AoS: Dread Solstice Global Campaign Launches

The Dread Solstice is upon us – It’s time to choose your fate in Games Workshop’s Global Campaign!

For many weeks the Malign Portents have been leading up to this – The Dread Solstice website is up and running. Get ready to influence the history of the Mortal Realms in the new Global Campaign for Age of Sigmar!

via Malign Portents (Games Workshop)

Week 1: The Time of Tribulations

“The lands are wracked with supernatural phenomena, affecting everyone from the lowliest beggars to the mightiest kings. But with this new era comes a new opportunity for conquest.”

For each chapter GW has put together a narrative that guides you into the story. And for each week, there are custom rules that have been paired with the narrative as well. For the first week, there are no additional rules however – things are starting to take shape after all. Once the “decision” has become a bit more clear then we’ll start to see player’s choices have an impact on games…

Chapter One – Cursed Omens

“The lands are wracked with supernatural phenomena, affecting everyone from the lowliest beggars to the mightiest kings. But with this new era comes a new opportunity for conquest.”

So what WILL you do to prepare? That is the question. Here are your answers:

To participate, all you’ve got to do is visit your local store and register your results. GW has rigged up a tracker as well. As of today (well, this morning so far) we’ve got a slight lead of “Eye” with “Drake” in a close second, followed by “Skull” – but don’t let those results fool you, things could swap around pretty quick. Lots of folks are still registering and entering their votes.

What’s really interesting about these options is they aren’t clearly marked as which “faction” each option is tied too. Drake could be Order…but does that make Eye Chaos/Destruction? Skull also feels a little bit like Chaos/Death/Destruction as well. I get the feeling that was all very intentional by GW. I’m glad they decided to blur the faction lines a bit and let the players make choices with their vote and see which direction it takes everyone.

And just one more friendly warning – it seems like there is a lot of activity on their site today. Between some of the flash elements and web traffic, some things are taking a bit to load. Be patient, things will load…eventually.

The Dread Solstice is upon us…Will you decide your own fate?

  • I’ve never been a giant fan of their globals because they always either seem rigged or are just a foregone conclusion (like for example Order winning the last campaign, when Order constitutes over half or so of all the factions combined so naturally would have exponentially more players)

    I’ll watch this with some interest. I am working on my own malign portents choose your own path type campaign as well which I will have up in before April when ours starts.

    • EnTyme

      I think not tying the choices to specific factions was a good move.

      • ZeeLobby

        Yeah, you could imagine that all 3 choices may be bad for your faction, but some are worse then others. Then at least you get some progression, even if it’s really dictated by GW and to a lesser extent the players. It’s like a mix between the two.

      • I agree. That was one thing I definitely approved of.

    • Xodis

      This is why I am not excited for the campaign results so much, but really excited for the campaign itself.

      • ZeeLobby

        Yeah, you’ll at least get some cool scenarios and such out of it.

    • Severius_Tolluck

      I agree they often are rigged on purpose to always side with order, or at the very least status qou. However, doesn’t mean this can’t be fun though.

      • euansmith

        I could be cool if the outcome affects the abilities of the Harbingers. So that their fate will be altered by the outcome of the campaign. Maybe giving one of them an extra buff or handing out some Hatreds to the “losers”.

        It could form a nice annual event, with GW releasing four new Champions and that year’s campaign (or even that quarter’s campaign) having a lasting effect on the Champions’ profiles.

        • Severius_Tolluck

          Totally agree. That’s how Warmachine did it for a while, and it was neat.

          • euansmith

            I noticed that Wyrd was doing something along these lines too. Hopefully GW will take the bait. After all, a campaign doesn’t need to affect the entire game universe. Just having it affect a few characters going forward is a neat way to limit the fall out while still providing some narrative traction.

  • Matthew Pomeroy

    Where is Marco?? come on Marcobot!! we need you!!