Dice Strike Back – Two Star Wars LEGION Games

Come see us play FFG’s big new Star Wars miniatures wargame in two preview games just for you.

Everyone has been waiting for LEGION to arrive. This is IT ladies and gentlemen. For years people have been dreaming of what it would take for a new tabletop wargame to muscle it’s way into the sci-fi genre, dominated for decades by 40K. Today decide for yourself with a game backed by the financial might of Asmodee-FFG and with the most powerful sci-fi license on the  planet – Star Wars.  The rules and minis are solid. We are playing a full game for you all. Join us!

Game 1 Plus Post Game Talkshow

Game 2

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We invite you to come over today, follow our channel and enjoy the fun!

  • Marco Marantz

    Ugh yet more damn cards in a miniatures wargame!? No thanks!! What is it with FFG and their obsession with cards?

    • SonoftheMountain

      What’s the difference between unit stats and upgrades on cards and the same info in a book you have to constantly flip through?

    • zeno666

      I wish 40k had stat cards

    • NagaBaboon

      Ugh yeah, we don’t want conveniant data retrieval FFG! When will they learn?