40K: Calm Before The (Release) Storm

Games Workshop seems to be pumping the brakes for the Warhammer 40k releases…or are they just getting ready?

Since 8th edition dropped last year, Games Workshop has been putting out 40k releases at a pretty break-neck pace. We had (pretty consistent) a new release for 40k every week or two. However, this month seems like we’re in a 40k drought. Now that’s probably because it only feels like a drought because we’ve been drinking from the fire hose for 40k – but it does feel like GW is taking it’s time with the next wave of 40k.

What Gives?

Well, for one thing, they are mixing things up and giving Age of Sigmar a lot of attention right now. Malign Portents is a pretty big deal for them and there is even a 6 week Global Campaign, Dread Solstice, happening as we speak. I think this is a good change of pace for them as a company – it gives them a chance to stretch creatively and try new things.

And it’s good for the players – 40k fatigue is a real thing and taking a (relatively short) breather from the game can help folks come back feeling refreshed. Especially after a big event with some added drama, it’s good to take a breath, evaluate, and move forward.

Also let’s not discount some of the smaller, other games that are getting some much needed love: Shadespire and Necromunda! Personally, I kind of wish that GW would crank out those releases and blast us with those at the “fire hose” level for a couple of weeks straight. I want to get ALL the gang rules for Necromunda (with models, too) and see what’s next with the Shadespire stuff! Plus, I don’t know if anyone is even talking about this, but Shadespire is branded as a “Warhammer: Underworlds” game.

I’ve found that strange from a branding point of view. Lore-wise, Shadespire is the cursed city where these warbands are trapped and are doomed to fight…but does that mean there is are MORE “Warhammer: Underworlds” to delve into? Anyway…

What’s Next?

Games Workshop has already announced the next three codexes. We know the Dark Eldar (Drukhari), Necrons, and T’au are next up. That has it’s own set of hopes and fears to go along with it. I have one more hope for those three books, other than “I hope they are good” – I hope that Games Workshop has taken a pause to create some next-gen models for those races, too.

I don’t know exactly how long it takes GW to go from art sketch to plastic kit, but I know that process can take time – like a long time – and I’m not going to pretend that a pause in 40k releases equates to a ton of new kits for 3 armies in the game. However, I think that GW could probably get a few characters (looking at you Vect) for each race – possibly a new unit or two as well. I started playing 40k because the models caught my eye and blew me away – I stayed because I enjoyed the game. I’m hoping that after this short pause, 40k comes back with more kick-ass models and rules that suck me right back into playing it!


What do you think? Is this the calm before the 40k storm or was this just a planned break for GW’s “other” games to get some love?

  • Fraser1191

    New models? Maybe
    I heard new models get designed, approved and produced over a 3 year period so that new cryptech was sculpted about 3 years ago lol

    • zeno666

      Looks more like 18 years ago

      • el_tigre

        I like it, walks the line between simple and intricate a lot better than many of the other recent releases.

      • Apocryphus

        No, the Eisenhorn model looks like it was sculpted 18 years ago. Seriously, that model…

        • LankTank

          Oh dont you rip on my runway model!

  • Talos2

    IM guessing when they’ve released a single goblin in a box for £20, they probably realise they shouldn’t test people’s wallets too much at the same time. 1 goblin……….

    • euansmith

      … one… fecking… goblin!

    • georgelabour

      1 goblin. But lots of mushrooms. Some of them quite big.

  • orionburn III

    I’m actually glad it’s shifted to AoS for a bit because it has honestly been non-stop 40k since the launch of 8th. Adepticon is just over a month away so it makes sense to have a bit of a break before ramping things up again.

    I’ll gladly see a break in new models for 40k if it means rolling out Adeptus Titanicus sooner.

    • LankTank

      Where was the 40k break? This year we have had 6 codexes, and LVO? Thats a codex every 2 weeks and the largest tournament and a large 40k faq on the horizon. 3 more codexes before March ends.

      • orionburn III

        There hasn’t been a break. That’s why I’m saying I’m happy to see one. There’s also a difference of GW showing off kits for the future vs. actual releases.

      • orionburn III

        There hasn’t been a break. That’s why I’m saying I’m happy to see one. There’s also a difference of GW showing off kits for the future vs. actual releases.

  • Kabal1te

    I am pretty sure given what was said at the LVO Q&A that all three codices are already finalized and probably printed. I don’t think this break will see us any new models for anyone of the 3 factions except that cryptech. Keep in mind they did follow the announcement of that dude with “oh yea here is a video of a painted new knight thing because imperium”. I swear GW must go around shouting imperium like the most redneck of rednecks goes around shouting “‘merica!”. In all honesty 40k is doing well now and I think this shift to AoS has more to do with pushing more sales on that side of the company since they know at this point whatever they drop for 40k will sell when they feel like getting around to dropping it.

    • usGrant7977

      I would like it if the Imperium stuff wasn’t extraneous and lame. Custodes DON’T leave Terra. The handful of occasions when they did number around once per millennium. And no more Khorne and Nurgle stuff please. There’s enough. I mean, Slaanesh is still MIA.

      • Ulrik

        Well…they DO now…

      • HeadHunter

        They’ve got some pretty good reasons to now, unless your headcanon is more accurate than the fiction…

        • usGrant7977

          Ooohhhh the ret-cons! My nostalgic Rogue trader era memories can’t keep up. Seriously they’ve put Custodes in more unrealistic situations than the wolverine in 90s era cameos.

          • Drew

            It’s not really a ret-con, though, is it? It’s the plot moving forward, which creates a new role for the Custodes, not saying that they’ve actually been doing this all along.

            As a guy who appreciates the integrity of the game settings I play in, I actually much prefer what GW has been doing lately to retconning things to create new stuff. I feel fine with the company adding anything they want to the universe (it’s theirs, after all) as long as it’s added as a new thing that is happening because of X, Y, and Z reasons rather than saying “everything you thought you knew is wrong- here are new things, but they’re not new, they’ve been here the whole time…”

          • Alexander Barahona

            Ret-con? A ret-con would be them saying ‘oh by the way guys, we lied, Custodes have been running around for years’. This is called a plot development and is entirely different.

      • LankTank

        Is he? I mean no new model but last daemons codex nurgle hadnt either. Before that only khorne got the love. Its obvious Slaanesh will get their time

    • eMtoN

      It’s ‘murica. Got it?

  • Iggynous

    Jesus, can GW employees not take Xmas leave?

    Open your eyes, in 9 months we’ve been given 12 codexes, new Primaris models, new Death Guard Models, and new Custodes models.

    So ungrateful!

    • probenoob

      Maybe it’s because it’s been mostly imperium and as soon as it’s an extended period of xenos then they pump the brakes?

    • Gamecock13

      Spoken like an imperium player. They’re a for-profit company. I’m not worried about their feelings.

      • HeadHunter

        And I’m sure they don’t care too much about yours. they can’t hear your sobbing over the sound of those cash registers. 😉

        • Gamecock13

          Lol well look at you! Making very obvious observations and trying to sound witty all at the same time! No doubt they don’t care. Simply responding to a narrow-sighted comment about the ungratefulness of those who don’t care about Imperium 😉

    • V0iddrgn

      Only 2 of those 12 Codices were Xenos factions. Let that sink in.

      • Monkeybrains

        Since when do people play xenos other than craftworlds unironically?

        Seriously, report to your local commissar for reeducation.

      • LankTank

        Half of all factions are imperium and like a fifth are chaos. Only 30% are xenos so after these next 3, that woukd be pretty accurate for 4 xenos codexes out of 15 released. Seems right to me

      • Iggynous


        Some armies had to come last. Why not the ones hardly anyone plays?

        “I didn’t get my army’s codex at the start of 8th, so GW must be doing something wrong!” – You.

  • Ninety

    I think they’re just tryig to put off having to pay attention to Xenos for as long as they can lol

    • HeadHunter

      Or, you know, maybe they’re giving them the overhaul they need. If they released them first, people would be complaining they were unfinished and broken and griping about all the FAQs and errata.
      It’s been a general trend, even in previous editions, that the later Codex releases tend to be more solid and tight rules-wise.

      • aylwong

        No they wouldn’t. Do you hear Craftworld Eldar players complaining? In general, if you’re not into Marines, 40k really isn’t for you. You’re just tossed a bone every once in a while so the Marine players have something different to kill, as opposed to getting bored of killing all that power armour.

        It’s okay, my initial hype for 40k has dwindled hardcore. I’m back to playing non-GW games, except Shadespire.

        • LankTank

          Mate this is nonsense.
          Eldar, Daemon, Guard and Nids got amazing coedexes, not a power armoured model in the army at all.

      • V0iddrgn

        Fingers crossed!

  • HeadHunter

    They just released a new Codex *three weeks ago*. And new models for that army *two weeks ago*.
    If that’s “pumping the brakes” then new players are *spoiled*.

    • probenoob

      Yeah…. new power armoured guys.
      And the break in the sequence with no release dates hinted at when it’s three non power armoured factions is a deceleration of release scheduling.
      And it’s possibly more a case of old xenos players are *jaded* and expect less of the GW love.

      • Dooms Day

        There haven’t been any new power armour models since the deathguard release. no idea what your talking about.

        EDIT: im actually wrong, the past power armour model came out in December with the BA/DA release

        • LankTank

          I mean… I want to agree with you… but custodes? o.O

          • Dooms Day

            Yes? what about them? there armour isn’t power armour, so

          • Pete Croucher

            Thousand Sons 2 weeks ago?

          • Dooms Day

            They didn’t get any new models… no power armoured ones anyway.

          • TheMawr

            yes it is.
            Its not made of ceramite (like the grey knights power armor.) but it still is power armor.

          • LankTank

            Hah true. But I mean thats nitpicking.

  • Usually GW official art and teasers only show stock kits.. that being said it looks like those monoliths are new. Think we maybe getting more than just the cryptech.

    • euansmith

      I wish that they’d redo the basic Necon Warriors to replace those green plastic bits in the Gauss Flayers with something a bit less chunky and awkward.

      • Monkeybrains

        That and the necron warriors have contracted the same space diarrhea that the chaos marines have. Poor things have to squat around with armor full of doody.

        • LankTank

          XD That just reminds me of one of my mates who didn’t play but started in 5th with Grey Knights, and but all the torsos upside down so the back head hood all became but plates

  • david

    When is the poor Astra Militarium going to get new armour?
    The last new vehicles was the Taurox and the Hydra/Wyvern.
    I think it’s about time these poor grunts received new equipment.
    I’m sure of one Primark would agree, non other than Roboute Gilliman!
    I would say that if his marines received new equipment, he wouldn’t deprive his own planet’s defence force.

  • Huntard

    It is mid-Febuary. In 1 1/2 months we’ve gotten a new faction with 4 new kits, an overhaul to the Nurgle Daemons line with 4 new kits, 3 40k codexes, 2 Age of Sigmar Battletomes, 1 Age of Sigmar campaign book, 4 new Age of Sigmar hero kits, 1 new Necromunda gang and next week we have 2 new Shadespire warbands.

    In what way have any brakes been pumped? We have both 3 40k codexes, and an entire new Age of Sigmar faction coming (Daughters of Khaine) featuring at least 3-4 new kits in the next couple months. This is a crazy fast release schedule

    • LankTank


    • euansmith

      Come on, you know how it works, just like the fairground rides, “Scream if you want to go faster!” 😉

  • Michael Gellar

    It looks limited or no new releases for existing factions. Think we are going to see more new micro factions like we’ve see. For AOS and most recently Custodes. It seems like the direction is to let people play what they want and use more of their collection.

  • Vanders

    Please don’t be Codex Drew Carey, please. I already know they are going to do it, but I’m still hoping for DE.

    • euansmith

      Yeah, they should be Codex Charlie Sheen at least.

  • sonny2dap .

    Seems less like a pause and more like breathing space to give AOS some oxygen.