AoS: Daughters of Khaine: 6 New Battalions Rules

The Daughters of Khaine are here with 6 new Battalions to drain the blood from your enemies. Take a look:

The original Battatlion from Grand Alliance Order isn’t in the Battletome, but these six new ones are:

War Coven of Morathi

  • Morathi, High Oracle
  • 1 Caudron Guard
  • 1 Slaughter Troupe
  • 1 Temple Nest
  • 1 Shadow Patrol

Blood Rituals: Count the current turn number for the Blood Rites Rituals as 1 higher.

Devout Followers: Ignore Battleshock tests for units within 18″ of Morathi

Cauldron Guard

  • 1 Hag Queen
  • 2 Witch Aelves
  • 2 Khinerai Lifetakers

Frenzied Devotees: +1 to Run and Charge rolls.

Slaughter Troupe

  • 2 Sisters of Slaughter
  • 2 Khinerai Heartrenders

Gladitorial Acrobatics: Units can Retreat, Shoot and Charge in the same turn.

Temple Nest

  • 1 Bloodwrack Medusa
  • 2 Blood Stalkers
  • 2 Bood Sisters

Lethal Transfixation: Each enemy to hit roll of 1 in the Combat Phase against this detachment inflicts a mortal wound on the attacking unit.

Shadow Patrol

  • 2 Doomfire Warlocks
  • 4 Khinerai Harpies

Shadowpaths: Once per Battle Round, a single unit may be removed from the board and set up anywhere outside of 9″ from enemy models.

Shadowhammer Compact

  • 1 Saughter Queen
  • 2 Witch Aelves
  • 1 Khinerai Harpies
  • 1 Blood Stalkers
  • 2 Liberators
  • 1 Prosecutors
  • 1 Judicators

Fighteous Fervour: In your Hero Phase, pick one Khaine and one Stormcast unit. These two units may immediately take a free bonus movement , shooting, or combat phase. Both units must take tame action.

~ More Daughters of Khaine soon!




  • Apocryphus

    You might want to check your keyboard, seems the L key is stuck. Amongst other dramatic spelling errors. >.>

  • Kabal1te

    Blood stalkers and blood sisters. These are not unit names I have heard before now. Characters? Or something else? Also really surprised to see the stormcast alliance one in there. I wonder how that interacts with allegiance benefits or if you have to be running order soup to use it.

    • Bakvrad

      Sylvaneth has a battalion with Stormcast too and even one with duardin ^^
      You can have 20% allies, so it should work fine with those battalions

      • BurpinforDayz

        It won’t work in games under 2500 points I’m afraid.

        • Munn

          Units in battalions are considered to have the keywords of the battalion for allegiance purposes. It works fine.

          • Kabal1te


          • Tali182

            Generals handbook 2017 page 117

    • Huntard

      They ruled it back when Sylvaneth showed the first one. You use the allegiance of your army for all the units that qualify. So in the case of the Sylvaneth one, all the Sylvaneth units benefit from Sylvaneth Allegiance and the Stormcast received no allegiance benefits. Much how allies work now.


    I really like the Shadowhammer Compact. I like that it really gives the grand alliance vibe across the factions and really drives home the idea that all the order factions are broadly on the same side and will fight together.

    I think a good fluff piece for that you could have the Daughters teaming up with that brutal Stormhosts (which Stormhost was the one that massacres anyone in their way, even civilians again?) and can make them act as Sigmar’s terror squads.

    • Karru

      Meanwhile it is absolutely surprise to no one that it is Sigmarines and Elves that make it up, not some other Order faction. Gotta increase those Sigmarine sales!

      • GWELLS

        Well I guess you could argue that as Sigmars main emissaries they would be the ones he would send to help his allies, but yes you are not wrong.

        Maybe there will be another one that brings in another faction, maybe an Aelf one. I think their is a Duradin one in Synvaneth I believe.

      • Kabal1te

        Don’t ignore the fact that there will be sigmarine players who will be more enticed to pick up these gals if they make easy allies with the army they already have.

        • Munn

          Stormcast can already allie with everything order

    • BurpinforDayz

      Unfortunate you can’t take it in games under 2500 points. 🙁

      • Munn

        Shadowhammer compact is only like 1200 baseline.

      • Munn

        ALso battalions are treated as all having the battalion’s keyword for allies purposes.


    I guess the male members of the cult are the Calvary forces I guess.

    • Adam Marshall

      you guess wisely

  • Karru

    I was interested in starting a Daughters of Khaine army, but that was crushed the moment I saw that they didn’t bundle the Witch Elves into a reasonably priced box of 20 for 50€ or something. 4.5€ per mono-pose model when they are meant to be used in large numbers. That’s a no from me unfortunately, so I have to wait until Dark Elves get their books so that the Dark Elf Spearmen and Repeater Crossbowmen become mainstay for an army for a reasonable price.

    I honestly think that no Battleline unit that isn’t a large model shouldn’t go over 2.50€ per model if the kit isn’t very modular, such as this one.

    • Bakvrad

      You have the option of the get started box… (and still you’re absolutely right)

      • Kabal1te

        If they come out with a more proper get started box maybe. 100 USD is more expensive than the other get started boxes and while it is cheaper than the 135 USD you would be paying for the 2 kits that come in it. You are only getting 2 kits where most other get started boxes come with 3

        • Jerin Price

          Well the 2 kids do comprise more units than most get.

          A blood shrine or whatever.
          A blood wrack medusa
          2 separate blood hags
          10 witch elves
          Statue of Khaine which gets off and walks around on its own now.

          • James Regan

            yeah, its worth noting that the blood cauldron kit is odd in that it’s been retroactively modified into actually making something like 3 separate units, and at least two at any one time (as you’ll always have the avatar or the medusa spare). Which makes it a very odd kit, given most multi-use kits don’t make spare units with the bits left from the other mode, but somewhat more useful as part of a box

          • Jerin Price

            A few magnets or a reasonably friendly opponent and the blood shrine is 3 hqs and like 2 monsters.

            For $100 it’s honestly an amazing deal.

    • af

      > “that was crushed the moment I saw that they didn’t bundle the Witch Elves into a reasonably priced box of 20 for 50€ or something”

      Right! I love the Witch Elves. I love the Sisters of Slaughter. They look so cool it’s hard to decide which way to build them. But $60 for only 10 models? No, thanks.

  • af

    I think the Dark Elf/Dark Eldar/Aedarke Aekhaine Aedaughter range is pretty cool. I’ve also seen some pretty good conversions mixing the new Witch Elves and the 40K Wyches. I definitely want to buy some boxes and go wild with conversions.

    Having said that, I must ask… what’s with only 10 models in a pretty expensive box of Witch Elves? I know this is not a new practice, but as someone who collects the models but doesn’t play the games, I wish the models weren’t priced according to what they are used for in the game, and instead were priced as regular model kits :/ I understand we will always have to pay a premium for GW minis, but really… have you seen the price of, say, the Perry Miniatures boxed sets? (e.g. their Agincourt or War of the Roses sets). They are of exquisite quality, have 30+ miniatures in a single box, and are about a third of the price.

    Disclaimer: I’m just whining because I want some of these GW kits but can’t justify the expense to myself 🙁

    • Laurence J Sinclair

      Yeah, compare those Witch Aelves to Dark Eldar Wych prices and the mind biggles.

  • Lyca Atteneder

    Most of these sound really good imho… allthough the one with the stormcast seems a little… I dunno… strange… or forced?

    • DoctorBored

      It’s all about getting people that already have Stormcasts to try out new armies. In other words, it’s about getting new players to buy more.

  • Ninety

    Is there some holy mandate to include goodies for Stormcasts in every release?