the ebb and flow, become jaded, and post about it here. I recall that community websites were identified as a significant source of negativity for GW, and note that Warhammer Community is designed as a community-free source of information.

      • Spacefrisian

        They also claimed imperium and chaos, but what ya know Eldar and Tyranids? 2 xenos dexes? Aka stop complaining battle sisters didnt have a propper codex since Witch Hunters.

        • ContingenC

          Let me know if I got this right: Eldar codex came out last year + Battle Sisters don’t have a codex out yet = we shouldn’t be annoyed that GW mislead Chapter Approved buyers by omitting Tau and Necron balance fixes, and at their poor job of expectation management for their releases? I don’t agree.

  • marxlives

    I can just feel the excitement for the Tau release…

  • eMtoN

    The Drukhari are obviously still in the trash. Where they’ve been for a few years now.