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We talk Adeptus Custodes Relics and Stratagems, then we shift gears to cover the Eldar menace!

We cover a range of topics in this episode. We revisit the Adeptus Custodes book and cover some of the Relics and Stratagems we didn’t before then we get to a difficult topic currently making the rounds about Tournaments. Then we shift gears to cover the Eldar menace!

We are back fresh off the heels of the Las Vegas Open. It is a wonderful event and I’ll be back next year! Can’t wait. In this episode we do little recap from the Games Workshop Studio Preview and get deeper into the Thousand Sons Codex.

Hey all,

In the first part of the show we talk about Adeptus Custodes and just how easy it is to include a potent force of these guys in your current Imperium based army.  These dudes are rock solid and stack up pretty well against most armies.  They have a wide range of relics and strategems but there are a few clear winners.

The next part of the show we talk about ways to make high stakes tournaments a little more fair for everyone involved.  We try to separate Sportsmanship from procedural things that are in control of the TOs.  We try our best to not just ‘give solutions’ because everyone has to come to these answers on their own.  I just hope that we can help keep the conversation going in a positive way.

Then we get to Eldar..  These guys are strong..  Even more strong when you can combine all of the rules from the Eldar, Ynarri and Dark Eldar into one list without penalties.  Still, all hope isn’t lost and we break down three of the main power pieces in the Eldar force and how to counter them.  Of course we don’t go over every scenario but we hope you equip you with enough information to find elements in your own index or codex that will help you win more games.

There is a lot of talk (hope) on the internet right now that the March major FAQ will do something to address the Ynnari but what is fair?  Should we just hope that the Ynnari lose the ability to stack Craftworld and other Eldar rules?  Does the Soul Burst pychich power need a casting value of 8 or 9?

I don’t want to see Craftworld Eldar get a nerf..  I think we’ve seen the major issue in 40k – when armies get to stack rules with little to no detriment it creates feel bads.

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FTN mostly focuses on Warhammer 40k, but again you will see in the first few episodes we take a severe deep dive into nerdom. These have been a blast to record and I hope they help pass the time for you.

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Paul Murphy – Host

Justin Troop – troopsmash
Christopher Morgan – captain morgan
Horton Doughton
Ricky Addington

  • LankTank

    Just wanna say only found your podcast bout 2 months back and thoroughly loving it! Good balance of panelists and yiu always take on what some coukd consider sensitive topics with integrity. Great job guys!

    • tpm_bloodangel

      Thanks a lot for listening. Glad you found us!

  • Randy Randalman

    They key to good fixes/erratas going forward isn’t to change what a unit does. That makes data sheets and codices invalid. Just slide the points up or down appropriately to reflect what a unit can do. That will instantly fix Dark Reapers.

    (NOTE: The first big update(s) will be March, but not until after the Adepticon deadline.)

    GW also needs to get away from the alliances thing. It has never quite been right at any point in any edition where it was possible. AoS handles it pretty well by including a points cap on allies without breaking battalions – or in this case, detachments. Ynarri shouldn’t share rules across all Aeldari factions; that’s all there is to it. Give them their own small codex a la Custodes to make them playable on their own and eliminate the ability to share rules.

    • Warrior24_7

      I disagree. Leave the Dark Reapers alone. Ynnari are no more powerful sharing rules across all factions than Space Marines! Where are the Eldar Primarchs? All of this Ynnari hate is of one good unit and because they won the LVO! They don’t unbalance the game. This is the one edition that GW should say enough is enough, learn how to play your armies and don’t depend on us to nerf your opponent’s list to help you win! Learn how to play. It seems that you can’t handle 8th edition, maybe you should play your games in 7th or 6th.

      • Antoine Henry

        You are insanely wrong. Dark Reapers are totally messing up the game, so are a few other units. The tournament does not “reflect” it, we have seen it since the start of 8th edition with Indexes and we expected to have them nerfed with codices but instead Dark Reapers got a point reduction. I do believe that GW just can’t read their own codices or point value as some units are so broken compared to the whole other armies.

      • Muninwing

        so then we have two broken ways of playing, instead of trying to fix either?

        that’s not how game balance works.

  • becizzle

    Top knots? Really?

    • dark-tadpole

      40k getting rid of top knots would be like Games Workshop not using skulls. You’d miss them if they were gone.

  • Nyyppä

    And here I am still waiting for someone to give us a tactica article that shows how to make a fluffy, working list featuring large units and using legion tactics from WB.

    • LankTank

      Take the WB trait. And replace it with AL? XD
      On a serious note I have been having a blast with the following:
      1CP Deepstrike in 3 Nurgle trees where-ever you need them.
      Summon in 30+ Plaguebearers and a Poxbringer for 1CP getting 4 dice due to trees. Gives them that 12″ first turn movement which helps and then you can get them with a -2 to hit 4+ amour. Also if you surround the opponents deployment area or objectives with trees you get a real strong starting point.
      Alternatively it could be 30+ Horrors and whatever Tzentch herald being summoned in for the possibility of 90 Str 4 shots with +1 to wound.
      I guess that is the only str with WB. Is that they can summon whatever game to game giving you diversity in a comp, and because their WB trait is…. lack lustre… you don’t have to worry about adding daemons into your Battalions and losing it! =)

      Still think thematically you can get a cool WB army, but it doesn’t really require you to be a WB as IW, NL, BL or AL is just as viable =( But hey we can also get flamer predators too!

      • Nyyppä

        Summoning is not restricted to WB, not even in that codex. After that it boils down to what you said, ie. ”Why would anyone play WB when everyone else is just as good or simply better at what WB does best on top of the others having their own stuff”.

        • LankTank

          I know its bot restricted o.O bit I choose a faction I love and try to play them like it as competitively as I can while sticking to thene and fluff. I love apostles of contagion which are word bearerish death guard with alpha legion style of fighting. So I sometimes mix it up

          • Nyyppä

            I think you are missing the point here. WB’s design does not support it’s intended playstyle any more than the Index CSM did. It’s exactly as good as the Index CSM was.

        • LankTank

          You also asked for a tactic fun with word bearers. Yes it can be used by others but wb have a stratagem to make it more reliable

          • Nyyppä

            The wording on that stratagem makes it just crap. It’s literally less useful than rerolling a die.

        • LankTank

          Ive got a growing question. Does the range of Daemonic Ritual count as an aura? The rules for aura just state an ability tgat effects models or units within a certain range. Summoning is an ability that effects units with the daemonic ritual rule. So does voice of lorgar then increase that summon range that the chaos character has to 15″?

          • Nyyppä

            No. Unfortunately. And even if it was it would not topple the status quo.

          • LankTank

            Poor WB =( Nah a 15″ summon range would make them viable, just like how IW warlord trait makes them viable. There are so many daemon units that would benefit from a guranteed 15″/27″ up table in first turn and it wouldnt cost you 4CP to deepstrike them/no chance to have them alpha striked. But I guess its moot anyway