GW: Next Week – Shadespire Fyre (slayers) And Necromunda

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Necromunda and Shadespire get some love this next week. Check it out!

That’s right. After two solid weeks of 40K releases, and two big Age of Sigmar updates,  Necromunda and Shadespire are getting some new releases themselves. We’ve known that the Fyreslayers and Skaven were coming, but now they’re here. Along with House Orlock, nesting Xenos, new Necromunda rules, and more.

via Warhammer Community

First up, let’s travel to the City of Mirrors, Shadespire to meet the new poor souls, trapped to forever battle by Nagash’s cruelty.

The Fyreslayers of the Chosen Axes, in an echo of their Trollslayer forebears from the world-that-was, seek to atone for the failure of their ancestors to keep the Mirrored City safe, eternally battling to try and lift the curse that blights the city. Led by Runefather Fjul-Grimnir, they are a slow but sturdy warband. When Inspired by holding objectives, they become truly difficult to shift, and monstrous in combat. The box contains four Easy to Build Fyreslayers in orange plastic, and their fighter cards, plus 60 cards to use in your games – 29 unique to the Chosen Axes, and 31 that can be used by any warband.

Then of course there’s the thieving vermin of Spiteclaw’s Swarm:

The fastest warband in the game, Spiteclaw’s Swarm excel at surrounding and picking off vulnerable enemies – and when their Clanrats die, they can be replaced with new ones who start on any starting hex, including those of their foes! The five push fit models in the box are in brown plastic, and ready to be used straight away, and like the Chosen Axes, they come with 29 warband-specific objectives, ploys and upgrades, and a further 31 universal ones.

And that’s just for starters. Because Necrpmunda is getting a pretty big update on this release as well. Not only do we see the House Orlock models–bunch of hipster motorcyclists–but we also get Gang War 2, which fills out more of the game, bringing in rules for hired guns and hangers-on. But first, the hipsters:

They enjoy fighting, haircuts, and craft beer.

The Orlock Gang boxed set contains 10 plastic gangers, with a multitude of options. Five different body designs are joined by 10 different heads, and loads of weapons, including very cool drum-fed autopistols, combat shotguns and some unique kit, such as harpoon launchers and servo-claws. There are two complete sprues in the box, giving you a total of 10 bodies, 20 heads and all the weapons and equipment you need to customise your gang to your taste.

And last but not least, the aptly named Badzone tiles, which play heavily into the Underhive Perils part of the rules.

Underhive Perils also introduce new elements of environmental danger to your game, and include full rules for the new Underhive Badzone Delta-7 tile set, which gives nine new double-sided board tiles to add to the ones in your Necromunda: Underhive boxed game. Deal with nesting xenos, insidious cults, flooded chambers and much more with these tiles and the rules in Gang War 2.

All this sounds pretty exciting, stay tuned for a closer look once this stuff releases!

Now to go see if House Orlock got those Tame Impala tickets.

  • Shadowstrife

    One smack on the head by a dwarfen axe and those ratmen will scuttle back to the sewers where they belong. One thing is guaranteed with Skaven- they are cowards. 🙂

    • Matthew Pomeroy

      so long as they dont get the drop on you.

    • Gunther Clone C

      You best watch your back stunty dwarfthing. Mayhaps there will be a knife-knife in it. May the Horned Rat chew on your innards! Die-die filth!

  • ZeeLobby

    The board tiles are interesting, but I really wish it was more 3D terrain.

    • Matthew Pomeroy

      yeah, but I am ok with allowing both.

  • euansmith

    They are doing a good job of keeping up the momentum with Necromunda.

    • Matthew Pomeroy

      I think its a real good game to have brought back! waiting for scalies and scavies 😀

      • Gunther Clone C

        You spelled Genestealer Cults wrong. 😉

    • Kabal1te

      It must be doing much better in other areas. Of the 3 stores in my local area that are carrying the base set not one of them has sold a single set yet. Personally I keep looking at it going “Its nice but I’d rather play something like shadow war Armageddon with factions I know and like”. Not that there is much interest in that game either despite my attempts to change that.

      • Dan

        That’s kind of how it is where I am, except a lot of people bought Necromunda before not playing it, and I’ve been a bit more successful in rallying folks to play Shadow War. I’ve found it’s only possible if you’re willing to change a bunch of broken stuff your self.

        This coming week I’m going to do a bunch of play testing then next week simultaneously release the alpha of what I’m calling Shadow War: Damocles Gulf and kick off our clubs second big Shadow War campaign using that ruleset.

        It’s a modification of Shadow War: Armageddon extensive enough to be a new edition. It balances and streamlines things a bit, adds more strategic depth, and adds more diversity and fluff to the factions.

        If you’re interested I can link it later. It might be a good hook to get people into playing Shadow War in your area!

        • Elijah Herstal

          Kudos to keeping Shadow War alive, friend. I play Alpha Legion for Shadow War, but we slightly modify some of the rules.

        • I’d be interested in taking a look, cheers.

        • Kabal1te

          Please link this. It sounds promising.

      • euansmith

        Shadow Wars certainly wins on the Faction Recognition Factor for anyone under the the age of withered old grognard. For those of some of us who have been around since before the Horus Heresy, they is a magic to the gangs of Necromunda. After all, it even draws from Laserburn, the Primarch of the 40k Universe.

        • kloosterboer

          +2 for Laserburn reference.

          • euansmith

            Be sure the Red Redemptionist will find you out!

    • af

      Yes, though I’m not sure about this business model of GW of slowly releasing supplements and add-ons. In my opinion, a game like this should be released as complete as possible, with rules for most gangs available from the start. I suppose GW’s customers are used to these shenanigans…

      • euansmith

        Games seem to fall in to an issue where by, unless the company “supports” the game with regular updates, it can lose traction, and players are less likely to pick it up. With their current release schedule, GW should be able to maintain the “support” for a while to come; even if it is only single, resin, bounty hunters or FW resin gangs for the Guilds and what-not.

        • af

          Yup, this is likely the reason. I think it works because tabletop gamers have become used to it. It’s regrettable in my opinion 🙁

      • Moonsaves

        Board games have an unfortunate tendency to become stale after too many plays. By releasing things in a steady stream, they’re kept just new enough to keep them relevant and keep both new buyers and current players interested.

        It’s a similar model to DLC/expansions in videogames. You don’t play a game for months and then a new expansion drops, and the buzz from that results in a few people buying the game outright.

        • af

          I like and enjoy the occasional release of optional scenarios; it helps keep the game fresh and gives you variety. But when the publishers keep releasing new factions and rules months after the initial release, I become alarmed. This tells me the original game was unfinished; nothing to be glad about.

  • memitchell

    Orlocks are must buy, because they look so dang cool. GW2, because new rules. Sounds like new Zonal Mortalis (2D) rules, too. Nice to see them support that “side” of the game. Now, 9 new tiles! Honestly, I’m on the verge of leaving the 10 that came in the box home when I trudge off to my campaign. We don’t use them much, and they are heavy. 19 is more dang cardboard than any boardgame I own, by a factor of 3.

    • af

      The Orlocks and most of the new minis indeed look cool!

      However… according to Wikipedia, New Necromunda (Newcromunda?) was released on November 2017 — almost December in fact. Now there are already TWO supplements with new rules? Does anyone else think this is crazy? How about releasing a complete game for a change? :/

      • Grenville_Stickwood

        GW1 was released same day. 3 months later GW2 will be released. 1/4 of an entire year. I don’t think that’s crazy especially with the fact that they laid out the next year of releases. They could have waited till Nov 2018 to release it all and an equal amount of complaints would be geared towards a slower release starting a year before. I was never in love with Goliath’s or Escher but I am glad I have the game already.

        What parts are incomplete in your opinion? Not sarcastic, just curious. As a Van Saar player I have a few more quarters to go before I get my hands on the new minis.

        New weeks pre-order is nearly 3 months to the day.

        • af

          It would have been nice if they had released a single rulebook with all gangs and rules. 3 months later and already am expansion with new rules! Are you ok with that? (Keep in mind I’m of the opinion 40K should come as a single rulebook with all factions. I think at this point GW gans are so used to the current state of affairs they probably don’t see anything wrong with it. To me, it feels as if to play Axis & Allies you had to buy a separate booklet for each country).

          • Bronzskultik

            they released rules for the legacy gangs free for download on the Necromunda website

      • carlisimo

        It’s hard to make a business case for releasing a complete game; it’s a ton of writing and sculpting you have to do before you know if anyone’s even interested in the game. And when you’re halfway through writing it, the half that’s ready is just sitting there, not making any money.

        It’s not practical.

        • af

          I understand this. But this is siding with the company, not with the players. I’m not a shareholder, I’m a tabletop gamer, and this practice annoys me.