40K Op-ed: I Was Wrong About Custodes

GW put my fears to rest with a solid book.

In the run up to the Custodes release I had a lot of worries. I worried their wasn’t a good way to make a super elite army in 8th Edition. This is after all an edition that favors putting lots of bodies on the table. Other super elite armies, I’m looking at you Grey Knights, haven’t done too hot. The idea of an army with 12-20 models worried me. Well, luckily I can say that looking back, I was wrong.

Elites That Feel Elite

One of the things GW really did well with the Custodes was make them feel like an super elite army. These are not cheap units, you won’t be able to take many of them. Yet at the same time they pack a punch. No unit of Custodes can be ignored. On top of that they have access to a great number of cool stratagems that really makes them feel like they have answers for the common problems they might face. Something an elite army would have.

Solid Durability

One of the two biggest worries about small elite armies is how tough they will be. Many elite marine units, from Gray Knights to Death Company, suffer from the problem that at the end of the day – they are just marines. A marine isn’t really all that hard to kill. In 8th, with all the multi damage attacks going around, even units like terminators can go POOF really quick. Yet the Custodes combination of just enough wounds with high T and good saves makes them just tough enough to take on those swarms. These are units that fit the fluff, shrugging off the hordes that might swarm a lesser mortal, yet still vulnerable to heavy hitting units.

I’ll also add that Avenge the Fallen might be the best idea they had in this whole book. This single stratagem helps make the whole army work. This helps counter the very real risk that your 500 point unit is going to get wrecked before it can really do anything. It makes a great counter to heavy assaults and lets the Custodes always go down swinging.

As Deadly As They Should Be

Aside from staying power, the other fear of any small elite army is how deadly it will be. It’s no good to be able to take a punch if you can’t throw one back. Luckily GW did a good job with Custodes here as well. While in general they can shoot OK, most of it is low powered and not a lot of shots. However giving the Dawneagle bikes hurricane bolters really ups the army’s shooting potential.

Close combat is however where the army really shines. While the basic troops start with “only” three attacks, they have a number of ways of upping that. With a mix of banners and stratagems, every unit in in the army can grow to put out a really nasty amount of of attacks; and all powerful too. Moreover, until you play with or against them, the power of a whole army that is always hitting on 2+s, often re-rolling 1s, is a little hard to grasp. This is an army that already gets a lot of attacks and has the tools to make ALL those attacks count. It’s not just that most units get upwards of 5 attacks, its that they also get 5 hits.

Soup-er Amazing

While Custodes are a great meal by themselves, they are really best served with a nice side of Imperial Soup. Now some people might feel that the fact that Custodes need to take other Imperial forces to really be effective means that their book is weak. However this is hardly accurate. Custodes are both great with soup and as soup. Frankly I don’t think they were ever designed to act alone. They were built wholly for 8th Edition, with mixed forces in mind. Just because taking 30 Guardswomen makes them better doesn’t mean they are bad. In fact the number of other armies trying to add some Custodes to them illustrates how powerful they are. The fact that they work great with other Imperials in not a bug, its a feature.

Final Thoughts

Overall I am happy to say that I was wrong about Custodes. GW wrote a solid book for a small elite force and backed it up with great models at not-too-crazy prices. If anything I’d say Custodes are the biggest success of 8th so far, and show what an army really built for 8th looks like. While the soupy aspects of the army may worry some, and it remains to be seen if they are good for the game, the fact is they are working as intended. I’d expect to see a lot more Custodes on the tables in the coming months, so get ready!


Tell us about your experiences with Custodes down in the comments! 


  • lunahula .

    Taking 30 guardswomen?

    • euansmith

      Indeed, single gender units are so 1980s. I crave the ability for all of humanity to die for the Emperor with total equality.

      • Simon Chatterley

        In the year 41,000 all men, women and children are expected to catch bullets in the name of the Emperor.

        • Warrior24_7

          The Emperor didn’t get shot, he got his as* kicked.

          • euansmith

            That’s because the Emperor didn’t block the Warmaster’s blows with a wall of adoring fans; a noob mistake on his part.

            The fight should have ended in Horus collapsing from exhaustion after the Emperor’s ten thousandth “Look out, Sir!” save.

          • Simon Chatterley

            Ahh…where rules and realities clash

            “I had a chance to shoot the Warmaster early in the Heresy you know…there he was out in the open but there was 5 grovelling humans kissing his feet and for some reason I had to shoot them first. Was the damnedest thing”

          • Warrior24_7

            Uh…no!! “Look out sir!” comes from shooting, the Emperor was taken to the woodshed, where he got his as* whipped in spectacular fashion and no custodian dared jump in it!. To the point of being placed on life support where he remains to this day! It’s no wonder his most loyal custodian disappeared without a trace only to resurface looking like a disciple of Tzeencth (check out that Forgeworld model). And the Emperor has no problem with that? I think not!

          • Patriarch

            Because Chaos used up all its bullets on the Emperor’s women-and-children Shield.

            It’s only evil when the Genestealer Cult does it.

          • denzark

            Why would someone kick the Emperor’s Donkey?

        • Ronin

          Funny note but because i bought warpath minis that are a smaller scale, I fluffed that my infantry squads are made up of teenagers and child soldiers like the typical anime military tropes.

        • Spacefrisian

          And to live long enough to see spezmuhrines claim the victory.

      • Spacefrisian

        So 10 guardsman, 10 guardswoman and 10 guardsattackhelicopters right?

      • Drpx

        Indeed. It’s telling just how long it’s been since the West has fought a total war.

      • JJ

        Zir…according to my social media pages you left out 78 other genders…including furry! lol

    • Sam Williams

      Yeah, sync up their cycles, wait until they’re all on, then throw chocolate towards the enemy.

      • disqus_yyglaTdo9o

        Though then I expect 15 attacks per model.

    • orionburn III

      In Canada they prefer to be known as Guardspeople.

      • marxlives

        Well you know guardsmen is problematic, patriarchy.

        • Patriarch

          You called?

          No? I shall slink back into the shadows then…

          • Erik Sjögren

            That is why internet was invented.

    • PrimoFederalist

      In the future, when a planet’s population competes for a place in the newly forming regiment, it’s mostly women who win the physical contests and feats of strength. Just like at today’s Olympics – women jump higher, run faster, lift more, and are generally more athletic than men. So when you’re taking the most physically capable winners into the regiment, it’s almost all women. Just like how professional rugby, soccer/football, and American football are dominated by ladies here on good ol’ Terra of yore. Makes perfect sense.

    • marxlives

      It is current year man, get with it.

    • Frank Krifka

      Now, technically the “men” in “Guardsmen” is considered gender neutral. So saying “Guardswomen” is actually more sexist.

  • euansmith

    I was wrong about the Custodes too; now I’m doing a ten stretch for attempted bribery.

    • Simon Chatterley

      A ten stretch…that sounds awfully American…Burn the Heretic!

      • Warrior24_7

        A ten stretch might do you Europeans some good, so get to it!

        • euansmith

          We are not “European”! We are British! 😉

          • Simon Chatterley

            I’d have gotten the Inquisition onto him for that comment. If only they weren’t Spanish…

          • euansmith

            I’m sure that, following Brexit, we’ll get an Inquisition all our own.

          • Warrior24_7

            Americans DO NOT say “ten stretch”. Just like we don’t say “mate”, and “blimey”. Since we are over “here”, anybody “over there”, is European, except the Russians.

          • euansmith

            Yes, I was trying for a “Porridge” style British Prison Slang; like snout, lag, and twazzack. I presume, you Americans say something like, “Doing a dime” over there.

          • Andy Wise

            yeah – a humdinger of a dime

          • euansmith

            The veritable Cat’s Spats.

          • Warrior24_7

            That is correct, a “dime” is 10 years and a “nickel” is 5. But let me caution you on American slang, it’s generational and regional, so that may or may not be correct “now”. We don’t say “cheeky” either unless we’re looking at a woman in a thong…Uh no we don’t!

          • marxlives

            Who we oddly respect as an enemy because for a time they were the only country that could take on America in any serious way. When the U.S.S.R. fell we lost a worthy adversary. Now what is there? The EU? The EU can’t even protect themselves.

          • Sonic tooth

            Protect ourselves from who? You dont seem to be doing a good job protecting yourselves either at the moment. Thoughts and prayers etc..

          • Muninwing

            ouch! shots fired!

            hm. perhaps not the right euphemism there…

          • Sonic tooth

            i await flag waving bro-rage and the inevitable snowflake comment.

          • Xodis

            We do fine in areas where we are allowed to protect ourselves. No worries, we will get it sorted out.

          • marxlives

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          • Sonic tooth

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          • marxlives

            I could go down the list in the EU and make this really ugly for no reason but instead I will point out that both regions have random acts of violence by deranged individuals. However the EU just gave up entire countries in Eastern Europe to another sovereign nation because they still rely on the U.S. to protect them rather than mustering their own self defense.

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            The failure of law enforcement is not a one to one parallel on an entire region’s refusal to muster a force to defend themselves from invasion by another country.

          • Sonic tooth

            I’m not disagreeing with you. You certainly did “rock” the middle East. We all know how much Iraq had to do with 9/11, and all those wmds they were hiding. Cough….cough. and you certainly left the middle East a much more stable and safer….cough cough….place.

          • marxlives

            Being involved in an international dance is way more difficult than having another sovereign nation invade your backyard or have the Bosnian genocide happen in your own backyard and do nothing, or genocide like Rwanda in your former colonies.

            However, while we make mistakes in our international dance we at least have skin in the game. And we actually have a policy that when we break something we fix it. Hence why we spent more money on Iraq infrastructure than U.S. infrastructure in terms of federal funds, we did the same with Japan and South Korea. We stopped the genocide of the Yazidis and Coptic Christians by ISIS by training the Kurds and Iraqi people to retake Mosul, and we and the Kurds, and Iraqis are responsible for the demolition of ISIS not Europe.

            If the U.S. pulled all of our bases and soldiers out of Europe, then the E.U. would be the Soviet block in a month.

          • Patriarch

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          • LankTank

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  • Antoine Henry

    How much Bols got paid to say such nonsense ? 🙂

    • orionburn III

      How much are you getting paid by Warmachine to come in here and bash GW products! Heretic! Admit it!!!!! Burn him1!!!!11!!!!!

      • Apocryphus

        PP pays me $100 a word to bash on AoS. You should look into it, it’s quite lucrative.

        • Muninwing

          and super easy…

          • ZeeLobby

            It just rolls off the tongue, 0 effort XD.

      • marxlives

        PP-collusion! Run everyone run, FAKE NEWS!

    • Simon Chatterley

      He’s saying he was wrong and GW have written a solid codex.

      Both of which are correct.

      Honestly dude you must be one of those types that complains the sun is rising again…if you are getting annoyed about toy soldiers I’d suggest you read a newspaper and put context into your life….

      • Spacefrisian

        A codex that performs better when paired with other imperium dexes?…Oh snap

        • ellobouk

          replace the word ‘imperium’ with ‘faction’, and you described army composition in 8th perfectly.
          Imperial soup
          Chaos soup
          Eldar soup
          and some other guys who are all “do you even soup”

      • Antoine Henry

        If reading newspaper put context in your life, I understand why you play with Toy soldiers :)…

        • Simon Chatterley

          Precisely. I play with toy soldiers as an escape from the real world. Getting angry at the thing I use to escape stuff that gets me angry seems counterproductive…

        • Go away

      • ^^ This

  • James Regan

    I think, to be honest, they are going for a genuine attempt to create realistic combined arms imperial soup lists, but they got stung bad early on by a few overly exploitable lists- having guard, the actual army, combined with elements of other forces makes sense, but the initial wave of guiliman heavy lists, overly character heavy lists and conscript spam really hurt the idea.
    Obviously, the game should still support players who want, for example, a pure SM, Guard or Ad mech list, but I think it should also be OK for smaller forces that can exist on their own, but also work well collaborating. Custodes, death watch, inquisitorial support, assassins should be parts of the broader imperial architecture that rarely arrive as an entire army unto themselves (how cheesy would you think your opponent was being if he only deployed assasins?), and so are regularly attached to other forces, but do occasionally turn up in forces when the world is about to end.

    • Warrior24_7

      The game does support players who want pure armies. Imperials have access to THE MOST choices in the game! There is a small minority of players who cry for nerfs and want to play 3rd Ed. This is not that game.

      • Karru

        It does support players who want pure armies, there is no arguing there, but unfortunately the balance between a soup and a pure army is insane.

        A soup is superior to a pure army, plain and simple. There is currently absolutely no downside in taking a soup army, since you suffer no penalties for it, instead you just gain stuff. It could be extra CP from taking Imperial Guard in your Elite Armies or it might be you taking Death Guard or Chaos Daemons in your CSM army to gain their Stratagems to use as well.

        That’s my problem with the system. There should be an actual gameplay affecting choice between taking a pure army vs a soup. People have been proposing various changes here, many of them sound reasonable. Ranging from “You can only use CP from the Detachment that brought it” to “Only Warlord’s Detachment counts for what Stratagems you get”.

        The best example of this is still Ynnari Eldar. If you take a Craftworld Detachment and a Ynnari Detachment with Craftworld units, you just gained a lot of rules, but lost nothing in the process. Your Stratagems still work from the Craftworld detachment with those from the Ynnari while the units in that detachment gained the Soulburst on top of that. You have no reason not to go with that extra Ynnari detachment with most of your killing power placed there as you can combine them with your Stratagems without any issues.

        • BurpinforDayz

          I’d hardly call Ynnari Eldar a soup army I mean they take from the same pool of units. I would even go as far as to suggest that the eldar codex is an example of how 1 codex worth of units is far better than soup lists. From what we saw last year with the ITC rankings Imperial soup performed shoddily.

          • Karru

            The Imperial Soup didn’t perform too well thanks to the Ynnari/Craftworld lists which destroyed them, but Imperials did still finish in the Top 10.

        • Fergie0044

          Does the small piece of their soul that is chipped away count as a downside?

          But seriously – yeah I really wish this was the case. Doesn’t AoS have this? You could take an ‘order’ army but if you instead take from just one battletome you get a ton of buffs?

          • Karru

            Basically yes. If I remember correctly, in AoS if you take your entire army from one Battletome, you get access to all of their Artefacts, special rules and all that. If you add any unit into the mix outside the Battalions or whatever they are called, you lose all of those, as there are no such things as “detachments” in AoS.

          • Fergie0044

            Sounds like a good idea. Maybe try something like this but with CPs and strats?

          • Karru

            There has already been a few solid suggestions regarding how it could be fixed and balanced.

            For example, in order to use CP, you have to use it from the same source as that army draws its CP. Say you have a Custodes army using a Battalion and you choose it as your main detachment, then you have 3 Battalions of Guard in there for extra CP. You only have 6 CP to use for your Custodes as they only gain 3CP from being Battleforged and 3CP from their own Battalion, the 9CP can only be used by the Guard.

            The other suggestion was that your CP and Stratagems only come from the same detachments as your Warlord is from. So in the example above, you’d only have access to Custodes stratagems and the 6CP, and you only gain the units from the Guard Detachments.

          • Chris Hilliard

            You can use the abilities for whatever Allegiance you declare, and the Grand Alliances have the lowest requirement to pull off. You get a certain portion of your points that can be spent on allies without violating your allegiance. Faction specific abilities tend to be better tailored.

        • Warrior24_7

          “ALL” of my armies are pure armies because I’m just getting back to playing 40k again and I’ve had no problems yet. But I’m also an aggressive power player and build my lists to fit my play style. I think this is the problem for most people, “list building.” I had to “un-learn” many things going into 8th. So I except it for what it is.

          Getting one extra CP doesn’t cost you the game, so there is something else wrong in that scenario. I’m so tired of hearing about “Ynnari”! The guy won the tournament and “this” army and “that” ability WILL BE the talk of the town until the next guy wins and its on to the next.

          I don’t know what you play, but space marines and Imperials in particular have the widest range of armies, units, abilities, and characters in the game! My point is build a pure list to deal with it. Once people start learning how to play Custodes, you’ll be begging for Ynnari.

          • Karru

            It took me a while to unlearn what worked in 8th, for example, in order to do a proper list, you need to spam a lot more than you did in 7th and earlier editions.

            I have yet to have any problems in dealing with a pure Custodes army, as they lack in survivability and damage output in the long run due to lack of CP for Stratagems, or they lose the Objective game to units being spread across the table. Meanwhile, a Custodes army with 1-2 minimal Guard Detachments on top of it brings up a lot of pressure since they have both units to hold objectives while still having a lot of CP to use their Stratagems with during the entire game.

            As for the Ynnari discussion, I couldn’t help but notice that you completely missed my point why I brought it up. It is the perfect example of playing a non-pure army with nothing but buffs gained over a pure army. This should not be the case. There should be a downside in mixing factions, because you are already gaining a benefit just from the fact that you can remove your army’s weaknesses by taking allies. Age of Sigmar has this, why not port a similar system over to 40k as well? It wouldn’t hurt any army in the game as it is extremely easy to give certain armies that aren’t meant to be “fully pure” and instead rely more on being allies rules that let them negate that.

            It would bring about more tactical armies and more variance in lists, since people can’t go with the best choices from all armies, mix them together and automatically have a better army than they would have if they just played one of those factions pure.

          • Warrior24_7

            I don’t understand your argument because your points seem to contradict one another. On one hand you say there is a lot more spamming in this edition, but there are a lot more multi-wound basic troops, and other units in the game as well. So this requires spamming more long range, heavy firepower.

            The Ultra Marines have the same probably more mix and match abilities as the Ynnari and can still stay pure! Guilliam buffs everybody around him and you have to kill the guy twice!!

            I disagree that mixed lists and Ynnari in particular have no weaknesses. The Ynnari don’t move and the seem poor in CC. They can be matched in psychic powers, and shooting as well.

          • James Regan

            A big problem that the Ynnari will have is that if they fix the detachment issue currently in place, they will live or die competetively based on whether soulburst is better than any of the faction rules available to DE/eldar. Basically, outside of some broken inter-codex synergy that makes Ynnari objectively more competitive or overpowers their characters, they don’t have any units to make them competitively distinct from the other factions, so you’re best just picking the one that gives the best army rule.

            This is easily solveable, with a seperate codex. Obviously they’re likely to retain some cross-over with the existing codices, but making 3-4 new units, retaining what makes sense (wraith stuff) and providing a compromise on things like vehicles and basic infantry and you’ve got a distinct enough force that they’d be competing on their own terms.

          • Karru

            What kind of Ynnari have you been playing against?! If that is your view of them, no s*it you have no problems with them.

            Let me tell you how Ynnari actually works with Craftworld. You use your Dark Reapers to outshoot your enemy with them having little to no ability to shoot back since you have long range and ability to shoot without needing LoS, as well as the ability to move and shoot with your BS never being worse than a 3+.

            Meanwhile for CC, they use Saim-Hann Shining Spears in Ynnari in order to benefit from the use of the Saim-Hann Stratagem that allows Jetbike units to Advance and still Charge as well as re-roll hits of 1 in CC. You move them across the table within 7″ of an enemy unit, which you then proceed to annihilate in the Shooting phase with your overwhelming firepower. After which, you trigger Soulburst on them, which allows your Shining Spears to either move or shoot again, which gives them a lot of killing power as well as movement, considering that they can move 22″ in a turn when they advance.

            After that, they charge anything they wish in the enemy’s side of the table. No unit is safe from them and very few characters, monsters and vehicles can survive their charge. 9 Shining Spears are attacking with 16 attacks using Laser Lances and 3 using the Star Lance, hitting on 3s and re-rolling 1s, Strength 6 and 8, with AP -4 and 2 damage. If they kill even a single unit during that charge, which is extremely easy as I pointed out since you can just hop over any bubblewrap the enemy has and wither down those that completely surround a character, you can just snipe them to gain another round of attacks.

            That’s how Ynnari works with Craftworld Eldar, now you may know why so many people are actually wanting to change how Ynnari works with them. You have been lucky to avoid this so far if you think that Ynnari can’t move and are poor in CC.

            Guilliman is still broken and needs a change, which I also bring up every now and then when it comes relevant. As for Ultramarines having the same mix and match ability as Ynnari comment, all I can say is thanks for the amazing laugh there. You seem to completely gloss over the fact that Ultramarine/Space Marine Stratagems don’t carry over to other Imperials while Ynnari and Craftworld Eldar traits do carry over to one another. Taking Guilliman in an Imperial Army is not the same as taking a Ynnari Detachment in a Craftworld army. Guilliman gives you +3CP and the ability to refund CP on a 5+ while giving 1 to advance and charge rolls to all Imperial Units. His only “big buff” he gives is the ability to hit like a truck while hiding amongst the army. Taking Ynnari in a Craftworld gives you insanely more killing potential with double shooting with some of the most effective ranged units in the game as well as the greatest board control in the game while still being affected by the stratagems from another army.

            I don’t get your initial comment here. I said that there is a lot more spamming in 8th, that is true, but I never said anything about “multi wound basic troops being more common in this edition” and I have no idea how these two are related.

            The spam in 8th comes from Detachments. You need CP in order to use your Stratagems and the only way to get those is using Detachments. For almost every army in the game, the Brigade is not a viable choice as it is just too big for them. Meanwhile Guard for example could pull it off, but they have no need for it, since they can pull the same off cheaper by taking 3 Battalions for 180pts each using 2 Commanders and 3 Infantry Squads each.

            This leads to people being forced to spam same units over and over again because they need to have CP and they don’t want to waste all of it on mostly worthless Troops. The real damage and power is in the other slots, Elites, Heavy Support and Fast Attack which you once again spam to your hearts content because you have no limits on them at this point, since you can either choose to take them as their own detachment with the HQ tax or just add them to your Battalions. There is a very good reason why Troops are said to be a Tax instead of a choice.

            There is so many things wrong in 8th edition when it comes to army building which makes it quite bad without heavy modifications.

          • Adam Marshall

            Glorious tales, battle brother.

          • Warrior24_7

            “There is so many things wrong in 8th edition when it comes to army building which makes it quite bad without heavy modifications.”-Karru

            I think that this is the overall problem, the Ed. By the time GW is done nerfing and changing rules, 8th will not be 8th. People want to go back to 3rd or 5th Ed. Because nerfing “this” army is just not gonna work

          • Karru

            There is a reason why so many would like to go back to those editions.

            6th was the beginning, 7th was the downfall and 8th decided to p*ss on the grave when it came to army building.

            Back in 5th editions and earlier, army lists were more varied, a lot more varied. People used Troops, you would see different styled armies even in the tournament scene and spamming wasn’t as bad due to the limited number of slots you had to actually spam.

            In 8th edition, the game REWARDS you when you spam. The more you do, more CP you get which increases the effectiveness of your army. There are no longer any real “rules” for army construction as it is all fair game, just take the cheapest Troops and HQs and spam to your hearts content the best choices you have in your army.

            This makes the game extremely dull when it comes to list variance. In comparison, I’d play against 6 different Guard Players and all of them would have varied list when it came to their Troop Choices and other army elements. In 8th, I have yet to face a Guard Player that didn’t bring at least 9 Infantry Squads and 6 Company Commanders by default along side 3 Basilisk and 12 Heavy Weapons Teams.

            The game is just so dull these days if you don’t modify it. Every list just ends up being the same for one army because you take the same core for it to get CP which cuts into your points, which in turn leads you going with the same units you took last time since you know that they are very cost effective. My best run was playing against the same Tau player 7 times and every time it was the same list with some upgrades being changed around.

            I just want to have more variance in the game. More actual decisions having to be made, not just “I don’t go with those choices because I don’t want to powergame”. Taking multiple detachments should be a negative thing to your army organisation, such as cause the loss of CP. Taking Allies should not give you CP and definitely not give you access to any Stratagems they have.

            Easily around 99% of the main problems we currently have with 8th edition top armies in tournaments which causes outrage originates from the army building rules of the game. Ynnari/Craftworld Eldar issue for example. Remove the ability to use Stratagems that originate from your army with your Allied detachment and boom, problem solved and both factions are now greatly balanced out without any changes to point costs.

            Pure Custodes army suffering from the lack of CP? Change it so that a pure army with very few detachments gains more CP by default. Boom, pure armies now have incentive to play.

            Notice a pattern here? This is not just “HERPDERP MUH NOSTULG”, this is actually the results of testing. Since 8th was released, my group has been trying out different things in order to make 8th more enjoyable for quick pick-up games. One of the major problems we had was Army Construction. Our thought process is usually “How can we change this without forcing a full re-write of the core rules or rules in the codices?” and that results in these types of changes.

            A huuuuuge increase in the fun factor as well as tactical element was noticed after we started using our changes full time. We even had some newer folk that had never played with us join in to test out the system and they loved it as well.

          • QFT

          • briandavion

            I disagree, Custodes are gonna be a valueable option to have but I suspect they’re not going to be game winners. they have some pretty glaring weaknesses

      • Spacefrisian

        Imperium can even have chaos if you want to, just ad Cypher and you get a whole new range of models as options.

        • Warrior24_7

          I believe that this is the intention of this edition of the game, to maximize list building and allies.

        • Simon Bates

          How do you figure that? Cypher, and Fallen, can be taken in Imperium detachments, but he doesn’t unlock anything else. Fallen are really not all that different to various other options available to Imperium players.

          • Spacefrisian

            He also has the chaos keyword.

          • Simon Bates

            So? That means you can include him in an Imperium army *or* a a Chaos army. It doesn’t let you do both at the same time. Your entire army has to share at least one faction keyword.

  • Warrior24_7

    I like the army very much and I’m starting one. But the book feels like an Index instead of a codex. It just feels “light”. You have lots of stratagems but not a lot of CPs to use them. They only have 1 character and 1 vehicle that holds 5 guys. They only have 1 dreadnaught with limited options considering all of the other options available to other chapters and vehicles, it’s the same thing with the Land Raider. Except for the Land Raider, there is not a single lascannon in the army. This is an assault force.

    As tough as they are, there is a reason that you see people spamming the jet bikes, they’re fast and tough. I’m really hoping that Forgeworld can bring their models over to 8th Ed (they’re testing this right now) just to add some more variety.

    With all of the nerfing going on, armies that could once deal with them may not be able to going forward.

    • NNextremNN

      Well with the high point costs they can’t deploy that much anyway. But like you said FW is working on an Imperial armor which will add a lot of the FW Legio Custodes Units and then this faction will be huge with a lot of options. They already have shown 2 FW dreadnaughts and there are still 2 missing.

      • Warrior24_7

        The tanks and the carrier as well are looking at 8th Ed rules.

        • Corey Montgomery

          I agree that the codex does feel light but what we do have is crazy powerful. I’ve been using pure custodian lists since the book came out and have had no issues going against people.

          That said I haven’t been able to face a gunline/tank army as a pure custodian force.

  • I_am_Alpharius

    It is almost like someone jumped the gun before taking time to read the Codex and absorb all the nuances of how it works…..

    • euansmith

      I would say that this is a bit like 24 hour rolling news, as it happens, live, in colour, and direct to your stream; except the article admits to previously holding an incorrect opinion. Fake news!

    • Drpx

      Writers have deadlines.

      • NNextremNN

        This is less of a deadline problem more of a money making problem. They want to make money from advertisers so they post a lot and early. Sometimes maybe too early and then these articles are based on incomplete informations. and jump to wrong conclusions.

    • ZeeLobby

      Did they actually win an event or something? Like is there any real context here on whether they’re good or bad besides assumptions on both ends?

  • AmorousBadger

    Ah, the BOLS Codex Cycle is now complete. It runs thusly – speculate on what’s coming next, worry that it’ll be rubbish, get excited about the amount of cheesing you can do, have it pointed out that said cheesing is explicitly against the rules, worry about how ‘competitive it is’, actually use the codex, admit that perhaps all that worry may have been misplaced.

    • ZeeLobby

      Yeah, except that last one isn’t actually a shining rebuttal. So some dude thinks they may not be so bad after all. Doesn’t mean they’re actually not bad, or are actually good. I find both opinion pieces extremely useless.

  • They are certainly terrorizing our campaign right now.

    • Corey Montgomery

      Is it a pure force or a mixed force?

      • There are four of them of varying consistency.

  • LordAba

    As a sisters played, I might pick up a pack of the jetbikes and try to rock a smaller command thingie. Certainly makes up for the fact that sister characters (minus celestine) are kinda meh unless they are backing up a squad of stormbolters.
    Really I just hope for plastic sister soon!

  • marxlives

    It is year of the Xenos, Tau is coming up and we get…another Imperium article.

    • Rasheed Jones

      It’s actaully the year of the Shipgirls, yet they have yet to do even one Kantai Collection crossover. Come on GW, its year of the Shipgirl.

    • Rasheed Jones

      I actually heard a rumor the year of the Shipgirl, so where are my kantai collection units and articles.

    • NNextremNN

      First there is no year of Xenos. It’s still Imperium vs all others.

      Secondly there is nothing to say about Tau which wasn’t already said.

      They sill need to make articles to make money. At least an author saying he was wrong with his first expression is something I haven’t read here before.

  • frank

    Whats with all the negativity in the comments?

    • Karru

      Welcome to BOLS comment section.

      You either complain about the article, the writer, BOLS, GW or any army in the game. Presenting facts matters very little, only the hate.

      • You left out complaining about complainers and anyone who has a different opinion.

        • frank

          lol i complain about a lot of stuff myself but someone reviewing a codex essentially, instead of making speculations about codex’s that haven’t come out yet is a positive thing in my book. the article about the army the author apologized for jumping to conclusions about the book before seeing it play and all i’m seeing on here is like why are you not talking about xenos lists you haven’t seen and when is my army going to get redone. those are not complaints or comments even remotely tied to what the author is discussing. so i guess im in the category of complaining about relevance?

          • The BoLS comment section is more like what you’d expect from a politics blog than a gaming news site. Whenever certain people see a sliver of an opportunity to advance their particular agenda, they take it. Relevance be damned. The comments section here is better than it was couple of years ago, though.

          • frank

            haha Well said, honestly didn’t notice your screen name until I typed that. The political news site comparison is kinda what i was thinking this feels like. gets a little old seeing the same comments from people over and over again on unrelated threads. I wonder if they think that bitching about personal gripes about GW on these threads will make GW react?

    • In any forum regarding GW games the negativity is usually off the chart save for a couple forums that moderate and ban you for posting negative comments. An example would be AOS has the tga.community forums and they will actively ban you for criticizing the game or the devs.

  • ZeeLobby

    So at first you were afraid, now you’re in love, and there’s nothing to really support either side. Super sweet!

    • briandavion

      I see it as more “I didn’t think this would work, elite armeis have underperformed, see grey knights as exhibit A. but after seeing them in use GW managed to make this one work nicely”

      • ZeeLobby

        He just doesn’t really support it. It’s an opinion piece. Which is cool, but I’d rather get some battle reports, some calculations. Maybe some lists. Etc. Would just be more interesting.

  • wong40k

    This is just plain validation for us knowing for years that 1 wound marine do not justify their fluff at all.

  • Marco Marantz

    ive heard the are overpowered…unsurprising given they are the latest dex…they will get FAQed down to size after the initial sales rush.

  • Michael Morefield

    Classic GW make the new stuff overpowered so the WAC players buy it then after they have pissed everyone off they FAQ it to be what it should have been to start. They are great looking models tho.