Geekery: ‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2 is an Origin Story

The next season looks backward to find answers.

The next season delves into Jessica’s past – and nothing is going to get in her way of uncovering the truth of her origins. There are some hints of Killgrave, but no idea if he’s in flashbacks or it he’s actually back. Take a look and come to your own conclusions…

Krysten Ritter, Rachael Taylor, Carrie-Anne Moss, and Eka Darville are back; and new cast members include Janet McTeer and J.R. Ramirez.

This season is entirely directed by women – given the over arcing story from last season, and the introspection Jessica is doing in this trailer, I think that’s a great choice. I’m looking forward to the different perspectives each of them bring to the season.

All 13 episodes of the second season drop on Netflix March 8th.

  • Averam

    So I loved the first season but I kinda fell off with iron Fist, Luke Cage and The Defenders – will I need to have watched those to be able to fully enjoy this?

    • Aura1

      Apparently it will not involve much other than a few nods to the other series and you can just watch as a sequel standalone to season 1. If you want to watch The Defenders though (not quite as awful as Cage or Fist were) that’s the only appearance of JJ (though she’s kind of a secondary character to – bizarrely the least liked – Iron Fist).

      • Averam

        Thanks, I appreciate that! I tried with Luke Cage and got bored part way through, didn’t even bother with Iron Fist, Defenders or Punisher.

        • Aura1

          Luke Cage was annoying since it had lots of potential and started off pretty good but it nose dived spectacularly part way through and never recovered. Iron Fist was bad from the get go. The Defenders at least went back to the Daredevil season 1 quality fight scenes and I did like the way they used the music and lighting from each character to overlay until they became connected. Again, it suffers from the awful Iron Fist focus but JJ and DD are usually good value (and Sigourney Weaver as the big bad could at least act out some of the cheesy lines far better than previous rent-a-villains).
          Punisher is ok if you haven’t seen Lego Batman at which point you’ll only hear ‘extreme darkness. No family. Vengeance bro’ songs from that (not saying that’s a deal breaker btw)

        • Ben

          Punisher is amazing. Works through some pretty serious real world topics without blasting you with one sides “truth”… cough Lastjedi..cough.

          PTSD, gun violence, 2nd amendment rights, domestic terrorism, stolen valor are all subjects it discusses. Punisher is a surprisingly thoughtful series, though it is a slow boil noir type story.

  • euansmith

    I really enjoyed the first series. I was so glad that they started the story after her escape from Kilgrave; hopefully this won’t wallow in her bondage to the Purpleman, as it was a lot more fun to see her taking charge and kissing-butt.

    I enjoyed Cage too, though I felt it drop off in the second half, as “Cottonmouth” was a more compelling villain than “Diamondback”.

    Iron Fist just seemed to be badly misjudged to me; Madame Gao said, “There are some problems you can’t punch”, and that summed up the series for me. For a show called Iron Fist, the set up didn’t lean in to his only strength, punching stuff.

    The Punisher was right on the money, I thought.

    Fingers crossed JJ2 will be cool.

    • af

      I really enjoyed Jessica Jones season 1 too. I did feel it went on too long, and could have benefited from being 3-4 episodes shorter, as there wasn’t that much story to tell. But I loved Jessica and the hardboiled feel of the series, and I really loved Kilgrave as a villain — he was creepy, especially in earlier episodes, when we perceived him mostly through the terror he caused in Jessica.

      I’m unsure about a Jessica Jones origin story. Origin stories are boring, and remind me of Spidey’s and Batman’s :/

      As for the other Marvel superhero series: Daredevil S1 was pretty cool; never got to finish S2 because of “reasons”. Luke Cage doesn’t interest me, and neither does Iron Fist (plus mostly everyone agrees it sucks). The Defenders: watched the first few episodes, it was horribly boring and pedestrian, and friends told me it doesn’t get any better.

      I’m conflicted about The Punisher: I really, *really* don’t like the character, as he’s essentially a vigilante who goes around murdering criminals. It’s hard to see anything positive about him. I do like Bernthal and I’m willing to believe the series itself is well made.

      • Aura1

        I think it’s less pure origin story and more continuing the investigation from season 1. As a private eye, it was actually quite interesting to see her doing some private eye work. So often in these stories their ‘day job’ is just to fill time until they can pull on the outfit and do some Kung fu moves against low budget bullet time. The fact that JJ was still being a private eye even in her own investigation was surprisingly maintained. Agree it could have been a few episodes shorter – but that’s pretty similar with all these 13 episode orders by Netflix. Even DD s1 had some padding. Overall, I felt JJ managed it the best as the hard boiled noir stuff worked better in that episodic draw than the other Marvelflix series.

        The Defenders wasn’t as bad as I expected. But I had just watched Iron Fist so maybe it was bathed in the warm, rosy glow of *not* being Iron Fist. Which is going to make anything look classy and well acted by comparison. (The Defenders only being 25% Iron Fist dilutes the suck)

        • euansmith

          I struggled a bit with DD season 2 as there seemed to be too much padding out the story (not as bad as Iron Fist), and too many “time to put in a fight because we’ve not had a fight this episode and the fans are going to want a fight, so lets interrupt the character development with a fight… FIGHT!!!

          I quite enjoyed the Defenders, and didn’t mind Danny as a foil to the other more world weary characters.

          I still think that Iron Fist would have been a whole lot better if they’d made it Danni Rand and Colin Wing, and swapped the two leads. Jessica Henwick just seemed so much more convincing to me as a kick-butt kung-fu master.

          • af

            Definitely agreed on Jessica Henwick/Colleen Wing (basing my opinion on what I saw in The Defenders).

          • euansmith

            She has a cage fight in Iron Fist that is amazing.

            This was one of issue for me with Iron Fist; Finn Jones’s fighting style is so loose and has no snap to it.

            He is supposed to be master of the Iron Fist, which has got to be a “hard” fighting style with a name like that. And yet Danny’s arms are like over-cooked noodles.

            There is a scene with Danny and Colleen doing kata together where this is especially obvious.

            I was really hoping that they were going to kill of Danny and have the Iron Fist transfer to Colleen.

          • Aura1

            I think DD season 1 captured that whole darker theme of the Marvel universe really well. And the fight scenes were genuinely brutal and original for superhero fare. Totally agree though DD s2 was obviously a plot in search of an end point. They knew they had to get it closer to the supernatural/mystical Iron Fist territory but Daredevil just functioned best as a catholic guilt ridden vigilante cleaning up his neighbourhood. Taking on street thugs made sense – endless titanic battles against ninjas just got dull quickly. And the fight against the biker gang was the first time I laughed at DD. A gang of *gun running* bikers all agree to use crowbars and fight one on one in a queue and not a single one pulls a shotgun and blows his head off?
            Iron Fists total lack of fighting skills looked terrible. I know the actor explained he had a couple of weeks training after finishing up Game of Thrones and no chance to learn properly (he did seem slightly more impressive in the Defenders) but it was more his petulant acting and the grindingly poor script that put me off. At least in the Defenders Luke Cage got to just insult the whiny rich kid. And JJ gets to tell DD he looked better in the scarf…

          • euansmith

            Stretching the plot does seem to be an issue for the Netflix series.

            The currently seem to go with a story of two halves formula; with the first half of the season focusing on one villain, and then opening up in to a second villain.

            I can’t help but think that going for three or four shorter arcs in a season would work better. Something like:

            Episode One: Kicks of the over arching, main plot.

            Episodes Two to Four: Makes a self contained story about a different threat.

            Episode Five: Picks up the main plot and advances it.

            Episodes Six to Eight: Make another self contained story.

            Episode Nine: Returns to the main plot.

            Episodes Ten to Twelve: Makes a third self contained arc.

            Episode Thirteen: Wraps up the Main Plot.

            This way the Hero could have structured victories and defeats along the way, with a rising and falling arc.

          • Aura1

            They definitely could structure them better. Unfortunately Netflix bases it’s financing on hours provided and the viewership that sign up to Netflix (or retain Netflix) as each 13 hour show is released. They would be better letting each series go to its organic run time – be that 6, I, 10 or even more episodes. It’s strange as Netflix has turned the tables on traditional tv viewing with binge viewing but they are still very traditional on stories cling to a season duration format.

      • euansmith

        The casting in Punisher was pretty much spot on for me; though I can’t see why anyone who isn’t trapped in his world would chose to have anything to do with the nutcase.

      • PureMotive

        Agree with you re: the Punisher. I tried to watch it, but it seems like they wanted to push him as some badass, edgy hero when he’s basically just a fascist with no morals. I found the show utterly repugnant tbh.

  • chris harrison

    That very last scene in the trailer sorta implies that Kilgrave might make an appearance. that would probably be a deal-breaker, because it made season 1 nearly unwatchable.