AoS: Morathi, Shadow Queen Preview

A schemer, a betrayer, and perhaps most importantly a survivor. Join us as we get a closer look at Morathi, the Shadow Queen!

Games Workshop has some more info on one of the most infamous characters of the Old World – a survivor of the End Times and matron of the Dark Elves, Morathi has been through quite a bit and has been transformed. As the High Oracle of Khaine, she is usurping his power and is back to scheming and plotting. What will become of her plans? Time will tell. But for now, we’re getting a look at her abilities on the table top.

via Warhammer Community

Rather than choosing which form of Morathi you use, you’ll start every game with her in her High Oracle of Khaine form. In this shape, she makes for an invaluable commander and spellcaster, gaining bonuses to cast and unbind. While she’s a little fragile, with a mere 6 wounds, her Enchanting Beauty and Iron Heart of Khaine abilities make her impossible to kill in a single turn and difficult to pick off with ranged attacks:

The Iron Heart of Khaine is a pretty amazing ability. She cannot suffer more than 3 wounds in any one turn. That means she’s going to last until turn 2, minimum! That should give you time to use her to pull off some type of plot! Oh and just for added measure, Enchanting Beauty also makes it harder for her enemies to focus on hitting her.

Worship Through Bloodshed is another powerful ability that Morathi has in her first form. As her command ability she can use this on your turn to grant some bonus shooting or melee attacks to 2 different units. If you can get your units into position, you can get to double up the damage they generate which is always nice!

Now, it’s slightly tricky to keep Morathi in her “Oracle” form. Every time she takes damage there is a good chance she can Hulk-out into Snake-lady form. And that can be a bad thing…for your opponent.

In her winged serpent form, she become a much tougher opponent. I mean, check out her stat-line:

12 Wounds and a boat-load of attacks – she’s a force unto herself. And while Gaze of Morathi might only be 1 attack it can be pretty brutal, too:

If you’re a minor hero, you’re going to want to avoid looking at her directly in the eyes is all I’m going to say. Oh, and just in case you were wondering – she still has The Iron Heart of Khaine ability in Snake form. Let’s see…12 wounds, max 3 wounds a turn loss…yep! It takes a MINIMUM of 4 turns to kill her, without some other dusty handed shenanigans.


Are you ready to meet the Shadow Queen?

  • EnTyme

    The Iron Heart of Khaine may be the best defensive ability we’ve seen yet. Loving these rules so far! Can’t wait to see the rest of her warscroll.

    • Yeah, I’m picking up the book for sure.

  • Xodis

    Ouch, sniping out models. That is going to hurt.

    • EnTyme

      Yeah. Nothing quite as powerful in this game as being able to decide which model you’re attacking. Now you can get rid of that pesky icon bearer that keeps respawning Bloodletters. I love it!

  • Dawnstone

    It’s hard to say how good she’ll be without knowing her points value, but I love that she can’t be focused down on turn 1. However, if it’s possible to die without transforming on turn 2, she’s going to be quite a risky choice.

    The command ability seems strong especially if that shooting snake-ish unit is good, so that’s nice.

  • James Regan

    With the normal turn wording in AoS, is that 3 wounds per player turn, or per full turn, can anyone remember (basically, is a full turn called a turn, or is it a round?)
    only i could see some shenanigans stemming from her being able to charge something nasty, and have it either need to run out of position or endure a round of combat on the enemy turn without actually taking damage. Conversely, if not, it might encourage daughters of khaine with morathi to go second, knowing that if the opponent gets the double turn after going second, they can focus fire her down (presuming she doesn’t auto change on 0 wounds).

    • Munn

      Turn is igo, round is igougo in Sigmar

      • James Regan


  • Fergie0044

    Daemon primarchs could only dream of having an ability like iron heart of khaine….

  • DrunkCorgi

    Be still my beating heart…

    I love painting and playing my delves. Now I’m going to enjoy being competitive.

    I really hope the price of welves drops to a more reasonable price point… somewhere below my monthly mortgage payment would be seeet.


    I hate to say it but that Iron Heart of Khaine ability I can see getting errata’d to tone it down.

    • SacTownBrian

      I’d also like to know if wounds carry over when she transforms. At first blush she looks to be the first possibly unkillable model which would make lopsided all the potential fun of playing her.

      • EnTyme

        Well, there’s always Nagash’s spell or Archaon’s sword to delete her. As far as wounds carrying over, it’ll depend on the wording of the transformation ability. If it’s the standard “replace the model with X” wording from warscrolls like the Lord of Chaos, she’ll spawn with the full 12 wounds.

        • SacTownBrian

          Looking at the rules though I would be surprised to be able to get Nagash in to close combat in order to pull off hand of dust. He isn’t unkillable by any means and the new Legion abilities decreases his options for healing significantly making getting there highly unlikely. I can’t speak for Archaeon but he looks like the better choice but what about every other faction? other than Overlords that I also play I have no idea, and they look to be a bad match up.

          • EnTyme

            Really any unit that could reliably put 3 wounds on a 4+ model in melee. She also doesn’t have any protection against mortal wounds, so that’s another option. You could take here out in 2-3 turns with that.

          • John Henry III

            whats going to really keep her alive longer is if you get a round of bad dice rolls against her and only deal 1 or 2 wounds. Which effectively gives her a garenteed extra turn of life.

          • EnTyme

            Oh, she’s definitely going to be very survivable. I think calling her unkillable is an overstatement, though. Some people just seem to think that you should be able to kill everything turn 1. In either case, we can’t really judge how powerful she is until we see her points cost. If she’s less than 300 points, she’s undercosted as hell. If she’s nearly 800 points like Archaon, she’ll never see the tabletop. I’m think somewhere between 300 and 400 points would be about right unless there’s something else on the scroll we haven’t seen yet.

          • John Henry III

            I agree, Although I would place her in the mid 400’s.

      • John Henry III

        It seems like once she transforms she looses most if not all ranged ability so her player has to get her into combat and once she does then you can start racking up the wounds on her 4+ save

        • SacTownBrian

          I am hoping the units have a short ranged attack. Long ranged units are killer on heroes. The new Death book is the worst yet for relying on heroes and crumbling when they die.

  • SacTownBrian

    My initial gut reaction is that Morathi doesn’t look like fun to play against. After the meh Legions of Negash release I guess they were due for some power creep and meta busting rules.

  • Marco

    Long live Warhammer Fantasy and the Old World!!

    • Ghachii

      Oh, get a life. This is clearly an improvement on what came before. The better AoS gets, the more ridiculous, lonely and pathetic you look.

    • Grasshopper

      Aos or Old World?

      Why not have both?

  • palaeomerus

    Did this version of Morathi start out as a Kerrigan doodle though?