AoS: Dread Solstice – Week 1 Winds Down

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Week One of the Dread Solstice winds to a close–what fate do the malign portents hold for the mortal realms? Find out within…

That’s right folks! The first week of the Dread Solstice Global Campaign is winding down to a close. With a little more than a day left to get your results registered on the website, the race is really heating up. As of this week, it seems like Eye and Skull are in a very close race to the finish–but let’s take a look at what’s going on.

via Games Workshop (Dread Solstice Site)

Dread Solstice Week 1 – 1 day to go

Skull made a pretty big comeback from where it started at the beginning of the week…

Dread Solstice Campaign, Day 1 a few hours after launch

And Skull is still holding on to the lead. But Eye is looking like it might give it a run for it’s money…

What does all of this mean? Why do I care about a Drake an Eye or a Skull? These are excellent questions, hypothetical rhetorical reader, let me segue into telling you all how the Dread Solstice Campaign works. There’s an infographic below, but if you’d rather feel like you had to do work to get some comprehension, here’s what that infographic will tell you in unadulterated text:

The gist of it is, each week of the campaign, players play games and register their results as votes for a given story option. In this case, Skull, Eye, and Drake. I don’t know if they’ll always be on this particular brand–but this week the skull is all about crushing opposition, the eye is about finding out what is going on, and the drake is about bold action.

At the start of each chapter there is a Dilemma which players can vote on – to vote you have to play games, register and record them at your local participating store. The option that gets the most votes impacts the second part of the chapter and will add some new twists and turns. Here is the narrative part of week 1:

And here are the options:

Now I just want to take a moment to really appreciate the narrative here. The players are taking on the role of a king or queen or some other powerful figure in a minor power within the mortal realms. It feels like something’s about to happen–and given the options they’ve laid out, it seems like you can get a pretty clear idea of where things are going. What’s interesting to me is that the Drake seems to be all about harnessing the powers of the Harbingers of the Portents (pictured below), while the Skull seems to be ignoring the threat that’s going on… and well, we’ve seen how well that works out…

There is still a ton of time left to participate in the campaign, but week 1 is closing in a little more than a day and a half. So get your games in now folks!

Clearly Skull option best option, but which Option will you choose? What faction are you playing in this campaign?

  • ZeeLobby

    As state elsewhere, the concept does a good job of circumventing GW’s faction favoritism. I’m just curious if the final dilemmas and outcomes will actually be anything rewarding. I mean your factions are “fighting” for something, but what exactly are they fighting for?

    I mean traditionally accompanying maps and territories would delineate the goal. You were fighting for land, or resources, etc. In a game with equally supported and well-balanced factions this works great.

    • Severius_Tolluck

      Or in the Orks case, for the sake of fighting.

      • ZeeLobby

        Haha, true. Orks always have a good reason XD.

    • Jay Arr

      I am curious as well. There’s a lot riding on the narrative–I figure the next two weeks should give a better idea of what exactly is going on.

    • marxlives

      That is true, in regards to factions what does Drake, Eye, and Skull mean? Nothing to see here if you want to know what faction to buy in order to be competitive in a game that is going to cost you a grand to build a full sized army.

      • Ghachii

        Eh? What the hell are you talking about? The whole point of the Drake/Eye/Skull is so that we can have a campaign that does something interesting and different to the usual ‘I’m fighting for Order because I play Order – yay, Order won’. This is a *narrative campaign*. If you want to know which factions and army lists are competitive, go and look at some tournament results. And congratulations on squeezing an irrelevant and hyperbolic pricing complaint in for no particular reason, you lunatic.

        • marxlives

          Your right, sane people love spending hundreds of dollars to lose because they didn’t choose Order. And you the Drake/Eye/Skull campaign isn’t a way of hiding campaign results for factions because last year when the did that Order didn’t dominant every other faction out there and Order is still getting more releases in spite of that because fantasy Space Marines are way more interesting than ordinary Space Marines.

    • They don’t really say what is being fought for. Thats something I also struggle with.

    • dave long island

      Who says they have to be fighting for something? That hasn’t stopped the US in Afghanistan after what, 15 years? And no end in sight. Haw haw haw!!! 🙂

      • Hagwert

        My cousin served in Afganistan, he says they were fighting to stalemate the Taliban so they can’t take over the country and create a domino effect and then take over Pakistan which has a massive nuclear arsenal ! Sounds like a pretty important strategy to me.

        • euansmith

          I think that, like most wars, Coalition Forces in Afghanistan are probably fighting for a whole bunch of different, even conflicting, reasons. Some of those reasons will not be the avowed ones. 😉

          From what I understand, the Domino Theory was also one of the avowed reasons for the US getting in to Vietnam.

          Just like in that earlier war, the US Intelligence Services had an accidental hand in creating the enemy the American forces ended up fighting.

          In Vietnam, the OSS assisted the Communists to fight against the Japanese and then encouraged them to continue the fight against French Colonialism.

          In Afghanistan, the CIA supplied the Mujaheddin to fight against the Russians.

          In both cases, they didn’t seem to give enough thought to the fallout from their actions, or maybe they did, and the Wars are a desirable outcome?

          Politics, man. 🙁 At least with Death, Chaos (excluding Tzeentch), and Destruction, you know what they are fighting for.

          • Matthew Pomeroy

            cant trust that drake and skull loves fake news…eye, well eye is up to no damn good!

          • dave long island

            Very good summary. The timing of this ridiculous ‘war on terror’ has always been fishy to me. I personally do not believe the US ever stopped funding Islamic extremism. Al Quada should have perhaps been spelled Al CIA-da. It’s so very convenient how after the fall of the Soviet Union we immediately had all these wars in the MidEast. There never was a peace dividend. We spent all those billions building up the military against the Soviets for decades and then when they imploded you would expect the spending on defense to drop precipitously, and that money given back in tax relief or spent on schools, and cleaning up the environment, rebuilding our infrastructure, on job training, on lowering infant mortality, or on care fo the elderly who need help, etc. But no. We suddenly had to fight Saddam in the MidEast which we lured him into, then there was periodic terrorism, and then 9/11. Then multiple wars that continue to this day. And now there’s ISIS (driving their fleets of Toyota trucks complete with their symbol emblassoned on their hood… LOL..) How convenient for the establishment!… There is now perpetual war, as Orwell stated: ‘War is Peace’. This is a very profitable state of affairs. The military industrial complex was saved! They must have breathed a sigh of relief at their ‘good fortune’… In addition, one of the consequences of Taliban rule was that they completely eradicated the poppy harvest in Afghanistan. And since we removed the Taliban from power, poppy harvests are at record yields, and heroin on American streets has never been more readily available. Indeed the price of heroin on the American streets is at record lows. And as you would expect, currently there is an opiate crisis going on, with 30,000+ Americans dying of overdoses every year. Few Americans connect our war in Afghanistan with the massive Opioid crisis going on. In fact I remember seeing news reports on mainstream media right after we had just invaded reporting that the Taliban was producing heroin for sale in the US and so needed to be overthrown. This was of course a total fabrication and the exact opposite of what was actually going on. The intelligence agencies and the establishment are reaping massive profits once again growing the poppy in Afghanistan, and selling the heroin back in the West. There was always talk of the CIA running heroin during the Vietnam War into the US in the body bags and caskets of dead US servicemen returning to the US. And with the defeat in that war, the intelligence services looked for new lands with which to produce this profitable product, settling on Afghanistan. The removal of the Taliban and the consequent flooding of American streets with heroin, and massive profits thereof, makes me wonder if that old rumor of heroin in the caskets of dead US servicemen from Vietnam isn’t true after all.

          • euansmith

            Ooh, you just reminded me of “American Gangster” as it relates to your final point. I really enjoyed it. I wonder if it is on Netflix.

        • dave long island

          Your cousin seems rather sweet and childlike, to believe such nonsense…. lol

  • euansmith

    I like the implication that there are lots of “kingdoms” within the Mortal Realms, with leaders and agendas of their own. I guess they are analogous to Imperial Guvnors in 40k.

    • Matthew Pomeroy

      Marco is Guvnor of the state of denial 😀

      • euansmith

        If the Mortal Realms are infinite, then, somewhere out there, the Old World still exists.

        • Matthew Pomeroy

          good point, maybe should visit with my arkanaughts 😀 get some brettonian cheese 😀

          • euansmith

            The ripest cheese comes from the Dairy of Nurgle.

        • Ghachii

          They’re not infinite. Each realm is a disc with a centre and an edge. The Old World no longer exists at this point in the timeline – except for its metal core, which hangs above the Realm of Heavens and has Sigmar’s city oz Azyrheim orbiting around it. The metal from the core of the Old World is used to make Stormcast armour.