Genestealer Cult Gang Rules Unleashed

The new Genestealer Cult Gang rules for Necromunda are in the March White Dwarf – come take a look!

The March White Dwarf has been making the rounds already and it’s got a lot of good stuff this go. One of the things we’re most excited for are the rules for the Genestealer Cult Gangs! Those rules have been making the rounds and we’re finally getting an idea of how these followers of the Four-Armed Emperor will work:

via ThedeathJungle

Now we have confirmation on who exactly you’re getting in your Gang:

  • 1 Genestealer Cult Adept (Leader)
  • 0-2 Hybrid Acolytes
  • 0-2 Aberrants
  • 1 or More Neophyte Hybrids

They look fairly straight forward relative to the other gangs. Taking Aberrants is going to be pretty interesting on the tabletop for sure!

Here we get a look at their skills and their special abilities. The Adept has access to a familiar and a few useful abilities. Zealot will help out with the close combat attacks and Unbreakable Will allows you to use their leadership for Nerve or Willpower checks. But perhaps most fitting is the Hypnosis ability which can cause enemies to not take an attack!

Now the real question is when are we going to get the vehicles rules in Necromunda!?

Drive-bys and Gang Fights go Hand-and-Claw!


The March White Dwarf is going to be a popular one to grab – I hope you pre-ordered…

  • Silverbeast

    Any new boxed set for Genestealer gangs?

    • HeadHunter

      I think the goal was to be able to make a gang with the existing box.

    • BrassWitch

      You’ll have to use the existing models for your gang. Same with the chaos cult rules that will come out in another WD soon ™

  • memitchell

    FWIW, these are the FIRST and ONLY “official” GSC rules for Necromunda. There were official Kill Team rules for Shadow War. And, fan-written “Chapter Approved ” rules for original Necro. And, these were only 20+ years in the making! Oh, and please don’t notice that these Genestealer Cult Rules do not include Genestealers.

    • Purestrains would rightly shred any gang, just look how badly terminators do against them in Space Hulk

      • memitchell

        I know. Trying to add them was always the downfall of previous fan-written gang rules (including mine).

        • euansmith

          One could make a great “end of level boss” for a campaign.

          In the finial game, if the Genestealers are winning, the infestation breaks out as the Hive Fleet approaches the planet.

          The Genestealer Gang sets up across the middle of the table along with a Pure Strain (lots of attacks and defense plus fast movement).

          All of the opposing gangs set up along one short edge of the table and have to make it to the Space Port (moving off the opposite table short edge). There is only space for six people in the escape pod.

          Otherwise, if the Genestealers are losing, the infestation has been detected and a massive bounty has been offered for the cult.

          The Genestealers set up on one short table edge, along with a Pure Strain, and all the other gangs set up across the middle of the table.

          The Genestealers need to move their Pure Strain off the opposite short table edge so it can escape in to the wilds and continue its nefarious work.

          Whenever a Cultist or the Pure Strain is killed, its mini is replaced with a skull marker. These can be picked up by rival gang members. If the Pure Strain escapes, the campaign is a stalemate.

          If the Pure Strain is slain, the rival gangs can cash in any skulls for bounty.

      • Bakvrad

        How can anyone assume, 5 lonesome scouts can survive against a whole planet infested by them ;(
        ( ^^ )

        • euansmith

          Maybe the dominant lifeform on that planet was a bit feeble, and so the local genestealers inherited weak fighting skills?

        • Bayne MacGregor

          I almost won Lost Patrol once, i managed to get the sergeant onto the final tile, one dice roll decided whether i’d win or lose… i missed it by one.
          Awesome game!

        • (Spoiler alert: they can’t, lol, lost patrol is impossible)

      • HeadHunter

        They were pretty brutal in Shadow War. Ridiculously so.

        • Yup

          • memitchell

            But, so much fun! Especially when the rest of the GSC Kill team was less than select.

  • Gregory Heyes

    Interesting…whilst you can have a heavy weapon as part of the gang, you can’t really use it as effectively as the usual human gangs can. For starters, the bearer is a Neophyte – the equivalent of a Ganger – so can’t gain skills, unless they get a 1-in-18 chance roll during an advance. And even then, they need to spend 15XP to be able to buy a roll on the Shooting table, which is a 1-in-2 chance of a skill that can be used by the heavy weapon.

    That said, the specialist will most likely quickly buy the Nerves of Steel skill, so, that kinda makes up for it…

    • Pete Croucher

      Or, after the first game, you could buy a Suspensor? Only 10 creds more than a third arm and available to all heavy weapons?

      • Gregory Heyes

        All that does is remove the restriction on Fast Shot and Hip Shot (Gunslinger is still utterly useless with a heavy weapon) – it doesn’t negate the fact that to create a dedicated Heavy Weapons Specialist, you need to jump through some pretty severe hoops compared to other gangs.

        (And on that note, does including a Suspensor actually remove that restriction? The description on GW1 says that it removes the trait with regards to the restrictions on p39, but it doesn’t state that the weapon loses Unwieldy entirely. Question for the rules lawyers, I guess).

  • euansmith

    I’m glad to hear that the GSC rules are more or less in line with the regular Gangs. Hopefully GW/FW will try to avoid “codex creep” with this game.

  • Drew

    Vehicle rules for Necromunda would be a poor idea. I love Gorkamorka, but it’s a separate concept and should stay that way. =)

    • memitchell

      We wrote and played vehicle rules set in the Necromunda Ash Wastes. It had its moments.

  • David Borgström

    That Acolytes does not have a third arm and to add to that can’t even pay to get one, even though all the models has them, must be a typo, right? My guess is that they should come with an extra arm, since they are bloody expensive for what you get, one wound and one attack and all, but they forget to write it down.