GW: Horus Heresy & Necromunda Weekender Previews

The Horus Heresy & Necromunda Weekender are happening this weekend and Games Workshop has a plethora of previews!

We saw the banners for the models earlier, but now we’ve got the official release pics for Rogal Dorn, Constantin Valdor & another look at Necromunda goodies:

via Warhammer Community

Rogal Dorn

Constantin Valdor

Adeptus Custodes Shield-Captain

Adeptus Custodes Pryothite Squad

Adeptus Custodes Adrasite Squad

Pre-Heresy Space Wolf Varaggyr Squad


Necromunda Gang War 2


Necromunda Orlock Gang

Orlock Gang Cards

There will be more from the show and we’ll be covering all the news we can this weekend – stay tuned!

  • Amdor

    Valdor looks waaay overloaded with stuff, and his halberd is bit too far from design of out normal custodes weapons. Oh well

    • Aura1

      Valdor was around way before most, if not all, Custodians. Wouldn’t be weird for him to have a totally unique bit of kit. Besides, when you’re the primary bodyguard for the immortal Emperor of Mankind who likes a bit of bling, you’re gonna keep up with the image…

      • I don’t think that was Amdor’s issue, or mine for that matter. The model just looks really overburdened.

        • Aura1

          Oh well. Opinions and all that… I tend to feel that the Custodians stick to the current lore as purveyors Of artisanal armour plate, decorated to an almost ludicrous degree – in exact opposition to the Spartan, industrial nature of many Space Marines. Knowing how ornate a lot of gothic medieval armour could get, with animal skins and dyed rope work atop gold and brass etched plates, doesn’t seem unreasonable to me. But I guess some people want ‘clean’ models (not sure why those people are into 30/40K tbh, but it’s a big world…)

          • I still don’t think it is about wanting “clean” models bereft of all detail, but wanting ones that are well-designed and not overloaded to the point where making out the detail becomes difficult. Miniatures like these look good even without everything about them looking crazy. Without skulls, chaos-stars and aquilas everywhere.
            Especially with character models it is important to strike the balance between making them look impressive while not drowning them in detail that detracts from the overall aesthetic. If a model looks unbalanced, it won’t just be troublesome to paint well, but also to recognize its individual features and proportions.

          • Aura1

            Again, opinions (unlike Sisters of Battle) are cheap and freely available in wide variety. Personally, I dislike underdetailed models when it comes to armour – particularly on character models who the lore suggests would be camped up to the nines. If you’re approaching it from a pure painting/hobby viewpoint then that’s fair enough. I’d argue Valdor displays a suitable caparison for his position, is a well posed model (compared to some of the awkward Primarch missteps- ice skating Russ, for example) and actually nails physical proportions far better than any other overtly squat scaled Custodians. His head looks like the right size rather than being larger than his thighs on some models. I suppose it’s the dividing line between your term ‘overburdened’ and my term of ‘underdetailed’. I’m happy to agree to disagree. I’ll still be buying Valdor twice and he’ll grace my 30K Talons army and my display shelf in all his overburdened glory 😉

  • Tushan

    Those custodes..are they for 30k or 40k where they are needed the most?

    • Amdor

      30k for sure but we will see how it goes. This year FW is supposed to release 40k book for Custodians

      • Tushan

        30k = fun, lots of options, vehicles and a flyer.

        40k = 3 different squads.

        • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

          as it should be 😉

        • Aura1

          Though the 40K bikes are way better than the 30K ones. Aesthetically at least.

        • Amdor

          4 brah, 4 😛

  • Timotheus

    Gimme these Orlocks finally!!

    • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

      yeah, really useful generic sci-fi models. I can think of a lot of uses for those. Some will end up in my Genestealer Cult army, maybe they can do double duty as Marauders for Renegades and Heretics.

      • Timotheus

        This! I’m a use them as inquisitiorial retinue but the possibilities are endless….these weapon options alone…

  • I hate how much stuff you’d have to buy from ForgeWorld to expand your Necromunda collection. It isn’t just mercenaries or specialists, but also weapon upgrades that, normally, should be part of the actual kits to begin with.

  • Badgerboy1977

    I’ve seen a lot of dislike for Valdor and I really don’t understand it myself, to me he genuinely looks incredible. Superbly detailed and stoicly posed, one of FW’s finest in fact.
    To each their own though I guess…

    They really have produced some beautiful work for this weekender overall and the moles and termites really take me back 🙂

  • Calarax

    I think if valdor was reposed to just be standing straight up, relaxed, as if standing next to the emporer, and on a simple base, with the cape slack and not blowing in the wind, and a different head exchnaged for this one (maybe even a helmeted head), he would look really good. The cyber eagle and demon? pelt are not over doing it i dont think. Hes basically the primarch of custodians. The wardens have pretty ornate armor for comparison. I think it would be an easy conversion, and ill do this once hes released. I deffinately want to use this model as it will immediately be recognized as valdor, but a repose and head swap would be really cool. Possibly use a muted paint scheme to tone it down further.

  • Mischa Calcagno

    Cutting DA has me Salty AF.