AoS: What Happened to Slaanesh – Revealed

At long last – Battletome Daughters of Khaine – explains what happened to Slaanesh.

Since the death of the World that Was and the launch of the Age of Sigmar the exact fate of Slaanesh has been shrouded in mystery.

We knew Slaanesh gorged on the souls of the Aelfs as the World That Was died, then went missing and was being tracked by it’s daemons and minions. Finally we know the mighty leaders of the surviving Aelfs – reincarnated in the Mortal Realms had something to do with it.

Now, Battletome Daughters of Khaine sheds light on what happened and the future of the Aelves – and the Dark Prince in the future.

Take a look at this:

To Summarize

  • Teclis, Tyrion, Melerion, Morathi, other Aelf gods and cabals of Aelf sorcerors join forces
  • Morathi gives up the vital info on how she caused Slaanesh to vomit her forth from his belly
  • Slaanesh is lured to the Hidden Gloaming on the borders of Hysh and Ulgu
  • Slaanesh is trapped, and Aelf souls are extracted from it
  • These are divided evenly among amongst the Aelven gods who reshaped them into new forms for the Mortal Realms

We’ve already seen how Alarielle has reshaped her followers from the old WFB Wood Elfs into the Sylvaneth. We’re just seeing the new Daughters of Khaine units, that bear the taint of Slaanesh upon them. We will have to wait and see what the newly reformed High and Dark Elfs look like but there is that big clue:

“In Hysh luminous beings and angelic creatures of reason were born.” aka High Elves reborn.

“…those Malerion took to Ulgu were formed into something darker, something majestic and terrible at the same time.” aka Dark Elves reborn.

As for the Dark Prince, the book states it is still bound in the Hidden Gloaming, while the enchantments that hide it’s location are slowly cracking – due to duplicity by Morathi herself.  It’s only a matter of time until Slaanesh will be found by her minions…

~ What do you think? It’s a lot to take in.

  • Hooray! Actual answers for once and a hint for the next big event – Slaanesh’s rise in the Mortal Realms and likely war with his captors and also the God who took their seat!

    • Kefka

      yes, well said. Elves and Slaanesh as new armies, a campaign that binds in the Skaven and Chaos too. Sounds like a good start.

    • Damistar

      Likely new Emperors Children and Fulgrim for 40K too (I hope).

    • Rasheed Jones

      Answers to what? This has always been the story for Slaanesh in AoS.

      • I mean in that we are given exact details of where and how

        • Rasheed Jones

          I thought we alteady had a good idea of that. Anyway im hoping the day comes that i drink this shaq fu.

  • Hagwert

    At last they are putting some meat on the AOS bones…better late than never !

    • This is screaming both hints of the new Aelven forces AND likely the next big event for AoS

  • Karru

    Slightly sad that this is what they decided to go with in terms of the elven souls. Mostly because this means they are going to get rid of the old kits and replace them with completely new ones with probably no Spearmen/Archer units coming back, but instead a relatively expensive, low model count box of angelic elves for High Elves.

    At least there is still Dark Elves to do, but I would have liked to have some High Elves in there as well.

    • I do think the Spearmen/Archer models were quite dated nowadays and during 8th edition…I am curious of what aspects of original High Aelves will be kept for their new forms although one aspect I do hope remains is their relation with Dragons

      • Karru

        That they were, but what I meant is that there is not going to be any new ones of that calibre.

        Since GW loves to recycle ideas, they are probably going to do a slim and fit version of the Sigmarines for the Elves, which is going to be in small units, which is something I find quite dull in AoS as GW has decided that AoS battles should be small skirmishes instead of battles like they used to be in Fantasy.

        • Hmm…That is one angle and the idea of slimmer Sigmarines is kinda…meh…But hopefully whoever is given the key to write and design the Neo New High Aelves to make them unique and fitting to the setting…Oooh, maybe bring in Elementals as units o3o

          • Karru

            Don’t hold your breath too much on that front. While they might bring back some sort of elementals for High Elves, the core units are probably going to be very similar in design to Sigmarines. Even if that is not the case, one thing is going to be for sure, a unit of 5 is the standard, unit of 10 is “big” and anything beyond that is going to be considered a “horde” of these guys.

          • Eh, all depends on what follows after the Daughters of Khaine…Which I find myself liking as a faction

          • ZeeLobby

            Well. They’ve definitely realized that they can sell 5 model units for as much as they sold 10/20 in the past. It’s gotta be cheaper for shelf space, design, etc.

          • Karru

            Yep, it is just annoying because when it comes to fantasy setting, I enjoy bigger fights myself over small skirmishes.

          • ZeeLobby

            Yeah. I mean I’m sure it’s coming. There’s no way GW won’t sell an “apocalypse” version of fantasy eventually. But it won’t be for a while I assume. Personally I’ve started looking at other rank and file games as that’s what I really liked about fantasy, so I’m waiting to see what comes from Para Bellum and Conquest before I buy into anything.

          • Karru

            They will probably sell an AoS version of Apocalypse, but the problem still remains that all the kits and units are these units of 10 on average, which means either the army costs more than a house or you are still looking at a medium skirmish at best.

          • ZeeLobby

            Haha. Well that’s true. It’ll probably be more on the “super heavy” side of apocalypse anyway. But I guess this is just what GW wants to make their thing now. High priced skirmish game. I thought maybe they’d add some additional block rules, but I doubt we’ll ever see those.

          • euansmith

            Behold the might of the Free Guild Baneblade!

          • Rasheed Jones
          • I dunno, my 3 armies together (daemons, beastman, mortal nurgle) are over 500 models, certainly the flap of collecting them is to play with all of them together

        • mac40k

          Surely you are not unaware that the huge number of models needed was a barrier to entry for the previous game?

          • Karru

            You do know that what GW is doing is increasing the price per model, while decreasing the amount of models you get.

            The problem isn’t the number of models per say, it is the fact that they are giving us less for more. While in 8th edition, you’d get 10-20 models for 30€, you are now getting around 5 models for 40-50€. While you might need less models to play the game, the armies are still more expensive than they were before for standard game size, but the army itself is much smaller.

          • Muninwing

            “barrier to entry”
            “reason why so many people played WHF instead of a skirmish game”
            potayto, potahto…

      • Troy

        I bet they’ll look like what you get if Power Metal and 40k Eldar do a chest bump 😂

      • Spacefrisian

        Flaming winged phoenix guard and powerarmoured white lions with sisters of Averlorn somewhere.

    • Hagwert

      Your right , those wood elf eternal guard spearmen are really lovely models. It would be a shame if they didn’t create such lovely rank and file again.

      • Karru

        Unfortunately a pattern can be seen, not too many armies are getting proper Rank & File units any more. Tzeentch got some, but even Orks got just elite units as their Battleline units with their new releases being just heavily armoured Ork Brutes.

      • Sonic tooth

        Same with dreadspear and the sea guard from island of blood. Love all the elf kits from 8th

    • PureMotive

      I don’t play AoS, but surely they’ll keep the Eternal Guard and Glade Guard around for the classic Spear and Bow units? Eternal Guard are barely a couple of years old and Glade Guard still look great.

    • James Regan

      it’s weird that, fluff wise, high elves don’t really have a reason to exist as they did- Malerion and Allarielle are still the king and queen of all three factions of elves at once, though i suspect their marriage might be a little shaky nowadays, especially since Allarielle’s boy-toy stopped being possessed by the god of murder. Man but elven gods have messed up families.

    • Brother Eldrian

      Don’t get your argument. In the Daughters of Khaine Battle tome there are 4 new units consisting out of the 2 new boxes. Then there is Morathi. And the rest is the old line of models. So you’ll have some angelic, draconic elves alongside your old models. That’s about it.

      • Karru

        Please do direct me to the product page for HIGH ELF Spearmen and Archers. I’ll wait.

  • Asrai

    There is one thing you don’t get…. The old Wood elves aren’t the sylvaneth …. They’ve been renamed as “Wanderers”

    • Kabal1te

      I have a feeling more elf like wood elves are still to be seen to make the wanderers more of a proper faction… I hope. They are still nice models most of them

    • Spacefrisian

      According to Agarest Sylvaneth are a mockery creation of the high elves created by the god Chaos anyway…Oh snap now GW needs to rename them cause they were used before…

      • Asrai

        No, in the lore the Wanderers are described es as the protectors of nature …. They have nothing to do with Slaanesh … Alarielle isn’t linked to Slaanesh neither!

        @Kabal1te I think they will make a proper faction because they have all been reboxedr!

  • Huntard

    They’d already said what happened to Slaanesh ages ago. Instead of reading, you and others like you ran with the false story of “Slaanesh is dead! He’s never coming back! GW is dumping him!”

    • Thank you.

    • ragelion

      Yup, there are more stories about slaanesh and the situation pertaining to him than the 30 years of whfb.

    • EmperorOfMankind

      I only read a little bit and it didn’t sound like Slaanesh was dead so reading it over and over was just confusing.

    • Kabal1te

      Someone else who paid attention. This may be more detailed than it was said before but none of this is news and was stated in simpler terms before the realmgate wars happened.

    • Sonic tooth

      Not too long ago Bols was lecturing us on why slaanesh was the worst thing ever and how we should be ashamed if we liked it’s aesthetic.

      • ragelion

        I personally think slaanesh is the most interesting chaos god. The issue with BOLS is that they keep harping on slaanesh is about sex when it isn’t. The last ring to get to slaanesh’s palace is sloth for crying out loud and carnal stuff is the third.

        All the vulgar excesses are ring 1-3 while the more sophisticated stuff is 4-6.

        • I actually think Nurgle and Tzeentch are equally interesting, and encompass some complex dichotomies.

          Khorne is the most straightforward, and Slaanesh is just low hanging fruit for adding some sexuality into the universe.

          You can argue all you want that Slaanesh isn’t about sexuality, that it’s true that that’s not ALL that the Dark Prince is about. But there is no denying the black and white proof that GW rode the BDSM Sexuality angle fairly hard in the early incarnations of the lore and minis range.


          • ragelion

            See the thing is, they already revamped slaanesh from 2nd edition. People still get hanged up on the sexuality angle when present lore explore’s more than that.

          • Sonic tooth

            So what?

          • frank

            No offence intended but that is silly the rod of command is brought up way too much as proof of somthing that it is not, naked women do not equal to Bdsm. the gimp suit faces for marines in third maybe but the use of the rod gets a bit old. All the gods of chaos are pretty low hanging fruit to be honest Tzeentch may be the only exception because how do you represent change? decay, rage and, desire are all pretty easy to personify lol.

          • Jabberwokk

            You mean people don’t see this?

            Of course it is.

            Slaanesh just thinks(rightly) you can catch(corrupt) more flies(souls) with honey(pleasure) than you can with vinegar(BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!)

            All men gravitate between the poles of pain and pleasure, Hitler or Hefner, Orwell or Huxley. Both corrupt and both control. Though i think Slaanesh’s strategy is by far superior. Where Khorne kills it’s his fault, when Slaanesh kills it’s your fault.That’s why I think Slaanesh is 10x the villain as Khorne suffers the the virtue of honesty. there isn’t a whole lot deceptive about him. But with Slaanesh it’s not just the sweet lies and false allure but the deception that is inflicted on his victims but the deception that is inflicted upon themselves by themselves which leads to there eventually surrender and consumption.

            Pain you have a natural aversion too, a natural defense. but no such defense exists against pleasure. If I wanted to take over a world that’s exactly how I would do it. And it’s denizens would hand it to me on a silver platter willingly.

            Perhaps they can re-write the villain to be more drug dealer than stag shop, it keeps the villainous appeal without diluting it.

      • The actual argument was that Slaanesh is the least “kid friendly” faction, with adult undertones and occasional nudity on the models. Thus GW was going to have to do something about it moving forward. Based on the new minis we’ve seen for Daughters of Khaine and recent artwork – it looks like they have a new aethetic nailed down.


        As for the Eldar, their problem is an ancient range, and busted rules. Personally I love em.

        But hey, rant on…

        • Sonic tooth

          There was a lot more going on in that ranting slaanesh article then them not being “kid friendly”.

          • Oh, you remember that too? Guess it wasn’t just me who thought those articles ridiculous.

        • ……Snakes have been connected to Slaanesh for a long, long time. Heck, remember Fulgrim? He literally turned into a four-armed half-snake with wings. You could convert Morathi into Fulgrim pretty easily I’d wager, and we’ll see that down the line. Nevermind that characters like Lucius have been shown with snake-like tongues and reptilian features.

        • frank

          Daughters of khaine are not slaanesh khaine is more closely linked to khorne than slannesh. Remember the 6th edition witch elf standard? the sign was a much more stylized symbol for khorne?

        • Jabberwokk

          I always thought tzeentch was more kid friendly.

          Evil space wizards and living Armour and all that.

          sure beets having your guts on display via chain axe along with your freshly hewed skull or having your flesh be distended and slough off like slop.

      • frank

        when did they say we should hate eldar? ill agree that their was a lot of slaanesh bashing but haven’t sen anything similar to the stuff with slaanesh done to eldar could you show me some ati-eldar articles think their was one about ynari or something but thats all i can remember and im on this site way to often to have missed it?

        • Sonic tooth

          To be fair to Bols I misread the tone of an article about the role of eldar in 40k a while ago

          • frank

            thought that might be the article you meant.=D

  • ohhpoong

    lol since each gods just created new races as they wanted, new aelf models are going to be so over the top. almost like elementals

    • ragelion

      The new daughters of khaine don’t look like elementals. The snake and winged one’s were the ones Morathi created and the males of that line she made weak. Those who are strong enough are bound and turned into doomfire warlocks.

      The witch elves are those “Normal” elves that have been born naturally. If you are a god now and you have to remake a part of your race I would trick them out a little myself.

      • ohhpoong

        i know what DoK models look like. I was talking about new ones that are made by Tyrion and Malerion, who are actual gods of light and shadow now.

      • Sonic tooth

        Can’t wait to see malerions elves. Will be a long wait tho, I’d imagine. I keep picturing Rackham’s elves for Tyrions

    • euansmith

      Maybe one of the Aeioulf Gods is the spirit of Moderation and Good Taste; the sort who wears and understated suit from Savil Row rather than a Gold Lamé suit.

  • There is so much babbling about unspeakably named locations in that lore… it’s disturbing me a lot.

    • Hagwert

      I think we need proper maps of each realm…maybe White Dwarf could do a month by month in depth exploration of each realm with some cool cartography .

      • Karru

        Won’t help much to be honest. They have already stated that these realms are so vast it can take a lifetime to travel from one end to the other, so even if they give a geographical maps of the realms, it still wouldn’t do much. Armies can only cover so much before they get stretched thin and when those armies get destroyed, nothing of value is lost.

        • ragelion

          That’s why realm gate’s exist which is used for trade and to cross vast distances. They have been around at the start of the setting, it was the first thing they secured so they can create supply lines and start rebuilding civilisation.

          It was deliberate by GW to make the setting more open like 40k. The galaxy is so vast the imperium is still discovering planets.

          • Karru

            Yes, but that still doesn’t help with one thing. The size and its effect on the “seriousness” of the situation.

            Because of their size, an army attacking anywhere in the AoS lore means nothing, absolutely nothing. Even if the army somehow is vast enough to conquer every single realm gate in one realm, there is still vast majority of the realm to conquer, thus nothing of value is lost. All that needs to be done is just wait, combine armies from the hundreds upon hundreds of cities and towns that probably fill the areas surrounding the Realm Gates and then just beat back the army.

            There is absolutely no urgency, no threat in AoS lore. Nothing has an impact because as soon as you realise “oh, this realm is so vast that this little thing happening here means nothing in the grand scheme of things”.

            In 40k, they at least give some sense of urgency. Tyranids coming from the galaxy’s edge towards Holy Terra? Oh, that’s a bad thing because we know Holy Terra is extremely important and we know that the Tyranids might actually have what it takes to take it.

            Orks started a massive WAAAGH! near Ultramar? Okay, that’s another big threat because if Ultramar falls, it is a good chance for the galactic east to fall with it.

            Even if these things never happen, because of obvious reasons, they are still something that creates urgency. In AoS this is non-existent because of the pure size and the overpowered gods that exist who can just deny any major invasion into their realms with a snap of a finger. It is just an eternal standstill, which makes it more stagnant that Fantasy ever was.

      • I was surprised there was no maps at all in Daughters of Khaine. A missed opportunity.

  • Sonic tooth

    Although I like this fluff and think there’ll be some amazing new stuff for us elf fans I fear some beautiful elf kits will be phased out. All the newer plastic 8th edition elf kits are fantastic.

    • ZeeLobby

      I think that’s going to be true for most factions. I mean they want you to buy new.

    • ragelion

      Well they built off a whole faction from just witch elves and doomfire warlocks. New 8th edition plastics.

  • piglette

    It seems like AoS / Fantasy has a more interesting and nuanced approach to the chaos gods than 40k.

    • Rasheed Jones

      How so, cause i hojestly dont see it.

  • Douglas Burton

    I still cannot wrap myself around AOS stories. Ulgu, Hysh, even Aelf. It reads to me like some poor mans copy of WHFB but hey, we need to change the names to make them sound exotic… Reminds me of the 3rd party companies who want to capitalize on WHFB but need to come up with weird names (ie lets type a few letters and see if it sticks as a name) kind of thing.

    • Kabal1te

      I think it is less to sound exotic and more to be able to slap a copyright or trademark on the name

    • Blues

      You do realize that Ulgu and Hysh are names directly from Fantasy, right?

    • Sonic tooth

      I completely agree and I despise the shoehorning of stupid looking space marine proxies into warhammer fantasy (who’ll always get more releases then anyone else) but I find myself becoming more interested. I’ll always prefer old world tho. I loved the elf lore and bretonnians. It’s not coming back tho so this is all we’ve got.

      • Karru

        The funny thing is, I play AoS using the Old World as my lore. Everything that happens is in the Old World, so I don’t mind either way. Much better to make stories in Fantasy as they have impact compared to AoS.

    • ohhpoong

      all the names of the realms derive from 8 winds of magic of the Old World….so those silly names came from WHFB

    • Nate

      Actually, Ulgu is the Wind of Shadow and Hysh the Wind of Light in WFB. Now they are they realms of shadow and light. So those names are not changed or new.

  • Slaanesh Devotee

    I’m just reminded of all the arrogant insistence from Vela over the last 2+ years that he could clearly see GW’s intention to scrap Slaanesh, despite all the signs to the contrary..
    How embarrassing.

    • Cry more.

      And please show me the new Slaanesh minis that have been released since AoS came out.

      I’ll wait.

      • ragelion

        GW have said the slaanesh storyline starts this year in a AMA. They have littered story pieces since the start of AOS if you have actually been keeping up with the narrative.

        • Slaanesh Devotee

          Oh, I can see your comment on Safari, but not Chrome. Vela’s probably engaging in some comment manipulation silliness.

          I wanted to ask, did they really outright say that? Do you just mean that Gav Thorpe AMA from last Nov? Or something from the studio people?

          • ragelion

            They said it at Nova, a respected member of the warhammer youtube community attended it(his name is vince) reported it on his weekl show. The crowd asked GW about Slaanesh in the AMA and they stated we will start seeing slaanesh in 2018.

            They even dropped hints in the malign portent supplement that sigvald might be coming back.

          • Slaanesh Devotee

            Nice one, mate. I hadn’t heard about that in particular. Thanks a lot for the info (:

      • Slaanesh Devotee

        Erm, ‘cry’…? 😛
        That was clearly more of a smirk, if anything. More so now that I see you’re sticking to your guns.

        As Ragelion, whose comment you’ve inexplicably deleted, said; they’ve been littering the story with Slaanesh hints since the beginning of AoS..

        So wait just a few more months and I’m sure many of us will happily fulfill your request.

        • Sonic tooth

          I’d say it might be 2019? I feel after the Idoneth, that’ll be it for new AOS stuff this year (unless we get more stormcast?)

  • Rafał Pytlak

    The image of poor Slaanesh constantly vommiting elf souls for years and that mass being remade into new soldiers is…hilarious.

    I hope that Silver-something narsicistic dude from the Old world
    That had guards with mirror shields, will soon come to help his Deity…

    • ragelion

      Actually he is likely coming back. In the malign portent supplement there is a history event where a dwarf team discover a “magnificent mirror” containing the most vainest soul ever.

      • Rafał Pytlak

        Sweet. My fantasy Fulgrim is back

    • Seb

      Most fantasy driven example of a night of heavy (soul) drinking I’ve seen.

    • mgdavey

      Sigvald the Magnificent