GMM: Clan Lachesis – Primaris, Preheresy Iron Hands, LotD

Hello friends. I am back. Only two things in life that do not cease, time and myself. So let’s kick off a new year and a new project!

This time around it’s a part two for the original Clan Lachesis army, a homebrew chapter of the client’s. One part Preheresy reserves, another Primaris, and also a custom Legion of the Damned subsection I am really excited about. All custom, built up from bits and painted with a lava effect that was fun to work up.

Very happy with the black on this one. Black is a color that seems simple, but with practice and awareness of the amount of grey used, as well as shading as one would with any other color, can get a depth and gemlike quality.

Something like half of this year’s armies are black as well, which I am looking forward to in order to further refine it army to army. Never really get tired of any color, and to be honest the opportunity of working on one color several armies in a row is a relatively rare and exciting opportunity. I am all about brutal efficiency while increasing quality, so instead of a color once a year it is a melting up of experience and results in a short span.

Anyway. Did the pictures a little different this time. Little more random. There are a few factors to army galleries that are always a struggle. The close and the gestalt. The balance of action and representing the model for the client. The OCD of wanting to show a linear progression as one would click through them. And the absolute worst is being equally excited about every model, so Johnny Marine in picture 47 I want in the front as well as the Dread in picture 12. An hour of shuffling. So lets see how this goes and let me know what you think.

Thanks for looking. Thanks to the client for the opportunity. Have a good day.

As always for the rest of the gallery, or more images of other projects, feel free to visit me elsewhere:




  • Diagoras


    Have to say, as a long-time Iron Hands fan, these are just outstanding. With their admittedly bland color scheme, it can be difficult to make them stand out. A lot of Iron Hands armies I see just end up just looking like a basecoated black blob, but your shading and highlighting have really done an excellent job really making those models pop. I would kill for that Leviathan.

    And I’m not usually too keen on Primaris or Legion of the Damned, but those are absolutely gorgeous.

    I hope one day I can paint half as well. Absolutely fantastic job.

  • Jukka Vuorisalo

    Iron hands army without any iron hands… Pathetic.

  • AEZ

    I love the subtle use of purple.

  • Nyyppä

    Great job, the looks are awesome. Nothing pre 40k in it though, far less preheresy.

  • Haxor

    Awesome LOTD! I am sooo going to steal this! 😀

    • euansmith

      Indeed they are super cool. So much better than the 1970’s hotrod paint job they’ve traditionally had. I’m now thinking maybe something in a ghostly green or celestial blue glow could look nicely weird and Imperial Daemon style.

      • Haxor

        Hotrod 😀 That’s a good description for the old paintjob. I love the idea of a blue glowing one. I think I will have to test that, too!

        • euansmith

          Have they got around to admitting that the Legion of the Damned are actually the Emperor’s own Daemons; the product of his ascendancy to Ruinous Power status and the prayers of his faithful worshipers?

  • greenskin

    Beautiful work! really inspiring stuff, dude!

  • orionburn III

    Bravo, sir. Bravo. Well done on the glowing effects. That’s how it should be done. I’m so over OSL paint jobs where airbrushing a blob of yellow or blue counts as a quality glow effect. I still struggle with black models to make them look remotely decent so that makes this army even more amazing. Fantasic job mate.