AoS: Daughters of Khaine – Money Talks

Are the Daughters of Khaine Dead on Arrival? It happened before but that was a long time ago…

We got a look at Morathi and her true form this weekend. The model looks pretty awesome and the Daughters of Khaine line looks to be getting a revisit. However, they have one of the biggest hurdles ahead of them: Cold Hard Cash.

Dark Elves VS The Almighty Dollar

Let’s take a trip back to 2013. It was the first look at the confirmed prices for the new Dark Elf kits:

Notice anything …funny about those? Those prices were the absolute highest we had seen for a box of “rank and file” miniatures from GW at the time. Sure, they had more expensive kits, but this was for your “basic” troopers:

$60 for ten (10) models – and you needed HOW MANY for a 2500 point army?

Lots of folks who played Warhammer Fantasy point to this release as the straw that broke the camel’s back. Those prices were a bridge to far for many of the fans of the game and they walked away. This was a fiscal rough patch for GW. You can see the trend in the Financial Reports from 2013-14 and again in 2014-15:

(Note: We’re including the fiscal reports that relate to the time frame we are referring to for context. You can visit GW’s Financial Reports site for more historical data.)

Half-Year 2013-14 Report:

Annual 2014 Report:


Half-Yearly Report 2014-15:

Annual Report 2015:

Now, we can point to economic factors and other releases (or lack of them) as to why the downturn for GW. You can point the finger where ever you want, the fact is that the numbers don’t lie and GW was in a downward trend. That much, I think, we can all agree on.

Will one bad release cause a 2 year decline? I would hope not! Especially for a single army that was released, but what this highlights is that GW was pushing against a barrier they might not have expected and it did take them some time to course correct. We noted in 2015 with the Ad Mech release that the pricing had started to noticeably dip. And while there are certain kits that are actually more expensive when you do a model-to-model price check, we haven’t really seen GW make the same pricing mistake. Couple that with the new Start Collecting! options, and you’ve got a reasonable way to build armies.

So what does this have to do with the Daughters of Khaine? Simple: Folks still remember those prices and they balked at them then. That left a pretty bad taste in a lot of folk’s mouths. Plus, look at some of the other “basic” troops you can get now and the price points:

Eternal Guard $39

Black Ark Corsairs $24.75

Arkanaut Company $45

Not bad, price-wise. Certainly they are cheaper comparatively. But that’s not always the case. On the Flip-side, let’s take a look at the Stormcasts:

Vanguard-Hunters $60

Liberators $62

So what gives? Maybe it’s that those higher prices are offset by the Start Collecting! options. Or maybe GW just priced the Dark Elves at 2018 prices in 2013. Whatever the case, we’ll have to see if the Daughters of Khaine are going to be a hit or not when they are released in the coming weeks.

Witch Aelves $60

Same Box. Same Price…

Are the Daughters of Khaine priced at a point players are ready to pay now? Or do you think folks will still hold a grudge?

  • Mike Linke

    As far as I remember, the Witch Elves WERE NOT basic troops. The Dreadspears were, at $35.

    • They weren’t basic troops but they were OP and people wanted as many as they could get, but then the price put that off so they raged off into the sunset.

      • Mike Linke

        Yup, sounds like something that would have happened.

      • Drew

        They also had the problem that you really needed at least 20-30 of them (because they had no defenses to speak of, and were dangerous enough to attract arrows like a bug zapper), so you were looking at a $120-180 unit minimum.

    • Lutra de los Muertos

      Witch Elves were Core Units in the final Army book, so they were indeed basic troops.

      • Mike Linke

        By some definition you’re right. Fantasy tended to have multiple units listed as “core”, and a lot of times one would be a cavalry or heavy infantry choice.

        I wasn’t following WHFB in 2013, so I have no idea what the complaints were at the time. I could see people being mad about a core unit priced like a rare, even when another core option is much cheaper. I think GW has learned a lot of lessons in the past 5 years, though.

        • Lutra de los Muertos

          Their alt build was rare, but it’s irrelevant, I was so hyped to get on board with Dark Elves and some plastic Witch Elves, that I was crushed to find that a unit of 10 lithe ladies were so expensive. When I considered I could buy two boxes of Witch Elves, or one Wraithknight for the same price, there was no contest.

          • Mike Linke

            20 witch elves vs 1 wraith knight is a hard choice in my mind. Granted, I have no pressing interest in either Witches or a Wraith Knight at the moment. I did buy 2 boxes of witch elves around the time AoS came out, and don’t remember thinking much about their price tag at that time.

        • Cergorach

          The complaints were, that it was too bloody expensive, not just in the US, but also in the UK/EU. But WFB day’s were already numbered, a year and a half later AoS would launch… AoS can easily be played with a whole lot less models compared to WFB 8E (troop blocks of 50 were quite common)…

          I suspect that the Blood Coven box will do quite well if it stays in stock… I think 2 hits a certain sweetspot…

          • Mike Linke

            I remember buy 100 night goblins for WHFB, thinking that would give me plenty of models to have differently equipped units. A friend told me “Cool. Once you finish your block of 100 night goblins, you can look into getting a second unit”.

            It was at this point I tuned out of WHFB.

      • Kabal1te

        Correct me if I am wrong but doesn’t the box have an alt build that makes for a useful and not core unit.

    • YetAnotherFacelessMan

      There’s this weird mentality that sweeps through every army at some point or another where people look to find some sort of special rule or codex supplement that replaces their basic troop with a better version. Why have tactical marines when you can have bikers, sternguard, or terminators? Why take fire warriors when you can have crisis suits?

      I think it just kind of culminated in the new detachments for 40k, but it was still alive and well when Fantasy died.

      • Mike Linke

        Even now in AoS, you tend to have a boring battleline that your grand alliance shares, and a cooler battleline that requires a specialized allegience.

        • YetAnotherFacelessMan

          Yep. I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for the little guys like Night Goblins (Moonclan Grots) that get overlooked. Back in 5th edition fantasy, I had like 3000 points of the little black caltrops. I miss that starter set. I kind of want to restart now for AoS.

      • Munn

        They’re straight up standard battleline in DoK armies and you need 90 BASELINE.

  • EnTyme

    I’d be shocked to not see the Witch Aelves get a 20-model rebox at maybe even reduced to$55. Most likely, though, we’ll see a box of 20 at $65-$70

    • Cergorach

      I seriously doubt we’ll see a box of 20. A lowering of the price might happen, but with how well GW is doing currently, I seriously doubt that…

      • Munn

        They already did it with pretty much every stormcast unit..
        GW NEVER drops the price on ANYTHING, what they do is they rebox things with a higher model count at a slight price increase OR they make discount sets like the skirmish boxes or Calth

        • Kefka

          Wasn’t the SE rebox of the Liberators a price dip??

          • Boondox

            Daughters of Khaine Blood Coven?

        • Simon Bates

          They did with the Magmadroth. Kind of had to, otherwise it would have cost *more* than buying the Start Collecting box which it comes in along with some infantry. Though I don’t understand why GW continues to stock 50 quid stand-alone kits that are also in 50 quid Start Collecting boxes. Does anybody buy Carnosaurs or Mortarchs on their own?

      • EnTyme

        What Munn said

  • Koen Diepen Van

    I am still not ever going to pay 6 dollars for a human sized figure. Gw can keep its overpriced elves

    • NeinNeinNein

      But how about 55 AU$ for a human sized figure hero? eh? How tempting is that? Hello Malign Portents and 220 AU$ deal for 4 infantry heroes. 🙂

      • Koen Diepen Van

        Yea those Hero’s are criminally over priced. Personally I hope they sell way below their predicted numbers and get a reality check.

  • Boondox

    These are cool miniatures but the price is insane. The 40K version of 10 Drukhari Wyches is less than half the price at $29. If the Witche Aelves are purchased as part of the $100 Daughters of Khaine Blood Cover their price drops to $25 for 10 after you factor out the $75 Bloodwrack Shrine. But I only need one Bloodwrack Shrine. Interestingly enough the Witch Aelves are listed as “sold out. no longer available” on the British GW site.

    • Lutra de los Muertos

      A lot of the time, these are listed as “no longer available” as they are being repackaged, and in AoS case, round bases added.

  • Munn

    The witch elf kit is the single most overpriced kit in the entire range. Keep in mind that there are only 5 ACTUAL sculpts in the box, they just doubled up the sprues and threw in some alternate arm options.

    • Nathaniel Wright

      Blood Knights.

      • Munn

        Fair point. Single most overpriced PLASTIC kit that came out before the dark times of early Sigmar’s ‘100$ for 3 cavalry models’ era.

  • EnTyme

    Also, why would Witch Aelves be the ONLY kit that wasn’t reboxed when it was added to a battletome? At the very least, they will need to put some round bases in the box and add an AoS logo.

    • Kabal1te

      Didn’t witch aelves already get one rebox in a lot with a blood cauldron and a character of some sort at a discount? I know I have seen that box at an LGS somewhere.

      • EnTyme

        They got one of the Allies bundles after GHB 2017 came out. They’re bundled with a Bloodwrack Shrine for $100. So yes and no.

  • Shadowstrife

    This pricing talk is all valid, but I’d imagine the biggest barrier to entry for a DoK force would be the skills needed to paint them well. It would be pretty hard for a newcomer to nail the models as well as they are presented.

    They’ll probably sell pretty well for collectors/ advanced hobbyists.

    • Kabal1te

      My painting skills are dreadful but I still really like this army. I have every intention of adding it to my collection

  • Marco

    Long live Warhammer Fantasy and the Old World!

    • Matthew Pomeroy

      Huzzah!! MARCOBOT!!!

    • Long live flagged for spam!

  • Bonesaw1o1

    Distant Australian laughing

    • Jesse Cavazos

      I want to think this isn’t actually related to the conversation at hand. It’s like an omen or something. Australian laughing rolls across the hills and people duck their heads and hurry indoors.

      • Bonesaw1o1

        We’re the newest addition to the chaos pantheon

  • James Regan

    They seem to have fallen afoul of a slight pricing descrepancy between regions, as well, being both cheaper than vanguard hunters and about $10 full dollars cheaper overall, in the UK. Hopefully a re-boxing will at least even this out, as that looks to be outside what you’d expect for a conversion to US (sorry Australians, who probably have to pay more again)

  • ChubToad

    Just wait for the start collecting box, and case closed. Really there’s nothing else to it.

  • Logandarksky

    Basic units should cost nomore than say about 45% (+/- 5%) of the largest unit in the army. However, too the difference between an elite style and a horde style army needs to be addressed too.

  • dante13

    Buy them slowly imo.. you don’t need 2500 points over night start out small and slowly progress..